You can put a heater on an above ground swimming pool. You can extend the enjoyment and season of any pool by adding a heater to your system to warm the water. You can add a heater at the time the pool is installed, or just as easily as an afterthought.

Understanding Your Pool Water Heating Options

You can warm your pool water with a traditional pool heater or with what is called a heat pump.

  • A gas heater Natural/Propane heater cost roughly 10.00 a day to operate
  • An electric heater cost roughly 12.00 a day depending on you area of the country and electric utility cost
  • A heat pump cost roughly a 1.50 a day to warm your pool water

Heat pumps operate by electricity but should not be confused with electric heaters. A heat pump operates like an air conditioning unit in reverse. It uses Freon like an A/C unit to take warmth from the air, heat it about 20 degrees and transfer the temperature back to your pool water.

There is a new heat pump I am excited about that came out this year that is super efficient and runs on just 110 volts eliminating the need for special 220 volt service. This heat pump is for above ground pools only.

Heat pumps typically cost twice that of heaters… Appliance for appliance, but remember with gas heaters there is the cost of the plumber and extra accessories needed to operate that combustion style heater.

For above ground pools you can expect to pay 1800-2500 for a heat pump and 800-1200 for the gas heater type appliance.

This post should answer your most common questions with regard to above ground pool heaters, if you are looking to buy a pool I would be glad to answer your additional questions. With all due respect with no pool purchase please keep Googling.

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