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Closing Pool Service – Winterizing Swimming Pool Promotion 2018

We are offering $50.00 off our already low winterizing pool closing service. This pool winterizing promotion is to attract new customers in 2018. We have lowered inground pool winterizing by $50.00 and are offering an additional 10% off for cash.

Winterizing - pool closing service

A typical inground pool closing cost $225.00 including chemicals and up to 2 gallons of anti-freeze. New customers can enjoy the discounted promotional rate of $175.00, or just $157.50 for cash customers.

Not only do we winterize your pool plumbing and equipment, add winter chemicals, remove ladders, handrails and install your pool cover. Our pool winterizing service includes disassembling and clean your pool filter too.

We also prepare above ground pools for the long cold winter. Typical above ground pool closing cost is $175.00, but new customers can enjoy watching professionals close the pool for just $125, or $112.50 for cash customers

The Catch

There is no catch, but we do charge for winterizing accessories that you may not have. Winter plugs; skimmer protectors (gizzmo); blow through plugs; repairing deck anchors or replacing springs on safety covers is extra. You should have the necessary equipment, and we will bring chemicals, anti-freeze, and perform the service.

To winterize pools with attached inground spas, in-floor sweeper systems, heaters, extra filters, and sometimes for lowering the water, we will charge an additional fee.

Again, this winterizing service promotion is for new customers only. Some other exclusions may apply, please call for details and to set up an appointment with my wife, the lovely and talented Miss Vicky 978-710-8667. Or email at If you’re having trouble reaching us, text your name and the phrase “pool closing” to 978 942 3533. Vicky or I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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