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Pool Wall Repair – Above Ground Pools

Many above ground pools were damaged by the winter here in Massachusetts. Some people lost there liners, and some people lost their pool wall and more. Usually this means a new pool and pool liner. I am going to show you a repair I did to an above ground pool.

Here are a couple before photos of this pool wall repair job.

Pool wall damage outside before This an aluminum pool I installed a couple years ago. While I gave the home owner a skimmer cover to use when winterizing, they for got to use it.

As a result the water froze in the skimmer, and when the weight of snow and rain pushed the ice cake down, it just tore the skimmer down the wall as you see.

You can click the image to see a larger photo and really see how bad the situation was. Most people and even most pool companies will tell you you need a new pool.

I will show you how I repaired it with a steel wall insert panel. The repair kit comes with everything you need to repair this situation.

Pool wall repair inside before

You can clearly see the ice still in the pool, the skimmer is completely blown out and the wall is torn. I waited for the ice to melt and had the home owner pump out the water for me the day before I came to repair the damage.

I started by taking off the top rails in the area by the skimmer, removed the liner with the help of my laborer Hugo. Straighten the wall with a little tin knocking using just a hammer and a two by four, and installed the stainless steel wall panel on the inside of the pool wall.

The original skimmer opening was for a wide mouth skimmer. This repair panel has a skimmer opening all ready to receive a small mouth skimmer.

Some after photos from the inside and outside.

Pool wall repair inside afterPool wall repair outside after





In the first photo above on the left you can see the sand cove has not been molded yet so it looks a little wonky. The photo on the right doesn’t look to pretty but it saved buying a new wall, or a new pool with installation and removal costs.

Once I put some duct tape on the edges and install the skimmer and return, it will look a lot better. I hung the liner and started to fill this pool. I will take photos once I have finished this above ground pool wall repair completely.

I should note that I also trimmed up the hole in the original wall with a pair of tin snips.

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