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Vinyl Pool Liner Replacement

Our company installs vinyl swimming pool liners for both in-ground and above ground pool systems in Massachusetts, and Southern New Hampshire.  We know our stuff!

In ground Pool Liner Replacement

Pool Liner Replacement Work

We are dealers for Kafko / Lathem, VynAll, and Vinyl Works. These are all local liner manufacturers. Our liner manufacturers only purchase the best vinyl. Without getting into a lot of technical jargon, you can’t buy a better liner.

We repair, re-work, or replace your sand, stone dust, or vermiculite pool bottom, stone or aluminum coping. We repair or replace pool stairs. We install custom steel pool stairs upon request with new liner installations.

Basically we rebuild, refurbish or repair your pool structure before installing your new liner, and as part of our comprehensive service, we include in our estimate testing your in ground plumbing. Read more from our In-Ground Pool Liner Replacement Guide.

Water Storage During Liner Installation

We can store up to fifteen thousand gallons of your water, saving you some of the expense of having to buy all the water to re-fill your in-ground pool. Almost no other company will store your water. This saves you money and our valuable resources.

Inground Pool Liner Replacement Cost

The cost of your pool liner and installation of that liner depend on in part: how big your pool is, type of stairs, quality of the liner, shape of pool, type of pool structure, type of pool bottom, water storage, and level of ground water.

A ball park price for the simplest installation is between $2700.00 and $4450.00. This estimate is based on a pool between 12′ x 24′ to 20′ x 40′ with steel walls and a vermiculite pool bottom. These prices quoted above also include foam walls, and a 28/20 mil liner. Add $350.00 if you have stairs covered by your pool liner.

Above Ground Pool Liner Replacement

above ground pool liner replacementCount on our team of installers for fast and affordable service. Whether you have already purchased your liner, or you want us to handle everything for you. Our service teams will have your new above ground pool liner installed in just hours.

We rework your sand bottom and reform or replace the cove. We work with all over lap, J-channel, V-bead and standard bead liners. We have been servicing Gibraltar, and Esther Williams / Johnny Weissmuller (JW) pools for over 20 years. Upgrades include foam walls, pool lights, and mineral systems, as well as new energy efficient pool equipment.

Add a foam wall to your new pool liner replacement for added comfort and liner life. We don’t go in for foam coves, as rodents often use it for nesting. Foam padded floors are none porous which causes the liner to slip and stress under foot, and mold grows under the liner with trapped moisture.

Liner guards are more or less a glorified blanket, and we prefer to use washed mason sand. For new installs, and if you have a nut-grass concern, add a liner guard before installing the sand base.

Above Ground Pool Replacement Cost

The cost to replace an above ground pool liner depends on several things. The first factor is the size of your pool, the larger your pool the more the liner will actually cost. The second factor is type of pool liner, beaded and j-hook liners cost more than overlap, and thicker more durable liners cost more too. The only other major factor is how much time it will take to reshape the pool bottom. Additional costs may include:  Foam walls, cleaning, draining and removing existing liner when nasty, new fresh pool base.

Above ground pool liner replacements start at $900.00. Thats for the best liner and installation. For 18 x 33, 30, and 33 above ground pools you can add $400-600 more.

Gibraltar pool liner replacement costs between $900.00 and $1450.00 for the new liner and installation.

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