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Semi-Inground | Above-Ground | In-ground – The Aquasport 52 Brochure

Brochure Page for the Aquasport 52 Pools made by Aquasports Pools LLC, or as the company is better known, Buster Crabbe Pools. I included this swimming pool you see below when I reviewed the best above ground pools ever made. The Aquasport 52 Pool was then and still is my #1 top choice.

An above-ground pool, semi-inground pool, and quite often, also used as an in-ground swimming pool. The strength of the Aquasport 52 wall, makes it perfect for any application, or landscape design.

Aquasport 52 Pool
Aquasport 52 Pool installed two feet inground (15 x 30 x 52).

Assembly and Construction of the Aquasport 52 Pool

Aquasport 52 Pool Wall

I have gone into detail about this pool wall many times, in other articles, so I will keep it short here. The wall is assembled one panel at a time, each interlocking with the last. Each section is made of thick extruded aluminum, and measures 4″ x 52″. The columns or ribs you see on the wall are where each panel lock together. Each wall-section has two channels, a receiving slot, and a bead. By joining together these panel’s, sliding the beaded end of one section, into the receiver channel of another, together they form a super strong 1-inch vertical column every 4-inches.

Aluminum Pool Construction

It has been proven over the years, that no pool wall lasts longer than an aluminum pool wall. They do not rust! Aluminum becomes stronger as they get cold. It is also a fact that thick extruded aluminum interlocking panels make for the best swimming pool walls.

Framing of the Aquasport 52

The bottom track of this pool that the wall panels sit on is 4 inches wide (aluminum), with a ninety-degree angle added for strength. Each length of the bottom track is bolted together using aluminum plates thicker than your pinky finger, and bolts fatter than your index finger.

After you build the pool you could pick it up and moved if you had enough people, it is that sturdy. Try that with any other pool 🙂

Top Rails of the Aquasport 52 Pool

The Aquasport 52 has ridged extruded aluminum top-plates/rails. Compare that to the resin/plastic pools of today. You have to make a thick piece of resin if you’re ever going to compare it to the strength of our metal aluminum top-rails. Metal that by the way, will be worth something in 30 to 40 years.

All above-ground pools or semi-inground pools rely on a cheap piece of plastic to receive the vinyl liner bead. The Aquasport 52 top rails have a bead channel built into the aluminum top plates. The bead channel for the pool liner gets formed into the top-rail during the extrusion process. You will never have to take the pool apart to replace the vinyl-pool-liner.

Bead Channel Of the Aquasport 52

The inside edge of the Aquasport 52 top-rails is like the coping of an inground pool. That’s why you can pour a cement deck, or install patio block over the top-rails if you want.

The strength of the wall and bead-channel enables you to use a thicker vinyl pool liner. There is no chance of the thicker liner-option buckling the wall or ripping out of the bead socket like with traditional above-ground pools.

Cost of an Aquasport 52

Aquasport 52 pools cost almost twice as much as some above-ground swimming pools. No other pool company on the planet makes a pool with this much aluminum or this dense a panel. But when you compare it to the so-called elite pools in the industry, it is less expensive.

Package Sizes 15-21 round Here | Larger Pool Sizes Here

Doughboy Pool Price Comparison

How can Doughboy Pools charge so much for steel rolled wall pools? Why would people buy the inferior wall or pool type when they could own this pool for the same price or less? I shake my head.

Radiant Pool Price Comparison

The Radiant and Optimum Pool cost the same or more than the Aquasport 52 pool, and the Radiant Pool clads styrofoam with two thin sheets of aluminum. Styrofoam! You don’t have to be an engineer to understand how weak a design that is. When has styrofoam ever been a structural element?

Here is the thing, I promise you will end up building a deck next to or around whatever pool you buy. Or you will invest in some landscaping or something to enhance the enjoyment and beauty of your swimming pool once you have it. Not to mention it is also going to cost a couple of thousand to install any pool you end up purchasing. Do you honestly want to invest all that time and money into a pool that may fail in 1-10 years?

The Aquasport 52 is the only real 40-60 year pool I know of in the market!

Aquasport 52 Pools Sizes

All the Aquasport 52 pool models all have a 52-inch wall. That goes for their oval pools and their round pools too. 24 Rounds, plus 15×30 and 17×32 ovals are required to be buried at least one foot in the ground. These pools are suited for semi-inground and complete inground installations. However, they do not require a poured cement collar when installing in the ground like the Radiant or Optimum.

Aquassport 52 – Round Pool Sizes

  • 12 x 52
  • 15 x 52
  • 18 x 52
  • 21 x 52
  • 24 x 52

The smallest round pool you can buy has a 12-foot diameter. The 24 round is the maximum-size Aquasport 52. I often thought their 12 foot round would make an excellent swim spa. We now sell the Badu jet systems. With a Badu jet, we can turn any pool into a swim spa.

Aquasport 52 – Oval Pool Sizes

We have a large selection of oval pools.

  • 10 x 15 x 52, 10 x 18 x 52, 10 x 22 x 52
  • 12 x 18 x 52, 12 x 20 x 52, 12 x 21 x 52, 12 x 24 x 52
  • 15 x 24 x 52, 15 x 27 x 52, 15 x 30 x 52
  • 17 x 32 x 52

All the Aquasport 52 Oval Pools have buttresses and straps, to support the long straight sides of the pool. See them in this partially built semi inground oval installation. The swimming pool buttresses on the outside work two ways on a semi-inground installation. They help to keep the wall from leaning out. But like inground pool installations, once you backfill over them and the soil compacts, they work like braces preventing the wall from moving inwards too.

The thick, wide bottom track I mentioned earlier can be seen in this picture as well.

Oval Aquasport 52 Pools Construction

Aquasport 52 Installation Considerations & Advice

There are some things you need to consider when installing the Aquasport 52. There are different skimmers and return jets depending how deep in the ground you are installing this swimming pool.

Eventually, you are going to need to install a new liner. So if you are installing the pool completely inground, you will need our inground skimmer and return assembly. Otherwise, you will have to dig out the skimmer and return jet assembly when doing a liner change.

With our inground skimmer and return jet assembly, you only need to remove the face-plates to change the liner (like an in-ground pool).

Filter & Pump Equipment Installation Consideration

If you plan to install the Aquasport 52 in-ground and your pool pump will be above the water line, you will need an in-ground pool pump. In-ground pool pumps are self-priming. Above-ground pool pumps are not self-priming.

For this reason, when installing equipment above the water line, I recommend installing a variable speed in-ground pool pump like the Pentair 342001. I have included above-ground filter/in-ground pump combo packages on my custom pool builder page.

You can avoid the added expense of using an in-ground pump by installing your equipment down below the water line.

Here are a few candid photos from our Aquasport 52 Installations.

Aquasport 52 pool wall close-up
Close-up photo of the Aquasport 52 swimming pool wall.

Aquasport 52 Pool and me

Getting ready to backfill this pool with my helper Hugo. The customer built a fence before we could get in to backfill this installation, so getting the fill between the privacy-fence and the pool all had to be done by hand with a wheel-barrel.

This pool is 17×32 oval. You can see all the buttresses going down one of the straight sides. We installed an EC-50 Hayward filter with a Pentair 342001 pump on this installation.



Haverhill Aquasort 52 installation
Same picture as above, but with all the backfill brought in and raked out. Hugo wanted a picture. He takes a lot of pride in his work.

The picture was taken from the opposite side of the pool.



Round Aquasport 52 installed in pelham nhInstallation performed by my son Daniel and my son-in-law Andrew. I helped Daniel with the dig, but Daniel and Andrew built the pool.

This one became a project when we got a lot of rain, and the pool base would not dry up so they could smooth the sand and install the pool liner.



semi-inground aquasport 52 peabody

Another 17×32 Aquasport semi-in-ground installation. We dug this pool entirely with a skid steer for the first time. Worked out pretty good in all.

This pool was installed in Peabody MA.


I would like to get back and take a picture of this pool with the new deck and all the landscaping completed.


This Article About Installing an Above-Ground Pool In The Ground Has Two Amazing Images Of Our Pools

Aquasport 52 Pools for Sale

The Aquasport 52 Pool is for those that can afford a higher-end swimming pool. It is not for everyone. If this pool cost too much for you, your next best bet is the Dauntless above ground pool. The Dauntless will outlast the best Doughboy Pool or Radiant Pool.

List Of All Our Pool Packages

We do sell them and ship these pools all over the country. However, If there is a dealer closer to you, we may ask you to deal with your local dealer (mostly NY and NJ). You can assemble a complete Aquasport 52 pool package on our online pool store, MGK Pools.

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