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New deck and pool plaster

We install and replaster inground pools with White Plaster, Diamond Bright, or River Roc. Rean more to learn what it cost in Massachusetts to replaster your pool with variious products, cost to replace tile, and coping. And what it cost for decking work.

Preparing to Replaster A Swimming Pool

No matter what finish you choose, the prep work is all the same. We still have to under cut and chip under your existing tile. We have to cut and chip around the pool returns and drains. Then we clean the entire pool.

Pool prep work for replastering cost $1200.00 – $1600.00 for an average size pool (16′ x 32′).

Pool Replastering Cost With White Plaster

The least expensive gunite swimming pool finish is White Plaster. It is mostly made up of white portland cement and crushed marble. Most pool companies around here charge 7,ooo.00 for prep work, materials, and plastering. We charge between $5100.00 and $6700.00 depending on size and repairs necessary.

I leave myself a little wiggle room, because some jobs are harder than others.

Pool Replastering Cost With Diamond Brite Finish

Diamond Brite offers you the ability to put on a stronger finish with a little more pizzaz. It is made up of a quartz infused colored mix. It comes in a variety of colors (Sample Colors). Replastering your pool with Diamond Brite cost more because it requires more labor (two step process), and because of product costs.  We charge $6800.00 to $8500.00 to replaster with Diamond Brite.

Pool Replastering Cost With River Roc Finish

This is the strongest and longest lasting of all pool finishes. Like Diamond Brite it is a two step exposed aggregate finish. Another popular brand you might have heard of is called Pebble Tec. Without all the marketing talk, this finish is made up of small pebbles. Color Chart

Due to even higher product and labor costs. We charge $7900.00 – $9800.00 for most average size pools. There is one other finish that cost more called beadcrete. It has a glass bead finish.

Cost To Replace Tile & Coping

There are a lot of tile choices and coping options. That being said, we charge $35.00 – $40.00 per lineal foot to remove and replace tile and coping. If the circumference of your pool is 100 feet (average size), this translates to just $3ooo.oo to $4000.00 for the entire job. This is the price if I pick the tile. There are often discontinued tile patterns available for the price conscience consumer (clearance specials).

Replastering And Replace Tile & Coping Costs

Without going through all the variations, we take off approximately $800.00 when you are renovating the entire pool. So if you add your plastering finish preference, with cost to replace tile and coping, and then deduct $800.00, you will get a total cost for renovation.

Other Relevant Info


There is more to Diamond Brite than just slapping it on. To get the best finish, it has to be exposed properly. Most companies put it on, and then just acid wash it. We hand expose it with sponges and get a very even look, raising the quartz to the surface.

Resurfacing / Replastering Spas

If you have an inground spa in addition to a pool, you may be wondering what it cost to renovate it as well. Your average size spa cost $1400.00 – $1600.00. That is just for replastering of course, tile and coping work would be extra.

Preparation Disclaimer

Most pools have a few hollow spots, these are areas where the plaster might look solid, but has actually delaminated. These areas need to be completely removed and repaired. We include up to 10% of hollows in the prices above. Thats 100 square feet, or a 10 foot by ten foot section, of a 1000 Sq Ft pool.


We pressure test your plumbing for free, and offer affordable start up services. Your first month of pool maintenance after resurfacing your pool can be a real chore. It is imperative you follow a strict procedure and pay close attention to chemical levels during your gunite pool plaster hydration and curing process.


Can I replaster my pool without changing my tile and coping?

You do not have to replace your tile, or coping when replastering your swimming pool. Also, you do not have to replaster your swimming pool, if all you want or need is to replace your tile or coping.

Can I remove my tile and just plaster right up to the coping?

Not Really. White plaster and Diamond Brite will dry out and crack being above the waterline. You will also get one heck of a noticeable scumline (bathtub ring). When you use an exposed aggregate finish like Pebble Tek or River Roc, you can get away with it, but it won’t last as long as it normal would, and the scumline is much harder to deal with.

Low Cost Alternative to Replastering Your Pool

Pool Replastering MA

A Low cost alternative to replastering is this epoxy paint from Kelley Technical Coatings. It lasts up to 7 seasons and seals small cracks. It is cheapest on

If you still have some questions, would like to schedule a free estimate for larger pools, or for commercial applications, please call to set up a meeting (978) 710-8667.



New Decks Cantilever Decks

When remodeling a pool you often need to replace or repair decking. We have competitive rates for broom finish concrete, stamped concrete or patio pavers.

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