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above ground pool installation

We are swimming pool installers, Call now to discuss our installation services. We install semi-inground, on-ground, and above-ground, with many above ground pool models to choose from.

We service and install in Northern Massachusetts, and only in Massachusetts. We limit the amount of above ground swimming pools we install each year and so we keep a very small service area.

Above Ground Pool Installation Service

YES, WE SELL POOLS TOO. To learn about the premium pool kits and packages we offer, please visit this page. To read our above ground pool reviews and advice page, where you can gain valuable insights and learn about the best pool models available, click here.

If you’re going to install the pool yourself and want someone to do the yard leveling and excavation, please visit our pool excavation page. Or for answers to specific questions, just call (978) 710-8667.

The Real Cost of Above Ground Pool Installation

Our installation prices seen below in the table are not all-inclusive, meaning the site work/yard leveling sand base is not included in the assembly and construction of your new pool. We install pools for homeowners, and for pool stores.

What’s Not included In Our Online Pool Building Prices Below

  • Pool Electrician / Any Electrical Services (Including digging trench)
  • Cost of Permits (Homeowners responsibility)
  • Trucking Away Sod Removed For Leveling (If needed)
  • Water… Water is never included
  • Excavation
  • Pool Base (washed sand)
  • Stone Dust or Building up of pad
  • Fence removal or installation for access to yard

Installation Expectations

So you and I have decided to work together, and you have obtained a permit for the construction of your new pool from the local building inspector. You may be wondering what happens next or how long it will take until the job is finished. The following explains the usual project schedule.

  1. The first thing that happens is the dig. We remove the sod, and the site is leveled. Seldom does the pool get built the same day. We will either take the sod (for a fee), or we will put it on your property as per previously directed.
  2. Next the pool base /sand will arrive. It will usually be left at the end of your driveway on a tarp. Closer to the house than the street. It may happen the same day.
  3. Your pool kit and liner may come next, or arrive the day of the installation.
  4. Your pool will be built, and usually, your liner will be installed the same day. If there is foul weather, we may come back to install the liner.
  5. Lastly, your skimmer is installed with the filter equipment and pump. This often happens the day after the liner is installed, to give the pool time to fill up with water and the liner to set properly.
  6. If you have a perimeter fence, we will install that after the pool is completely filled.

The whole process takes 3 to 9 days. If we are delayed by rain, your installation may not continue on the next available work day, but it will be done as soon as possible. We do our best to communicate with you through the whole process. If we were not referred to you by a friend, or have not worked with us in the past, please try to have a little faith. We are conscientious and prove this on every job we do.

Above Ground Pool Installation Rates:

Included in the cost see in the table below are: Patio block, Foam cove, installation and set up of the swimming pool kit, as well as the filter system and the building of one ladder or drop-in step.  There may be an additional cost for plumbing of special pumps, heater, heat pumps. As mentioned above we build one ladder or step, but we do not install it.

Above Ground Pool Installation Costs
Pool Size
Pool Size
18′ R
30′ R
21′ R
15′ x 24′ Oval
24′ R
15′ x 30′ Oval
27′ R
18′ x 33′ Oval

Above Ground Pool Excavation Cost

Before you can build a pool you need an area that is within 2 inches of grade from side to side and also free of sod. We use a small skid steer (Bobcat) to excavate and level the area. Sod and excavated material are placed somewhere on your property unless we have agreed to remove it. This basic service usually cost $180.00 if your site is within 6 inches of grade and we do not run into too many boulders.

Digs that are slightly tougher than the usual or more than 6 inches out of grade will cost a minimum of an additional $100.00. Our machine bills out at $160.00 an hour. Larger pools naturally take longer and may cost more.

Pool Base Cost

We use Washed Sand from local landscaping yards and other yards that sell materials. Most pools require 3-5 ton of pool base. We charge a flat rate of $180.00 for the material and delivery.

Building A Pad To Install Your New Pool On.

Here in our area of Massachusetts, we have a lot of rock, boulders, and ledge that may prevent us from being able to dig a level area. When this happens we usually build a pad with stone dust.  We can usually build a pad for $600.00-$1200.

The final cost will depend on access to the area where the pool is being built, how big the pool is, and how out of grade the area is. Distance from the material yard may also be an issue.

Semi Inground Pool Excavation Cost

If we can dig the site with our machine, excavation cost is usually 500.00 – $700. With a semi-inground pool installation, you have the added cost of back-filling the pool. Using excavated material from the dig will usually cost $300.00. If you want to pour a deck or lay patio pavers right away, you will need to buy fill that will compact, like 1/4 inch stone. This can be quoted per job.

Installation Of Perimeter Pool Fence

Some towns require you to add a perimeter fence to the top of your above ground swimming pool if your yard is not completely fenced in. We usually charge $300 to install a perimeter fence + cost of the fence. Not all of our pool models will accommodate a pool fence.


We really hope you choose us- To help you plan for, buy, and install your new above ground pool. We will do everything in our power to make your experience a good one. Please call with any questions (978) 710-8667 or visit this page to fill out our contact form.

We will be limiting the number of above ground swimming pools we build in the 2018 season, so while we are happy to sell you one, we may not be able to install it.