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What does it cost to fill in a pool? Filling in an inground swimming pool cost between $3000.00 and $10.000. There are several things to consider that go into the overall cost. This article is dedicated to bringing you up to speed on the cost associated with different pool types.

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To provide a quote, there are many questions that need answering? Is it a cement pool, or does it have a vinyl liner? Can I even get into the yard with my machines? How close to the pool can the fill be placed? How far is your property from the nearest sand and gravel yard? Size of the pool? Pool depth etc…

I may need to look the job over and assess the logistics. The purpose of this page is to let you know that A. their is a local professional pool company that fills in pools here in Massachusetts, and B. a ballpark idea of the cost and procedure for your inground pool type.

I may be able to provide you a real close estimate fast if you can text me a couple pictures, and have time for a quick phone call. Other times I will schedule a convenient time to meet with you. With your permission, I can just swing by and look the job over on my own.

Pool Removal Vs. Filling in a Pool

Filling in a pool is just that. Get some fill, and fill in the hole. This is usually done by homeowners that are sick of dealing with a safety hazard, namely the pit fall in the backyard that use to be a swimming pool. Knock a few holes in the bottom, bring in a lot of fill, and boom, no more problem.

Just dumping in a bunch of dirt in the pool is the cheapest way out of the problem, but leaves a lot to be desired in utility and looks. If you plan on selling your home, ever plan on building on the land where your pool was located, want a fun place to relax, or dont want to look at the pool deck and coping. Proper pool excavation is the way to go.

Removing and Filling in a Concrete Inground Swimming Pool

These are the most expensive pools to properly remove. Most cities and towns require a permit, and an inspector needs to come out and approve each phase of the project. With cement pools, they require a few big holes be made in the bottom of the pool, and the top 18 inches of the pool be cut off.

Cutting holes in the pool shell is hard difficult work, as all pool shells are cast and coated with cement, and then reinforced with steel bars called rebar. It is one thing to make a couple holes in the bottom, and quite another, to break of the top 18 inches all the way around the pool.

The steel rebar is 3/8 thick is some areas, so as you break away the concrete, you have to cut the steel too.

Most residential cement pools are 100 lineal feet around, and have a broom finish concrete deck that is four feet wide all the way around. Breaking up the deck, and the top of the pool, and then filling it in and compacting it cost on average between 7k-10k.

Removing and Filling in an Inground Vinyl Lined Swimming Pool

Most of these vinyl liner inground pools have a steel wall.  The walls have to be cut and removed from the top 18 inches. This is much easier than dealing with concrete, but it is still quite a bit of work. We go through a lot of cutting blades too.

The entire liner needs to be taken out in most cases, and pools with out a sand bottom need to have holes punched in the vermiculite or Grout. Again this is much easier than dealing with cement pools.

Removing and filling in a vinyl liner pool, while also breaking up the cement deck cost on average between 3k -5.5k.

Conclusion and Considerations

There are all kinds of pools and they are made from many materials. The demolition and excavation info above should help you to figure out your cost. Some decks are made of patio pavers or block, and these pools decks are easily removed, while many more are steel reinforced nightmares.

All pool demo work should be performed by a licensed contractor for best results and a safe job site.

Some towns will let you fill in a portion of your steel or cement swimming pool, while a few rare birds make you excavate and dispose of the entire thing. Pulling a permit is a good idea, as it lets the future homeowner know the pool was removed properly. There are no hazards or surprises just below the surface of the backyard.

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