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Above-Ground Liner Replacement

Above-Ground Liner Replacement

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Need above-ground liner replacement? We do that; please use the table below to get an idea of the pool liner replacement cost and installations fees. We only install above-ground pool liners we sell.

Above-Ground liner Cost Installation Fee
15 Round Above-Ground Pool $253.00 $350.00
18 Round Above-Ground Pool $292.00 $400.00
21 Round Above-Ground Pool $336.00 $400.00
24 Round Above-Ground Pool $360.00 $500.00
27 Round Above-Ground Pool $470.00 $700.00
15×30 Oval Above-Ground Pool $340.00 $600.00
18×33 Oval Above-Ground Pool $450.00 $700.00

above-ground-liner replacement

Additional Costs For Above-Ground Liner Replacement

The prices above do not include the cost of water or tax for the pool liner. We also charge $50.00 extra if we drive past 20 miles from our home base to your pool.

  1. Bottom work can add to the cost if we need to add sand and do extensive reworking of the pool bottom
  2. Adding a Foam wall or floor liner guard
  3. Decks and fencing that interfere with the job
  4. Converting away from an overlap to a beaded or J-hook
  5. Wall Repairs – Patching rust-holes, repairing return holes, and skimmer openings

Above-Ground Liner Replacement Upgrades

The first upgrade is called a Liner-Guard. It is a super dense blanket that prevents cut-grass or roots from growing up through your liner. It is also an extra barrier between ant and termite saliva and your pool lining. Ant saliva will cause tiny pin holes. It also helps in the case of small sinkholes and when rodents or worms are digging under the pool. These range in price from $150.00 to $400.00.

The next upgrade is called wall foam. We apply some spray glue and roll out foam padding before installing the pool liner. It can help to extend the life of your pool liner and is a barrier, separating rusty walls with pinholes, from your pool liner. I do not recommend wall foam on new installations but always with an above-ground liner replacement. We charge $150.00 to $400.00 for parts and installation.

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