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Best Intex Pool – Intex Pools Reviews & Advice

Best Intex Pool Models In 2018

Intex Pools have established a firm hold on the above-ground swimming pool market. They have done this by providing quality swimming pools at an affordable cost. The best Intex Pool as of 2018 is called the Ultra-Frame. With a complete 18x52 package shipped to your door for under $1000.00, you can see why Intex Pools are here to stay. It was the new and improved Intex Ultra-Frame pool that forced me to Included them

Admiral’s Walk Swimming Pool – Compare To Gibraltar & Kayak Pools

There are two classes of an above-ground swimming pool, the Admiral's Walk pool, and everyone else. The only other above ground pools that you could try to compare this to would be either Wilkes / Gibraltar or Kayak. In this article, I will explain why the Admiral's Walk Pool is the easy, and best choice. The starting price for this 12x20 is just $7,999.00. This price includes delivery in many cases (Installation not included).

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Pool Filter Above-Ground – Best Above-Ground Filters and Systems

Pool Filter Above-Ground - MGK Pools

This page has everything you need to help you choose the ideal filter or filter system for your above-ground pool. It has a couple of suggestions that are a little outside the box for those looking for something extra. It describes all the best filter packages available for sale by most online above-ground pool stores, and a couple of even better options. Continue reading →
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