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For fast service and answers to your questions regarding Gibraltar pools, pool liner replacements, or other services, just give us a call. The rest of this page details my services, and provides resources for ordering Gibraltar parts.

Wilkes / Gibraltar Pools

Most people who own a Gibraltar swimming pool, know it is actually a Wilkes Pool, the only difference being the name. Because of a deal with Wilkes Pools, the Gibraltar family after control the whole New England territory. It is rumored that Gibraltar family helped financially bail out the Wilkes company back in the 80’s.

Gibraltar Pool Service

I am one a very few companies that service Gibraltar swimming pools here in Massachusetts, other than Gibraltar that is. We repair filters, pumps and plumbing. I have built up a large base of Gibraltar customers. I open and close pools for them in Chelmsford, Lexington, Winchester, and North Andover (see video below), to name a few.

The only services I do not perform anymore is pool relocation and deck replacement.I also do not build Gibraltar pools. I am glad to say, they finally came out with an aluminum deck a couple years ago. But for that you will have to call them down in Springfield.

Pool Winter Covers

Loop Loc Cover Pricing

  • Gibraltar Loop Loc Pool Cover12 x 20 $700.00
  • 12 x 24 $790.00
  • 16 x 24 $924.00

I have never seen a Gibraltar pool cover with any other winter cover, than a Loop Loc. I suppose no other company makes the hardware to attach a cover to these onground swimming pools.

I am guessing that the service department in Springfield MA will not like to see that I sell the cover for less than them. We charge a service visit of $150.00 to install new covers. Or, include it with your yearly closing and I will install it for free.

I charge $225.00 to close or open a Gibraltar swimming pool.

Gibraltar 3-Way Valves

Anyone that has had a Gibraltar pool for a couple seasons, has probably had to have the valve connected to their skimmer replaced. I am glad to say that Gibraltar has finally gotten a way from the cheap valves, and gone with a Hayward three way valve.

I usually charge $150 for the parts and labor to replace their old valve.

Gibraltar Pool Liners

We sell premium Gibraltar pool liners. Gibraltar and Wilkes have never made their own liners. They have made deals with various liner manufactures over the years. They send the pool measurements to liner manufacturers, and they make liners for them. We have done the same thing with our Brighton Prism print, except we have asked to have it made with thicker premium vinyl.

While most liners available for Gibraltar pools are 18/16 Mil, meaning 18 wall thickness, and 16 floor. And while we sell those too, we also have a 20/20 mil liner. These thicker liners are made to spec to fit like a glove into Gibraltar Pools. They are made by a liner manufacturer called Latham.

Below is a video of a pool I was closing at the end of 2016. I actually replace the liner earlier in the spring.

Replacement & Installation

Like all vinyl pool liners, even Gibraltar pool liners have to be replaced every 12-20 years. This should be done by people who have a lot of experience with this very unique style of above ground pool.

If you have one of their old wooden decks, and it is in bad shape. You should not replace the liner without replacing the pool deck. The deck is part of the pool structure, and they often fail when badly worn.

Our team has been installing and repairing Gibraltar pools since they were made, and installing new liners as part of our services ever since. Fill out our contact form to request a free liner replacement estimate.

Gibraltar Liner Replacement Cost (Liner + Labor)

Pattern/Thickness 12×20 12×24 16×24
Solana 18/16 Mil $1030.00 $1080.00 $1120.00
Brighton Prism 20/20 Mil $1180.00 $1220.00 $1270.00

As part of a liner replacement it is important to smooth the sand bottom and make sure the bottom drain is set at the proper depth. Also of supreme importance is are the wall panels. Any wall Panels that are rotting out or weak, should be replace before installing a new liner.

If you think our fees reasonable, the next move is to have us come do a free inspection of your pool, to see if there is any additional work that will be required.

Gibraltar Plumbing And Filter Repairs

All Gibraltar pools came stock with hard pipe pool lines – “non-flex – Black” which ran from the filter to a big T junction with a valve.  The valve controls water from the skimmer, the bottom drain. These lines frequently leak and need replacing.

These pools also came stock with sand filters, usually mounted under the deck. It boggles my mind why they would sell a quality pool, and then package it with a sand filter. If it has been 4 or 5 years since the filter has been serviced. I highly recommend upgrading it for a cartridge or DE filter.