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We demo, remove and otherwise fill in above ground and inground swimming pools. This page exists to provide you some information about the process, procedure and cost of doing a pool removal. We have services to make it look like there was never a pool to begin with.

Please read below to learn more about the cost and process of getting rid of an above ground or inground pool. We welcome your call for a free phone estimate. We can even provide you a cell number to text an image, for an even more accurate estimate.

Each town has different requirements. Some will let you fill in the pool, while others require every last piece to be removed from the property. It is important to pull a building permit when removing inground pools. Without a permit and inspection from the town, there is no proof for those looking to purchase your property, that the job was done right, and that no hazard just below the surface of the backyard.

Inground Pool Removal Service

We use the same excavators to remove inground pools, as we use to install new ones. Our machines are capable of lifting, and removing all cement deck types, cement fence post footings etc… Often using these items as fill, where allowed by the town.

There are three types of inground pools, it would help if you to knew which type you have, when calling for a removal estimate.

  • Vinyl Liner
  • Fiberglass or Composite
  • Gunite / Cement

Here in Massachusetts vinyl pool removal cost is usually 3-4k on average. Most towns want the liner pulled out, the top 12-18 inches of the steel pool wall removed, with a couple holes in the floor for proper drainage. The cost of labor to break up the deck, often helps offset thecost of fill required to bring the yard back to grade.

Fiberglass pools are not as popular here in the Northeast, as they are in southern and western states. Removing a fiberglass style pool is usually 5 to 8k. Removing these pools is complicated by the cement collar perimeter that is connected to the top of the pool with rebar.

Cement and plastered type pools are the hardest to disassemble and take away. The walls are made of concrete and are laced with steel rebar.  Walls reinforced with steel require the biggest machines, and often require tools to cut the steel, and the most labor. Prices to remove / fill in these pools average around 8k. Complete removal where required, is often twice the cost.

Above Ground Swimming Pool Removal

Above Ground Pool Removal Cost

We charge $250.00 to 350.00 to disassemble and remove most round above ground swimming pools, and $350.00 to 450.00 for most ovals. There are a couple elements that can add to the cost of the job.

  • Wood decking
  • Pool Base / sand removal
  • Removal of the liner and plastic /resin  pool components

Demo and Dumping Wood Decking

While most scrap yards will take tin for free, or even give you 20-40 bucks (zero lately), nobody wants a pile of old wood decking. Depending on the type of deck, demo can cost $100.00 to $250.00 and depending on amount of wood weight, dump fees range from $250.00 to $450.00.

Pool Base Haul Away

Once you remove your above ground pool, you are usually left with 2.5 to 5 tons of sand or stone dust. To load it up and haul it away, with associated dump fees, we usually charge $300.00.00 to $400.00. Then, to bring in new loom / top soil, and seed it, we charge $225.00 to $325.00.

It cost more if we cant get a bobcat into the yard. If we have to shovel it all into wheel barrels and then shovel it into the back of our truck it cost an extra 1-2 hundred more.

Removing Plastic / Resin and Pool Liners

We are perfectly fine with bagging up these items, or tying them into neat bundles and leaving them with you to dispose of, or slowly put out with your normal garbage pickup. We charge $49 to remove liners, and all other plastic is quoted separately.  If your pool has all resin fence, top rails, and upright supports, it would probably cost another 100.00 to 150~ for associated dump fees.


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