New Pool Light Semi-Inground & Inground Pools

There is a new amazingly bright pool light available that cost half what others are charging. This light fits any swimming pool that is capable of installing a standard inground return nitch. I’m excited to offer it to my semi inground Aquasport 52 customers.

CCEI is the manufacturer of this new incredibly bright pool light. I will eventually rebrand this light and retail it at around $450. This is almost half the cost of competitors that are not half as bright.

There is nothing like looking out at your pool all lit up at night.

The old systems required buying a bunch of components separately and then having an electrician wire up the transformer, switch and light. This new pool light comes complete as a kit and you just plug it in. Also it comes with great controls and I believe wifi is built in so you can control with your home wifi and smart devices.

This light is a game changer. I will only be bringing in 60 for this season and will get them listed on soon.

Will have to see how sales go for possible preorders. But if your interested, let me know and I will hold one aside for you. New pool buyers will get first crack at them.

I will update post with images and details about this product as they become available.

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