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Pool Removal Services – Recent Above Ground Job

MGK Pool Service offer a variety of pool removal services. Of course we dismantle and haul away all variety of above ground swimming pools, and remove and fill-in inground pools too. Other services include: deck removal, pool base removal, seeded graded loom /topsoil, and sod installation. We also install small patios, and fire pits. Call (978) 710-8667

Recent pool removal job where we also removed sand and brought in loom and seeded it

October and April are the busiest months for pool removal. We do a lot in early spring months, and also at the end of the pool season. I took a few pictures of our most recent job, and thought it would make a good short blog post.

In this first picture the pool has already been taken down and scrapped, we were asked to also remove the sand and bring in some loom. Once your pool has been removed, most people are left with a few ton of sand like in this picture.

Pool and sand removal service


This particular job left us no access to bring in a skid steer (bobcat), so we were left having to manually remove all the sand. This job we did for $600.00. We manually removed almost three ton of sand, raked small stone into the hole, manually carried in two yard of loom, raked and graded the loom, before seeding it and watering.


Because we could not get equipment into this yard we had to charge a hundred more than we normally would have.

The next picture is of the finished product. Once the grass comes in, this area of the yard will look great and be level.

Yard after removing swimming pool


We could have finished this pool removal off with some hardscaping too. Some other finishes we offer as mentioned above are patios and fire pits. If you live in Massachusetts and want to reclaim your yard, please give us a call before or after the season begins.

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