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Pool MainteanceSwimming Pool Maintenance Cost

Weekly pool maintenance starts at just 85.00 a week for In-ground pools and $65.00 for above-ground swimming pools. Our Weekly pool maintenance and cleaning rates above include all chemicals needed (not salt), plus filter cleaning.

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Pool maintenance is the heart and lifeblood of MGK Pool Service. Our priority is taking care of our loyal weekly and yearly pool service customers. We rarely, if ever, miss a weekly upkeep appointment. Finally, our goal is making sure your swimming pool is always sparkling clean, safe, and ready to use.

Our traditional service area is expanded for yearly swimming pool opening and closing services. During the pool-opening season and closing season, you will find our company working seven days a week. During these times of heavy demand, we do our best to accommodate as many people as possible. Call to book a swimming pool service or maintenance appointment now (978) 710-8667.

Contact Us Pro Tip: It can be quite a challenge to get us on the phone if you don’t reach us when you call, don’t leave a voice message. Text us the best number to call you back and why you are contacting us. You might even message us on Facebook (click here).

Weekly Pool Maintenance

We offer weekly maintenance service for all swimming-pool types.  It is essential to keep up with pool sanitation on a regular basis. Every week we add the necessary chemicals to keep your water balanced. Balanced pool water is vital for your health and that of your pool shell (Plaster/Vinyl Liner).

Pool maintenance is directed and most often performed by a Certified Pool Operator (CPO). Primary weekly maintenance includes chemical balancing, shocking as needed, skimming, filter back-washing, filter maintenance, filter cleaning (as required), brushing pool walls, adding water during the visit, cleaning and maintaining skimmer basket(s), and vacuuming. All pricing depends on pool dimensions, distance from us, and current condition of your swimming pool.

Yearly Swimming Pool Maintenance Services

Pool Vacuuming

A short video I did to show my customer Harry how adding this vacuum service to his pool-opening could get his pool ready for swimming in just 24 hours. He was blown away by how clean his pool was after only one visit since he struggled for over thirty years opening his pool himself.

One of our most popular annual services is vacuuming. People de-winterize their pools themselves and then call us to remove heavy sediment and algae with our cleaning equipment. This service is especially necessary for people with mesh safety covers. The mesh cover allows sunlight and dirt into the pool; algae grows during the offseason.

Pool filters are not designed to remove that much algae and filth. After we come in with our equipment and vacuum the majority of it out of your pool. Then your filter can then handle what remains. This service is not for pools with lots of leaves on the bottom, and usually costs $150.~

For pools with a lot of leaves, it frequently requires multiple visits to get your pool to a state where the filter can clear the water on its own. The first visit we manually remove all the leaves with leaf nets, then usually the second visit we vacuum all sediment straight to waste with our powerful cleaning equipment.

Safety Cover Removal Service

Once the swimming-pool-cover is off, many of our older customers have no problem with weekly maintenance or even cleaning their pool. Today’s pool covers are bulky and heavy, and often require two people to handle it. We come and remove pool-covers, fold them and put them where you like for $80.~


Types Of Swimming Pools We Maintainpool maintenance - Pool Skimming - removing dirt

We service and maintain all styles of swimming pools; Gunite, Vinyl, Fiberglass, Above-Ground, In-Ground, Chlorine, Salt. If we do not ask, please make sure we know if you are not using chlorine when you book an appointment. Thank You!

We do not perform weekly maintenance on pools that use Baquacil or bromine. We will only open or close them!

Swimming Pool Cleaning Company Service

We are one of the only pool cleaning companies I know of in the area. I don’t mean weekly maintenance, I mean pulling a ton of debris out of pools and getting would-be swamps crystal clear and safe to swim in. I know we get referrals from other pool companies that do not do this kind of work.

If you have a cement pool with a low groundwater table, you can pump it down, pressure wash it and refill it. But with vinyl liner pools, if you remove to much water you are likely going to have to replace your swimming pool liner.

Once your swimming pool has turned green or black call on the only pool company near you that cleans pools. MGK Pool Service.

Green Pool Service

Turning green swimming-pools into clear pools fast is what we do! Green pool service may include balancing chemicals, super-chlorinating, and bringing our pump and vacuum to suck green-algae right out of the pool. This pool service requires one – three visits to complete depending on pool size and condition. Cleaning your DE or cartridge filter is always included. When needed we will hook up our super-filter for 24hrs to make sure your pool clears fast! To reduce the service fee, we can instruct you on how to handle final part of our green to clean service

Pool Cleaning Cost

Cleaning a swimming pool usually requires 2-3 visits. Pool Cleaning fees for a swimming pool that can be cleaned in just one visit usually range from $150-$350.00 plus the cost of chemicals. For pools that have not been opened in 2-3 years or were not covered over the fall and winter, costs range from $500-$1500. It really depends on how much leaves and debris are in the pool.

These costs associated with cleaning the pool do not include the cost of replacement water when needed.

Swimming Pool Filter & Pump Upgrades, Maintenance, & RepairsCleaning pool by vacuuming it - pool maintenance

Equipment upgrades and we repair and replace every type of pool filter or pump ever made for swimming pools. Rebuilding your existing pool-filter may be an option as long as parts are still available. Also, we sometimes have used filtration equipment available for sale. Proper pool maintenance requires cleaning your pool filter; we can do this for you too.

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