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Meyco pool cover logoThis company is the original, they invented safety covers for swimming pools. This page is all about Meyco pool covers, to learn more about how they compare to other safety cover companies, please read our pool cover reviews. To learn more about Meyco, Read on… Meyco on

Probably nobody knows more about safety covers than Meyco. They have continued to innovate and come out with better products over the years. Their Rugged Mesh covers are as good if not better than any other premium mesh cover on the market.

Meyco Pool Covers

Meyco offers three different types of swimming pool safety covers. They have standard mesh covers that block 95% of the sun and do little to filter dirt. They have a cover called Rugged Mesh which blocks 98% of the sun and does a fair job filtering dirt. Lastly they have solid safety covers, solid safety covers block all the sun and all the dirt, but require a cover pump to remove water.

Meyco Cover Dealers

We are Meyco cover dealers. You can contact us for a replacement pool cover, or a new Safety cover. You can reach out to us for OEM hardware and tools for Meyco covers. We take in covers for repair from all 50 states, and we ship new covers to all 50 states. To speak to a representative during business hours please call (978) 710-8667.

 Meyco Pool Cover Cost & Ordering

If you would like a price to buy a new cover, or a replacement cover, please just give us a call or fill out our contact form, and include in the description, your pool size, and whether you want a new pool cover or a replacement.

If you want to order a replacement pool cover please include your warranty number. It is sewn into the back of your cover. Your cover is stored in our library. If you can’t find your warranty number, please include the name of the person who ordered the cover, and the address the cover was installed, and if possible, what company the cover was ordered through.

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