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  • Estimate: Average Cost – Replaster Cement Pool with White Plaster 5-6k
  • Estimate: Average Cost – Replace Tile & Coping 4-5k
  • Estimate: Average Cost – Repair Tile – $600 – $1800
  • Estimate: Average Cost – Deck-O-Seal $600-1200

Pool Surface Cracks | Missing Tile | Things you should know before resurfacing or renovating your in-ground gunite pool.

We are one of the few pool resurfacing companies on in Middlesex and Essex Counties. We not only beautify and restore old and damaged swimming pools, but we also build attractive poolscapes, decks, and patios. Let us help you redesign your new outdoor kitchen and fireplace, to compliment your new modern pool deck.

Pool Resurfacing & Repair Services

  • Shell Repair
  • Swimming Pool Resurfacing: White Plaster, Diamond Brite, River Rok /Pebble Finish
  • Coping & Tiling
  • Water Blasting to remove paint
  • New Pool Patio and Renovations – Stamped Concrete, Exposed Aggregate, Brushed cement Patio Stones Etc

Pool Plastering

Over the years the plaster on your gunite pool will wear thin. You may notice rough areas on your pool walls or floor. When you end up with a bunch of worn areas, it is probably time to restore your pools entire surface.

Pool resurfacing is needed due to age and for other reasons. When you see tiles missing and a horizontal crack(s) in your pool plaster, its likely time to resurface the whole pool.

If you resurface your pool without addressing the reason for the damage, you will likely be repairing it every year. Also without fixing some basic structural things your pool shell will continue to deteriorate. Let us help you to address the problem before you just improve the cosmetic appearance and waste your money.

Pool Surface Preparation

Gunite pool surfaces have to get prepared correctly. First, we strip your existing finish with an acid wash, cut below the tile, when the pool tile is not getting removed, chip and etch around skimmer and returns.pool resurfacing equipment

Gunite walls need to get sounded for weak or hollow spots, and loose material removed.

Once the shell is stripped and sounded, we restore shell substructure, clean it, and then prep with a bonding agent, a pre plastering prep coat.

Pool Resurfacing with White Plaster

We use the best White Portland cement and crushed marble, we shoot it on the wall with a sprayer, and then trowel it, bringing the cream to the surface, completing to an excellent smooth finish. White plaster is the most popular and least expensive methods of restoring your pools surface.

Diamond Brite Pool Finish

Diamond Brite Pool Surface SamplesDiamond Brite is an exposed aggregate pool resurfacing product; it is a blend of particular cement polymers and quartz materials. It is an upgrade from traditional white plaster alone, as it is more durable than regular white plaster, plus the color finish is more desirable.

Available in 16 different colors to compliment poolscapes. It is slip resistant and yet still comfortable on your feet. It seals better than regular white plaster.

River-Rok / Pebble Exposed Aggregate Finish

River Rok Surface SamplesRiver Rok will last longer than either of the other finishes mentioned above. The pebble finish is bold and stands out better than the smaller quartz finish of Diamond Brite.

River-Roc is a premium pool coating and is the finish that closest resembles nature. Choose lighter colored pebbles for a softer look, or darker colors for a more dramatic appearance.

Tile and Coping

Replacing dated coping stones and pool tile is a great way to makeover your pool’s appearance. It’s nice to have that option, but if you’re coping stones are lifting, or your tile is falling off, you may have no other choice but to replace them.

Giving your pool a much-needed facelift can be an exciting time. There are many modern options to choose from when designing the new look for your swimming pool. If you need a new deck, you may decide to go with a cantilever edge, or a nice flat bullnose coping and matching tile will make you want to invite some friends over for a pool party.

Deck-O-Seal to Prevent Needed Premature Pool Resurfacing & Tile Repair

One of the main reasons for damaged pool walls, coping and tile, has to do with a maintenance item. There is a seal (deck-o-seal) that prevents water from getting down behind or under your swimming pool coping or pool wall. Deck-O-Seal has a life of 3-7 years. When this seal lets go, water freezes causing expansion, this causes hydraulic lifting and cracking. With nowhere to go, the expanding ice lifts and moves coping stones towards the pool water and pops off your tile.

Pool Scaping & Deck Options

Several solutions when it comes to swimming pool patios. Gorgeous pavers, patio stones, and natural stone options, we do exposed-aggregate and stamped concrete too.

Free estimates for restoration jobs, so please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Or contact us through this form 978-710-8667.

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