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I sell and install safety covers from many different manufacturers. This is my Loop Loc Pool Cover Page. In this article, you can learn about the actual cost of a Loop Loc cover. I also offer information, and advice about repairing, replacement, equipment, care, and more.

The Loop Loc price chart below shows the lowest advertised price allowed by Loop Loc. If you want a better price,  you need to call, or fill out this Loop Loc Estimate Form. You can occasionally score a good deal on Amazon too… Check out Loop Loc Covers and Hardware On Amazon  For more information read our Pool Cover Reviews.

Standard Mesh Loop Loc Pool Covers are still the most popular in America. You can trust any of their pool covers to keep your family safe.

Loop Loc Company History

Loop Loc and Meyco invented the industry, and then later split up to form two different companies. They both sold the same products when they split up, but Loop Loc did a better job of marketing. They are now the #1 seller of safety covers.

In the last couple years, Loop Loc has changed the materials they use to make all their safety covers. By changing the materials used to make them, they have made their covers lighter, stronger, and better all around.

Loop Loc Cover Replacement

If you have an old or damaged cover from Loop Loc and you think its time for a new one, there are a few ways to go. Loop Loc stores information on every cover they make. Information is stored by address, and the name of the customer who ordered it, and sometimes by the authorized Loop Loc Dealer that sold the cover.

Every cover is also assigned a cover number, and starting 15 years ago, Loop Loc started sowing the number onto the cover itself. Please provide us this number for faster and more accurate estimates.

As a dealer, we can look up your cover existing cover with the information mentioned above. If for some reason we cannot find a record of your cover, we can either come out and measure the pool, and the deck anchors, to have a new cover made, or you can ship in your old cover (even if badly damaged), and will make an exact replacement.

Ordering A Replacement Cover For Non Loop Loc Pool Cover Customers

If your cover was not made by Loop Loc, but you want a replacement cover made by them, we can mail your cover into Loop Loc, or measure to order a replacement cover. The good news is that they offer a $100.00 discount and free shipping for sending in a competitors cover.

Image Loc

Loop Loc has provided a simple way for dealers to order a new, or replacement cover, with a service called Image Loc. All you have to do is, place a couple tape measures around the pool, and take some pictures. I send the pictures to Loop Loc, and they use the pictures to make new custom covers. For replacement covers, and pools with existing deck anchors, you placing small red solo cups on all the existing deck anchors, and then take the pictures.

This eliminates the need to take A/B measurements of the pool, and or the deck anchors. Image Loc does however come with a $50.00 processing fee. So it is best to get a rough estimate before hand.

This instructional video below is a bit dated, but gives decent directions. This document ( Image Loc Instructions) describes a new, and even better process.

Loop Loc Cover Repair Estimate

I send all Loop Loc pool covers back to the manufacturer for repair. All safety covers submitted for repair are examined with extreme scrutiny, the smallest imperfection is cataloged.

All covers must be clean and dry, all springs and buckles must be removed prior to mailing in the cover. If a repair or replacement is not ordered after inspection, owner will be responsible for 96.00 appraisal fee. If springs and buckles are not removed the owner will be responsible for a $75.00 removal fee. If the cover needs to be cleaned, the owner will be responsible for a $200.00 cleaning fee.

Any declined repairs, will result in the cover being deemed non-safe.

Repair Cost Schedule for Mailed in Covers

$180.00 for the first panel replacement and $90.00 each additional panel, Small patches will be done for $50.00 each. Any tears along a seam require the whole panel to be replaced.

Any and all holes will be scheduled for repair and included in the estimate. The repaired cover must meet ASTM safety guidelines, or it will not be fixed.

Loop Loc Pool Cover Cost

The following charts show the lowest allowed advertised prices. These cover prices are not what I charge. To get a actual cost, please call or email. Even better, fill out this form.

Loop Loc Stock Rectangle Mesh Covers Without Step Extension

Necessary quantities of hardware are represented in all prices, which includes Standard Brass Anchors, Regular Stainless Steel Springs, Vinyl Tubular Spring Covers, Metal Installation Tool, and a Storage Bag.

MAP PRICING is the lowest price they will let me “ADVERTISE“. So if you want to know the real price of a stock Loop Loc Cover, you just have to contact me Stock Cover Quote Form

Loop Loc Stock Rectangle Mesh Covers

Pool Size

Cover Id #

List Price

Map Price

10′ x 10′
10’x 20′
12′ x 12′
12′ x 24′
12′ x 27′
12′ x 28′
12′ x 32′
14′ x 28′
14′ x 30′
14′ x 32′
15′ x 30′
15′ x 32′
15′ x 34′
16′ x 24′
16′ x 30′
16′ x 32′
16′ x 34′
16′ x 36′
16′ x 38′
16′ x 40′
16′ x 50′
17′ x 34′
18′ x 32′
18′ x 34′
18′ x 36′
18′ x 38′
18′ x 40′
18′ x 42′
18′ x 44′
18′ x 45′
18′ x 50′
20′ x 20′
20′ x 36′
20′ x 38′
20′ x 40′
20′ x 41′
20′ x 42′
20′ x 44′
20′ x 45′
20′ x 46′
20′ x 50′
20′ x 51′
20′ x 60′
21′ x 41′
22′ x 44′
24′ x 40′
24′ x 48′
24′ x 50′
25′ x 45′
25′ x 50′
30′ x 50′
30′ x 60′

Adding a step section will add to the cost by $100.00 to $225.00 depending on size:

  • Example: 16 x 32 ($996.20) w/ 4 x 8 step add $105.00 = $1011.20 (I sell for less)
  • Example: 18 x 36 w/ 4 x 8 step add $150.00
  • Example: 20 x 40 w/ 4 x 8 step add $225.00

Loop Loc Custom Cover Cost

Kidney shape, Free form, Lagoon, and Mountain style pools require custom made covers, as do many pools with special features like: Water falls, Zero / Infinity edge pools, and pools with a spa. Also pool covers that require a custom cut out for fixed items, like diving rocks, non removable hand rails, etc.

Not including extra special pool covers. I have provided some examples below of custom cover / non-stock pool cover pricing from Loop Loc.

  • Example: 16′ x 32′ Free Form (Small pool) 3′ x 3′ grid pattern $1383.00
  • Example: 18′ x 36′ Free Form (Medium pool) 5′ x 5′ grid pattern $1564.00
  • Example: 18′ x 36′ Free Form (Medium pool) 3′ x 3′ grid pattern $2342.00
  • Example: 20′ x 40′ Free Form (Large pool) 3′ x 3′ grid pattern $2828.00

You can see that the 3′ x 3′ grid pattern is more expensive (18×36 example). Covers with smaller grid size, have more webbing, and smaller panels making them stronger. They also have more anchor points on the deck.

Loop Loc Pool Cover Tool & Parts

You can buy all the springs, anchor hardware, cover tool, and patches on Amazon here.

Loop Loc springs are not as strong as other manufacturers. Loop Loc says this is by design, so the springs break before the cover rips. I have actually witnessed this for my self. The springs broke, instead of damaging the cover, this is a cool design. I have seen other safety covers damaged because the webbing or material ripped before the spring gave out.

Loop Loc Pool Cover Snow

I wanted to include a section about their covers, and damage done by ice and snow. It is important to follow the instructions and not lower your water to much. It is the pool water that carries the load of snow and ice during the winter, not the cover. Never cover an empty pool with a safety cover, or it will be damaged by snow and ice.


I sell pool covers from most manufacturers. I can tell you that Loop Loc covers hold up really good here in the North East. If you would like to purchase a cover, I would be glad to sell you one, or provide you with an estimate.

You may like to read our Safety Pool Cover Reviews to learn more about how Loop Loc stacks up against the competition. Or call (978) 710-8667 for a quote on a new Loop Loc Pool Cover. Americas #1 selling safety cover.


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