Ultimate Above-Ground Pool Closing Package W/ Instructions

Complete above ground pool winterizing kit

Preparing your above-ground pool for the winter is pretty simple. In this article, you will find detailed instructions, and links to purchase the best above-ground pool winterizing kit on the market.

We have assembled all the components you need to close your above-ground pool. Each was hand selected by us and is considered best in class. By using our products and following our directions, you will be able to winterize your pool, so your pool opens super-clear and clean in the spring. These products are designed to use over and over again and to hold up to the harshest coldest winters.

You don’t know us, and we have a marketing agenda. But we have your best interest in mind. Its hard to see what makes one product better than another for people without experience. One of the best indicators of quality is warranty. Our non-mesh-solid swimming pool covers come with the best warranty.

First I will describe the process of closing your pool than I will explain each item in our winterizing package, and how to use them.

Above-Ground Pool Closing Instructions

  1.  Skim and vacuum pool and balance chemicals. Do not close a dirty swimming pool.
  2. Lower water in the pool 1 inch below the return jet, remove jet /eye-ball and install screw in winter plug.
  3. Carefully remove steps or ladder (entry system). More people create leaks by damaging their liner while taking out entry systems than by doing anything else.
  4. Remove hoses from pump, and filter and leave attached to pool with valves open where applicable.
  5. Drain all water from pump and filter. Disassemble and clean Cartridge and D.E filters.
  6. Add winterizing chemicals. All that is required is a good Algaecide.
  7. Install air pillow in the center of the pool.
  8. Install pool cover
  9. Use a cover pump to keep water from accumulating on the cover, and remove pump before freezing temperatures arrive.

 Contents Of Above Ground Pool Winterizing Kit

  • Winter Pool Cover with Crank and Cable
  • Winter Air Pillow
  • Return Jet Cover
  • Above-Ground Pool Winterizing Chemicals

More Information About Winterizing Kit & More Instructions

Pool Cover

Xtreme pool coverGetting the best pool cover only cost 30-50 dollars more than buying a cheap one, depending on the size of your pool. And the better pool covers will get you many years of use, especially if you pump rain water off it before the winter freeze comes.

We send you a non-mesh cover that is waterproof to keep out all dirt and water.All winter covers come with a 4-foot overlap, for comfortable and proper fit. Many covers barely reach around the pool and are difficult to secure, not so with this one.

Air Pillow

Winter air pillow

This air pillow is thicker than most, marketed as heavy duty, and designed for many years of use. It has eyelets for twine. The air pillow should be centered in your pool to create an ice dam.

These things pop and do not always last. I recommend finding a plastic 10-gallon drum or a truck inner-tube for climates with extreme cold.

Winterizing Chemicals

above-ground pool winterizing chemicals


We provide all you need for winterizing chemicals in this winterizing kit. It contains a non-chlorine sanitizer, water stabilizer which helps control ph over the winter, and an algaecide to fight algae growth.

There are two bags of dry powder and a bottle in the kit. You thoroughly mix the first packet of winterizing powder in a large bucket of water and then toss it in the pools. Then do the next bag the same way, and finally do the bottle in a bucket as well. I guarantee your pool will be as clean and crystal-clear as when you put the cover on your above-ground pool.

I start adding these chemicals to pools I close for customers a week or two before their closing appointment

How To Purchase Above-Ground Pool Winter Accessories

We sell these kits in our online sister website MGK Pools. Just click on the link below with your pool size, and you will be taken directly to a secure webpage to purchase your package

 Package Sizes and Prices

  • 15 Foot Round $191.74 (Shipping included in Price)
  • 18 Foot Round $204.85 (Shipping included in Price)
  • 21 Foot Round $225.25 (Shipping included in Price)
  • 24 Foot Round $246.47 (Shipping included in Price)
  • 27 Foot Round $276.90 (Shipping included in Price)
  • 30 Foot Round $310.10 (Shipping included in Price)
  • 15 x 30 Foot Oval $234.00 (Shipping included in Price)
  • 18 x 33 Foot Oval $256.70 (Shipping included in Price)

Some people do not put a lot of stock in buying the best. These are the best above ground closing supplies you can buy. If you’re looking for a great complete kit, this is it.

All you need is a good cover that won’t let dirt get into your above-ground pool, a couple of plugs and a few chemicals, that’s it. For more details and description of winterizing your above-ground swimming pool, including filters and equipment you might like this article click here.

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