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Another pool company trademarked our name, so we had to change it… Nothing but the name has changed. I left this page up and intact so anyone looking for us, could still find us. As singer Bon Jovi said: “Only the name has changed“…

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Mighty Pools are headquartered in the mill city of Lowell, Massachusetts. They are taking the above ground pool market by storm, offering superior above ground pools and decks at reasonable prices with real warranties.

Mighty Pools are the sister company to our own MGK Pool Service, who has been servicing and installing pools in Massachusetts for the last 30 years.

Mighty pools are Manufactured in New Jersey, Made in America with pride by American union workers. There pools are among the strongest in the industry with one of the best “non pro-rated” warranties anywhere.

After installing pools, and demolishing unrepairable pools for 30 years, they learned that the heart of the pool is the wall. When there is a problem, nine times out of ten the wall rots out or buckles. Mighty Pools solution… Build pools with a better wall.

Mighty pools does not sell an entry level pool, in fact all pools are built using the same heavy duty Hot Dipped Galvanized (HDG) G90 steel wall. Unless of course you buy one of their aluminum pools.

Mighty Pools Steel Walls

The Mighty Pools G90 wall is first dipped into a molten tub of zinc. The iron in the steel reacts with the zinc, and forms a tightly bonded alloy coating. A design is then painted on the wall. The wall is then run through a corrugation process and cut to size.

Resin Mighty Pools

Resin parts for their pools are injection molded and extruded right on the factory floor. By combining their superior G90 walls with super strong resin components that will never rot, they have effectively designed one of the strongest pool available on the planet.

They offer two resin style pools. One is called the Atlas, named for its size and strength, and the other is called Little Hercules. Both come in three frame colors: Brown, White, and Taupe. They both also offer three wall patterns to choose from: Brown Diamond, Silver Diamond, and the Smooth Grey Sailor.

The Little Hercules Resin comes with several deck options, and in as many colors as the pool frame. This pool is designed so you can attached a cantilever deck in place of the top rails. The resin frame of this pool was designed to make the uprights and top rails beautiful and rigid. Like all quality resin of today, it is treated to protect it from fading, and to resist mildew.

The Atlas Resin pool frame offers superior strength and was designed with a special purpose. It was designed large to provide extra strength with a regal appearance, but also to prevent importers from being able to compete with it.

Importers make more money when they can ship a lot of product in a container. They just can’t compete with this unit no matter how cheap the materials they use.

Mighty Pools Aluminum Pools


They operate an online pool store where there resin pools can be purchased with a credit card. The company number is: 1-800-897-8239

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