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MGK Pool Service sells and installs inground swimming Pools. We are dealers for two different fiberglass pool manufacturers. And we also have a large variety of vinyl liner pools. We have inground pools for any budget!

Would you like help with planning, designing, or choosing a new pool for your backyard?. As much as we would love to sell you a new pool, our first priority is to answer any questions you have. This page exists to answer the most common questions people have when thinking about installing a new pool. Including “What it’s going to Cost“.

We love designing and transforming backyards into fun recreational places. Swimming pools are more than a great place to cool off, they are a gathering place for family and friends. A place to have fun, and that will provide you with the opportunity to fill photo albums full of treasured memories…

Family in new Inground Pool

Fiberglass Swimming Pools

We are Imagine Pools Dealers & Latham Patriot Dealers

Contact us to find out more about our Imagine Pools, or Latham Patriot pools. Our selection custom shaped, and rectangle fiberglass pools, are designed with all the latest features and finishes. Our models have won design awards in recent years. We have a large selection of  sizes, to chose from, with over 24 models

Fiberglass pools are now the most popular of all inground pools. More fiberglass pools are installed than Gunite, and Vinyl combined.

Fiberglass Inground Pool Cost

There is no point in wasting our time, or yours. Our most popular Imagine fiberglass package cost about 1200 -1300.~ per foot. So an 30 foot pool would cost roughly 38k – 42,900.~ The package includes: the pool, installation, plumbing, electrical, filter and pump equipment, cement collar, water, and permits.

Imagine Pools

small fiberglass inground pools

Small fiberglass inground pools offer the most value, especially when compared to Vinyl and Gunite inground pools. Fiberglass pools use less chemicals to maintain water balance, require no resurfacing, have no liner to get cut, or punctured by dog nails, etc…

Smaller pools cost less, are easier to maintain, require smaller less expensive pool covers, smaller less expensive decks, are cheaper to heat, take up less of your yard, and installation cost is less. Our base package, for a 30 foot version of the “Mirage” pool pictured above, cost just 33k.

Liberty Fiberglass Pools

We also carry a less expensive  fiberglass pool line. Our Liberty Composite Pools are made by Latham. Liberty Composite Pools are made by the same manufacturer as Vikking Pools, and Trilogy Pools. All three of these brands are manufactured in the same factory.

We have a small fiberglass pool called the Patriot (seen below), it is a 15′ x 23′ free form swimming pool Made by Latham. We can sell it to you, deliver it, install it with crushed stone back-fill, and a cement collar (deck ready), and plumb in the skimmer, filter and pump. Everything you need to run it and clean it. for just 24k.

Small Fiberglass pool

Here is the really great thing about the Liberty Pool Line… It does not cost as much as the popular “Brand Names”, but you get all the technology, and the exact same color ad finish as the more popular names. They are all made in the same factory!

Vinyl Liner Inground Pool Cost

You get a lot more pool for your money when you install a pool with a vinyl liner. You can buy and install a 16 foot x 35 foot Grecian for just 20k. Sand filter, 1 speed pump, steps, 1 skimmer 2 returns, electrical, and plumbing included.

We have a 17 x 32 oval inground pool that we sell and install with equipment for just 16k


Additional Costs

In order to not void your warranty, a lot of companies require you to hire them for yearly opening, and closing services. Then they charge you twice the going rate, or more. We do not require you to hire us for warranty purposes, but if you do want our seasonal services, we charge only $225~ for an opening or closing.

You will need a winter pool cover too. We do not charge retail for this cover, when you buy a pool from us. We charge just 10% over cost. Cover installation is an extra $150~ to $300.~

Real Inground Pool Promotions

This is not marketing talk. It cost roughly five thousand dollars to ship one pool, or several pools to us from our manufacturer in Tennessee. When we can include your pool in a big order, it cost thousands less to ship the pool, as they can be nested on the same truck.

We have to hire follow cars,to escort the trucks carrying these oversize loads, we pay for special permits in every city and state. Also, our drivers are not allowed to drive on weekends. Bottom line is: It’s much cheaper to ship multiple pools. Order early and get in on our spring specials.



I hope this page answered a lot of your questions, if you have anymore, or would like to contact us, please use this special contact form, or call (978) 710-8667. We will get back to you ASAP.

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