We are straight out trying to keep up with the demand for safety cover estimates. Last year we were pretty busy replacing older pool covers that were damaged by unusual and heavy snow loads. But last years demand came early and through out the year.

We have experienced unusually high call volume this year from home owners looking for new Loop Loc covers for their pools, all coming in recent weeks.

We measure free form and custom pools, and send the measurements to Loop Loc, Loop Loc then converts the measurements to a cad drawing, and then Loop Loc send the us a exact cost for a variety of their pool covers. Most people want a mesh safety cover, but Loop Loc also offers solid, and solid w/ drain panel covers too.

Loop Loc is located in New York and is doing a better job this year getting covers to us once the order is placed, many times this year, they have manufactured the custom cover and mailed it out via UPS, and got the cover to us within a week!

Last year they said no cover would take longer than 2 weeks to receive, but that was not always the case (*cough, three weeks on one I remember).

This year (2012) they have really stepped up their game, providing fast turn around on estimates and orders placed.

We began getting slammed with calls two weeks ago as the pool closing season approached, and we are doing our best to provide the same great service to our customers that Loop Loc is providing to us.

We are proud to be a Loop Loc dealer, the number one pool cover in America. We pride our selves on offering great prices way below suggested retail too. We often package pool closing services with the cost of a new cover adding value for some of our clients.

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