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Pool vacuum hose end cuffMost new pools come with a maintenance equipment package of some sort. Usually this equipment is cheap entry level gear. Especially if you buy an above ground pool package. I am writing this review to help you buy a premium hose when it’s time to replace your old one.

At the end of the day we are only talking about an item that cost between $35.00 and $85.00. But, if you have to replace it every year, or even every couple years, it will start to add up. And with most hoses costing the same, why not get the best hose for your money?

With all vacuum hoses being relatively inexpensive, why would you even buy a cheap or mid level hose? When for a few dollars more you can buy a premium professional grade pool hose that will provide you trouble free use, and last you 20 years.

Quick Reference

If you do not want to read this entire article and learn more about pool hoses, and just want to know the best brand, or where too buy the best for less, here you go: I-Helix, Haviland Pool Hose, and buy it from our store, or amazon

Trouble Vacuuming The Pool

I get calls all the time from people who are having trouble vacuuming their pool. Every time they try to vacuum their pool, they lose the prime in the pump. So they think the pump is bad or there is a crack in their underground plumbing (inground pools). When in fact the problem is their vacuum hose.

Cheap and entry level pool hoses are super thin cheap plastic. Drag them across a cement deck even once and you have created your first pin hole. A few pin holes and your hose starts to suck more air than water, and thats when the problem starts. Ever try to drink something with a broken straw?

Kinks and Bent Hoses

One end of your hose should have a swivel on it so your pool hose does not get twisted and kinked when your using it. The swivel side goes on the vacuum head or automatic vacuum, and the other side connects to your skimmer to supply suction from the pump.

NOTE: If you have two skimmers, close one or plug it (with proper plug), to get maximum suction from the other. Some people use a tennis ball, so it releases when the pump is off, just in case they forget.

Without a good swivel or cuff (end of hose), your hose will twist and kink. Let it kink even once and the hose will remember, forming a weakness in that area.

Pool Hose Ends

This is another potential problem with pool vacuum hoses. Often times the end of the hose will be attached and detached from a vacuum head, or to a connector so you can hook it up to the skimmer. With repeated use the hose end will crack. Cheap hoses are so stiff they don’t seal well on the vacuum head to begin with, or even simply slip off (thats usually when you scream).

Pool Vacuum Hose Storage

Another problem with vacuum hoses is the way most people store them. Sometimes they just leave them in the pool when not being used. Keep in mind that even premium hoses like the I-Helix should not be left in the sun, or in the pool when not in use.

The suns damaging UV rays, and your pool chemicals will cause a hose to wear out early. The I-Helix hose is treated with special inhibitors to protect it, but should always be properly stored in pool shed or similar area.

Pool Vacuuming Tips and Tricks

If you hear a sipping sound while vacuuming your pool, your hose probably has a leak. This means your not getting all the suction you want. So instead of vacuuming, you just moving dirt around on the bottom of the pool. As the hose breaks through the pools surface, the hose sucks in some air making a sipping sound. Like the sound you make sipping a hot cup of coffee.

If you hear that sound, move the hose above the water line and figure out where the leak is. Dry the area real well and duck tape the bag out of it (use a lot of tape). This can get you another year out of a hose with holes.

Another good idea is to buy a large hook to screw into a wall stud. This way you can store the hose off the ground. This will keep people (kids) from walking on the hose and breaking the cuffs, or weakening the hose so it ends up kinking.

Best Pool Vacuum Hose

Haviland Pool Hose CompanyAs already mentioned, the best of the best is the I-Helix, made by Haviland out of Michigan in America. You have already probably used one of their hoses if you have ever vacuumed your car at a pay machine.

Haviland makes less expensive hoses with a 3 year warrantie, but pool stores charge just as much for those, as MGK Pool’s or amazon charges for the good ones.

The I-helix has a five year warranty, but is probably five time more durable. It is a lot easier to attach the end to a vacuum head, the ends are more pliable, it has a tighter spiral winding making it more flexible and stronger.

Conclusion of My Pool Vacuum Hose Review

It should be clear to you now that your hose is a very important part of your pool maintenance equipment. If you treat it well, and buy a good one, it will last a long time and make cleaning your pool less of a chore.

I have surfed the web and looked at, Pool Center, Leslie’s Pools, Etc… At the time of this writing, it cost less on our site: MGK Pools. Do yourself a favor and go buy an I-helix, then go for a swim… You deserve it!

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