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Buckling Wall Above Ground Pool Repair

Is It Worth Repairing An Above Ground Pool With A Buckling Wall?

Buckling wall above ground poolUsually it does not make sense to repair. It generally cost more to repair, than to install a new pool. Even if it does not cost more, it cost less by only a hundred or two, and for that you have a used, beat up weaker pool.

Buckling is usually do to a leak, even a small one. Water and snow on top of the pool is supported by the water underneath the cover, once the ice forms, if the water below leaks, even a little, it leaves the walls to try and support the weight of the ice cake and water on top.

The pool may have started to buckle during the season if any teenagers or bigger kids walked on the top rail.

There are few pools that can support the weight: Doughboy (maybe), Oasis, Aquasport, Esther Williams, and Gibraltar/Wilkes. Doughboy has a coil one piece wall, the rest have extruded ribbed interlocking panels.

Some pools buckle, but don’t break! If your pool wall is buckling, try to get some weight off it by pumping water off the cover as it melts, getting some snow off, maybe even release the cover.

Above Ground Pools With A Lot Of Weight On Top

Ice above ground poolAnother thing that happens during the winter is this. As ice forms, the walls conduct the cold to the pool water. So as the ice forms on top, it also forms along the length of the wall, kind of like stalagmites. You can see it in the picture above.

The weight of the snow and ice on top of the pool pushes the ice cake down, and the pointy stalagmites poke the liner and water leaks. As the water leaks the stalagmites push deeper making the water leak faster, now the the walls are asked to bare the load with no or little water in the pool.

So you could end up with needing a liner, or a new pool if the wall is damaged. That is why I always try and steer people who live in the north to spend a little extra for one of the pool models previously mentioned.

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