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Cheapest Above Ground Pool PackagesI sell the cheapest above ground pool on the planet (cough * inexpensive*)! If you’re looking for the most inexpensive pool for your dollar, you found it. My pools are priced at the lowest possible discount rate everyday. You can spend more, but you will not get a better pool.

Consider this package on the right for just $2511.00 (link). It is a 21 foot round x 52 inch resin frame pool. If comes with the best liner money can buy, an energy efficient 2 speed pump with 100 sq ft cartridge filter, a security ladder that can lock out access to the pool, and a 9 piece pro maintenance equipment kit, with shipping that includes residential, driver assisted, power tailgate delivery…  SHABAM!

Three Above Ground Swimming Pool Models to Choose From with 100’s of Design choices…

All my pools are manufactured by Buster Crabbe Pools out of New Jersey. One of the oldest and most respected pool companies in America. All pools are made with US Steel, Or Aluminum (Marine Grade Aluminum). AMERICAN MADE / UNION WORKERS

You can go buy a brand name Buster Crabbe pool from them, or buy the exact same pool from me, just with a different name and for a lot less. I call my three models:

  • Lamark
  • Atlas
  • Dauntless

Of all my pool models the Lamark is the cheapest. Here’s the catch, it uses the exact same wall as the Atlas, and for $200 more you can even get the exact same Marine Grade aluminum wall as the Dauntless!

Intex Pool on Amazon

Eight Wall Patterns to Choose From

I have five steel wall graphics, and three aluminum wall graphics to choose from. Pick the wall color and pattern that best suits your taste. Not only do I sell the best pools online at everyday low low prices, but I also offer the accessories at my cost. You can choose from 5-10 pool liners, 5-8 filter and pump combinations, winterizing accessories, and more, all at my cost.

Of course because I buy so much, you get the benefit of my considerable buying power! Think I’m Kidding? Use my custom package builder to assemble the cheapest ultimate pool package anywhere.

Discount Above Ground Swimming Pool Supplier Comparison | NAMCO | COSTCO | Walmart | Home Depot | Leslie’s

First of all … I don’t sell any shit pools, pool liners, or equipment. I’m in the business, and I shop at the stores mentioned above. My biggest disappointment is with Costco, because I love them and like their business philosophy, how they treat their employees etc… BUT I see them selling garbage pools every year!

Maybe the buyer for Costco does not know the difference between one grade of pool from another. But last year they were selling a low end Swim n Play model for all the money. I mean all the money.

Namco Pools Vs My Lamark Pool

In my area of the country Namco is the name of the big discount pool store. Right now they have a hot super saver, “online only” sale going on of their Catalina Pool. I’m not kidding here’s the link, Check it out for yourself! It is a “Limited Supply”. Lets compare that pool to my Lamark at it’s every day low price.

Lets compare a 21 round as it is one of the most popular pool sizes. Of course they advertise a 12 foot round across the web so they can appear to have the craziest lowest price. I have sold only one 12 foot round pool in the history of me selling pools.

If you followed the link to Namco, scroll down until you find their 21 x 52 Catalina for $899.99 and click on it. You get the pool and a shitty overlap liner worth $259.00 for that price. My Lamark 21 x 52 pool with liner is $1990.00, yeah $1100.0 hundred dollars more than the Catalina but wait, lets compare!

My liner (Latham Brighton Prism HG) is the thickest best liner you can buy for an above ground pool. My steel pool wall is the best quality US Steel, with the best treatments and coatings. It is hot dipped galvanized G90 treated and then painted with a pattern.

Their pool wall is made of cheapo Asian Steel. I am not saying Namco does not have good models, just hang in here a minute. Their liner is 16/14 mil at best. 16 mil wall, and 14 mil floor (mil refers to actual thickness).

So their cheapest online sale only pool amounts to a trashcan for a pool and a trash bag for a liner when compared to my pool. But my pool still cost more. I KNOW… keep coming a bit longer.

For all you new pool shoppers, you are going to need accessories to outfit your package. This is where it gets interesting. As I already told you I give you accessories at cost.  Once you add on a filter, a pump, and a ladder with a shitty little maintenance equipment package the price of their pool goes up $1100.00 to a total of $2000.00, and mine only  goes up 500 to a total cost of $2511.00. And yes mine cost 500.00 more.

However, we are not exactly comparing apples to apples. When you have to replace that shitty liner in a 1-3 years at a minimum cost of $600-800. My pool is definitely cheaper and when you have to replace the whole pool in 5 years because the wall or top rails have rotted out, my pool is twice as cheap.

My pool frame is made of extruded reinforced resin that will never rot out like their cheap steel uprights and toprails. You scrape your service pole on their steel toprail chipping the paint, and it will start rusting the next day.

My maintenance equipment package has nine pieces, my cartridge filter has a Unicel cartridge in it, I ship my pools  anywhere in the country for this price, plus my pool is made of resin, my steel wall is the highest quality and you cannot buy a better liner anywhere.

My packages are shipped to residential addressees with power-tail-gate, driver assisted service at no extra charge.

NOW… Please Bare with me a Moment Longer as I Compare the Lamark to Their most expensive Pool

Their pool cost over $3700.00 for the package and guess what? My pool package is still better. My least expensive model still has the thickest best wall on the planet. Still has the thickest best liner on the planet. My accessory kit is better. and they want $1200.00 more. They are still offering the same shitty overlap liner in this package for $3700.00!!! C’ MON MAN!!!!!

They do have a pool that cost more, but it is in a different class like my Aquasport 52 pool with slat wall panels.

I hope you can see now that my above ground pools are not only the cheapest, but they are the best value too. Assemble your own package and see, and the more accessories you add, the more value you will get, as I said, all accessories are at or very near my cost.

Promotion – Getting the Cheapest Pool even Cheaper

If you get a neighbor to go in with you, and you buy two pools, and I can ship them to the same address, you can save an additional $200 a pool. You will have to contact me for multi-pool purchasing. Yeah shipping is free, but no not really. Of course the cost of shipping is built into the cost! So, If you buy a second pool, I can knock off a little of the next pool, and remove the built in shipping fee. Ka-Blam.

While these pools are inexpensive, installation is a real job. Around my way we charge $1000.00 to install and setup of a 21 round. That doesn’t even include the cost of electrical, or water. You certainly don’t want to pay for installation twice because you bought something that rotted out in a couple years.

New Above Ground Pool for under $1000.00

If your total budget is under a grand, consider an Intex Ultra Frame pool. Set up of an Intex is much simpler, the pools cost a lot less, and you still get just as wet! I recommend getting a pool with at least a 48 inch pool wall, as it meets the minimum barrier to entry. The Intex 16×48 will last longer than many quote unquote “real pools”.

Do yourself a favor and pocket the extra money you saved with my advice, or build a little deck. With a deck you can put in steps, which give you a place to sit and hang out in the pool.  Besides, I have never been a fan of the Intex pool ladders. 😉


I know what a pool cost, and I could charge a lot more for my pools and maybe someday I will. Don’t think just because my MGK Pools are inexpensive they should be classed with pools of the same price. It is not marketing talk, you really cannot buy a better liner than my Brighton Prism from Latham Pools, my walls are made of the best US Steel, and or Marine grade Aluminum. These are facts.

I don’t sell any models with steel top plates, or steel uprights. Of course I could, Buster Crabbe has models with steel top plates. I choose to sell only the best at a fair price.

I know Intex Pools do not look as good as regular above ground pools, and even though I don’t sell them, I won’t bad mouth them either. They are exactly what you expect for the money. I even included Intex in my top 10 best pools review here. That’s my problem with the Namco’s, and Leslie’s Pools of the world, little or no value.

Dollar for dollar, nobody beats the value of my pools, and pool packages. My Pool Store

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