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The Atlas Pool has the most design choices of all our swimming pool models. It features our thickest extruded resin framing, which is available in White, Gray, or Brown. You can order this pool in 6 different wall patterns, and it is available in thirteen different sizes. Seven round, and six oval. You can even upgrade the wall to aluminum if you prefer ($300.00 Fee)

The Gray frame with Gray Diamond wall is the most popular. We initially packaged the Gray frame with just the Gray Diamond wall and sold it as the Atlas Gray Diamond Series.

Now you are free to choose any wall we sell and package it with any one of our three frame colors. Gray on Gray Diamond is still our most popular Atlas Pool combination, though the White frame with Teal Mosaic wall is a close second.

Atlas Pool Steel Wall Options

MGK Pools Steel Wall Design Options

You can see that the Gray framing will match either the Tribal Stone or the Gray Diamond perfectly. The Brown framing matches our Wheat and Brown Diamond pool walls. And the White matches every wall, but I especially like it with the Teal Mosaic Pattern.

All our Steel walls are made of US-Steel, dipped, and painted, and then corrugated for extra strength.

Atlas Pool Aluminum Wall Options

MGK Pool's Aluminum Wall OptionsYou can see we reused two of the patterns here for our aluminum wall designs.

Here we introduce the Gray Mosaic pattern, which looks good with our Gray or White pool frames.

If you have read anything I’ve written about above-ground pool construction, you know I am a bigger fan of aluminum than steel.

This steel wall is constructed to last a lifetime.

Atlas Above-Ground Pool Shapes & Sizes

The Atlas Pool comes in both round and oval models. With our 21 x 52, and 24 x 52 the most popular round sizes, and the 15 x 30 x 52 our most popular oval-shape pool.

Round Atlas Pools

  • 12 x 52
  • 15 x 52
  • 18 x 52
  • 21 x 52
  • 24 x 52
  • 27 x 52
  • 30 x 52

Oval Atlas Pools

All our Atlas Oval Pools are buttress free. That just means that you don’t see the side braces along the straight sides of the pool. It does not mean that the sides have no supports, it just means a lot of engineering went into burying the supports, so you don’t see them.

  • 12 x 16 x 52
  • 12 x 20 x 52
  • 15 x 25 x 52
  • 15 x 30 x 52
  • 18 x 33 x 52
  • 18 x 38 x 52

To build a custom pool package with our Atlas Pool, use our custom pool package builder. You can choose frame color, wall pattern, liner design, filtration system, add as much or as little as you like.

List Of All Our Pool Packages

When building a pool package, I recommend going with our best liner, the Brighton Prism. If you going to build a deck right away, go with a drop in step, if not, I prefer the confer 7200 ladders with security roll guard.

Pictures of A Few Atlas Pools I Built-In 2017

Atlas pool
Aluminum Gray Mosaic Wall
Closeup Gray Frame
Atlas Pool Tribal Stone
Tribal Stone Aluminum Wall with Gray Frame – Boulder Liner Pattern


above ground pool filling
Brighton Prizm Liner

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