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 Top Rated Models – Above-Ground Pool Reviews & More

best above ground pool with owner
Selfie – Me and a 17×32 Aquasport 52

I’ve read many other “best above-ground pool reviews”, and they are not honest opinions, they all have a marketing agenda. I’m not saying I don’t, but everything I have written below is the truth based on my experience.

I build above-ground swimming pools for a living. I have sold or worked on all the big brand name swimming pools, installed or repaired them all during the last 30 plus years, so I know which are the best, and you will too after reading the rest of this article.


What is the best above ground pool?

Here are some bullets that will help you to understand what makes the best above ground pool. The rest of this articles is full of reviews information and advice for the savvy shopper.

  1. An elite above ground pool has slat wall panels as opposed to a one-piece rolled sheet of steel or aluminum.
  2. The best above ground pool will be made of aluminum. While aluminum will eventually oxidize, it erodes a lot slower than steel rots.
  3. A good midrange priced pool that will last 20-30 years will be made with a rolled aluminum wall and be packaged with a quality pool liner.
  4. While Intex pools are a great value, they are not the best above ground pool you can buy! They only last 2-4 years and are usually packaged with filters that are too small. Not to mention you have to completely drain Intex pools every year in colder climates. Great value, but limited. See more information about Intex pools below.

Best Above-Ground Pool Packages

Above-ground pools are not all created equal! There are significant differences in materials, design, and overall quality from one manufacturer to another. Even the same manufacturer will usually have some models that are good and others that are not good at all.above-ground pool book

I will help you to choose the best pool or the best pool for your budget. This article is loaded with insights and describes the pros and cons of different models and manufacturers. I also list my favorite top 10 above-ground models. I wrote this article over five years ago, but continue to update my above-ground pool reviews article a few times a year. Happy New Year 2018!

In an attempt to compete on price, pool stores may package together a decent pool kit with a sub-par pump, filter, vinyl pool liner, or ladder. Every one of these elements determines your future maintenance costs, how long your pool will last, and how much you will have to work on it.

Consider this: I am frequently called on to replace pool liners for above-ground pools that are only 1 to 3 years old. With the average pool liner installation costing $1000.00 (good vinyl liner and labor), you can easily see where it may be beneficial to spend an extra $100 or $200 upfront for a quality liner. Premium pool liners last 7 -12 years.

You want a good swimming pool kit, but it’s also essential to get a thick mil pool liner (16-20 mil), a sturdy pool ladder/steps with an extra broad base (distributes weight better on the pool-liner), and a quality pool motor and filter. If you go for a package deal, make sure you are getting all quality accessories. You know the weakest link in the chain story, well it applies to above-ground pool packages too.

Package pricing is the way to go, and each component will never cost less than when you first buy a set-up. If you have to purchase these items separately as if your pump dies, your filter stops working, or your liner is leaking, you will wish you opted for premium accessories. If you buy a pool package online, you will surely save money on shipping if you get most items from the same dealer.

Most people wouldn’t know a bad deal if it bit them in the face. That is no doubt why you’re on this page, to learn the difference. Also, consider reading my anatomy of an above-ground pool article after this one.

If you are in the market for a great pool, but don’t want to spend all the money, and don’t want headaches, this article will be invaluable. Or if you want the best above-ground pool ever made, you will also find all the information you need here. I review some of the top rated manufacturers and ultimately choose the best swimming pool for small and large budgets.

The Basis For My Above-Ground Pool Reviews & Ratings – What Makes An Above-Ground Pool Good? The Wall!

Forget accessories like liners, filters, and pumps for a minute. When discussing the best swimming pools, you have to start with the pool wall. My opinion and ranking of the different names and models listed on this page mainly have to do with the strength of the pool wall.

Rusted Above-Ground Pool Wall Example
Steel Pool Wall

Nine times out of ten, when an above-ground swimming pool needs replacing, it is because the wall rotted/rusted out!

The frame of the pool is nowhere near as important as the wall. Manufacturers have taken to making colossal resin top rails and vertical posts, when they would be way better off putting the extra money into thicker pool walls made of superior American steel or even better, aluminum. Once a pool gets built, you could remove all the top-rails and vertical uprights, it will stand fine! The swimming pool wall is what makes a stronger, more enduring pool.

They build pools with over-sized top rails to make them “look” stronger, and so China can’t compete. China suppliers need to ship via containers across the ocean. Bulky resin upright and top rails that don’t pack easy cost way to much to ship.

Most Americans believe bigger is better, just because it looks stronger, doesn’t make it so. You can make it look beefy and modern with all the plastic/resin you want, once your pool wall rots out you have nothing.

Know This*

With real estate, it’s location location location, with above-ground pools, it’s Wall Wall Wall, and then quality accessories.

Above-Ground Pool Wall Types

Most people don’t know there are two swimming pool wall types. Rolled wall pools, which you see 95% of the time, and slat wall pools. Rolled wall pools come as a single sheet of coiled steel or aluminum. Slat walls use thick ridged interlocking panels to construct the wall.

The best-rolled wall pool isn’t half the strength of the weakest slat wall pool.

Aluminum Pool Walls Vs. Steel Pool Walls

While there are many good steel wall options; Thin, poorly treated, highly likely to rot-out or rust steel pool-walls are what make up most of the above-ground pool market.

If you can not afford the two thousand more a slat-wall pool cost, I would urge you to buy aluminum. Even a resin pool with an aluminum wall.

The only people who talk down aluminum pools, or are quick to point out how they cost a couple hundred more than steel, don’t even sell aluminum swimming pools. Don’t trip over a $20 to pick up a quarter as my dad used to say.

I am not knocking steel pools either; I sell them too; you can get a lot of life out of a steel pool if you get a thick premium wall. Quality American steel pool walls will get you 20 years if appropriately protected. But if your lawnmower kicks a rock off that sucker and strips the protective coating, it will rot! And you will wish you paid that little extra for aluminum.

Above-Ground Swimming Pool Materials Components & Packages

For value, get as many components as possible included in a package. You are going to need a winter cover, shut-off valves, a way to keep a maintenance dose of chlorine via a chlorine floater or something like a Frog chlorinator. Try to get all premium accessories included in your package at the time of purchase.

There are two types of rolled wall pools, Aluminum which is slightly more expensive but lasts longer, and steel (most popular). Steel swimming pools account for most of the market. A good steel wall may do well in southern parts of the country, but for my money, I want aluminum.

Slat wall pools are superior to all other above-ground swimming pool types. Slat-wall swimming pools are usually also called semi-inground as the added strength of the wall permits burying them wholly or partially in the ground.

Metal (aluminum) framing and Resin pool framing are superior to steel. You will usually get more extended warranties for pools made of Resin and Aluminum.

Best Above-Ground Pool – A Look At The Two Most Popular Sizes… 15′ x 30′ Oval Pool Vs. A 24′ Round Pool

Round versus OvalIf you want the best value, you should know, you will always get more pool for your money if you buy a round pool. A 24 round is larger than a 15 x 30 oval by 55 square feet. A 24-round swimming pool holds one thousand five hundred gallons more water than a 15 x 30.

The 24 is also easier to maintain. Round pools naturally have better circulation. Better water flow provides less dead spots for algae to form and allows the skimmer to catch more debris.

If you put an end-deck on a 15 x 30, like so many do, you will not be able to skim, or vacuum the entire pool without getting into the pool, or by working over the side wall. Service poles just aren’t long enough.

Oval Pools Vs. Round Pools Construction and Pricing

By design, the 24 makes more sense. Oval pools require buried straps or buttresses to support the straight side walls. Often you find these side walls leaning out as the straps or buttress supports begin to settle. Usually, as the side supports sink just a little, the connecting-strap that runs from one side to the other starts to raise up, causing the somewhat sharp metal strap to contact your pool liner.

A 15 x 30 is harder to install, and as such installation cost about $800.00 more, the 15 x 30 pool package usually cost $800.00 more, so that is $1600.00 more for a smaller, weaker pool. When you compare the differences, you begin to understand why the 24 round is the most popular of all the above-ground pool choices.

best above-ground pool reviews

Rated Top-10 Best Built Above-Ground Pools On The Planet

  1. Buster Crabbe – Admiral’s Walk Pool (Aluminum) Slat Wall with Deck
  2. Buster Crabbe – Aquasport 52 (Aluminum) Slat Wall
  3. Wilkes / Gibraltar Rectangle (Steel) Slat Wall with Deck
  4. Kayak Pools (Aluminum) Panels with Deck
  5. Radiant / Optimum (Aluminum) Insulated Panels
  6. Intrepid / Oasis by Wilbar (Aluminum) Slat Wall
  7. MGK Pool’s – (Aluminum) Rolled Wall Dauntless or Lamark LASA
  8. Buster Crabbe – Aluminum) Rolled Wall
  9. Doughboy – Saratoga or Tuscany (Steel) Rolled Wall
  10. MGK Pools Atlas (Steel) Rolled Wall
  11. Intex “Bonus Pick” (Soft-sided) for people with budgets around 1k or are not building a deck.

There are literately several hundred above-ground pool models you could choose. Each of these manufacturers makes 12 to 20 models alone, combining for hundreds of pools. These are my top ten favorites based on strength first, and then value. Plus my bonus pick.

My opinion and that of every installer I have ever talked with agree, the best above-ground pools on the planet, are the Buster Crabbe / Aquasports Pools LLC Aluminum Slat wall pools (#1 and #2).

The main thing that separates these pools from all other pools is their wall. Made of thickest extruded aluminum. They really should not be classed with traditional above-ground swimming pools. The strength and durability of these models are in a class by itself.

The Aquasport 52 is an inground pool / Semi-inground pools & an Above-Ground Pool. Aquasport 52 Brochure

I have personally worked on, repaired, assembled, and disassembled thousands of above-ground pools over my career. There has never been a better swimming pool kit.

Above-Ground Pool Brands Versus Pool Models

There are several excellent above-ground pool brand names to choose from when shopping for a new swimming pool. Most of these brands, or manufacturers have been around for 30- 70 years with good track records. All of these companies each sell a variety of sizes and shapes.

The reason each of these brands sells different models is so that they can fit the budget of anyone. If you bought the top of the line model from any of the companies I mentioned above, you would get a good pool. But that cant be said, for all their less expensive models except for Buster Crabbe, and my MGK Pools Inc., as we use the same premium grade of coil steel or aluminum, no matter the cost of the pool model.

Some of these trusted pool brands sell some real garbage though when you get down to their less expensive models, and pool packages. Not inexpensive, cheap!

Individual Above-Ground Pool Company In Review

I have individually reviewed each of the following brands, and pool companies. I have listed which of them sell the best pool,  and the best pool for small budgets. The companies I have selected below to review in no particular order are Wilbar, Swim & Play, Buster Crabbe, Wilkes / Gibraltar, Hoffinger Industries / Doughboy, Namco Industries, Radiant, Optimum and of course our own MGK Pool’s (mine), and Intex.

The top 6 on my list are slat wall pools, making them superior to any coil/ rolled wall above-ground pool.

Best Above-Ground Pool On The Planet – Aquasport 52

Round Aquasport 52 installed in pelham nhThe best above-ground pool you can buy is manufactured and sold by Buster Crabbe aka. Aquasports Pools LLC out of New Jersey. I am speaking of their Aquaport 52 model.This swimming pool has the thickest and most durable aluminum slat pool wall in the entire market.

The Admirals Walk Pool ranked #1 in my top-ten best above-ground pools ranking has the same wall. It got the #1 ranking because of the fence and deck options.

Slatwall Pools Vs. Roll Walled Pool Review

As previously mentioned, the majority of pool walls available today are steel or aluminum rolled coil stock. They are one piece walls that come rolled up and mechanically fastened with hardware to join the two ends when building. Without water in most pools, the wall becomes exceptionally vulnerable. Most builders will not put up a rolled wall pool on a windy day for this reason. The walls are thinner than a dime, and flop like bologna when empty.

Not so with the Buster Crabbe slat wall models. Their Aquasport 52, and Admiral’s Walk pools extruded aluminum panels have ribs; they lock in together to form channels every 4 inches. Their wall sections are twice as thick and ten times stronger than coil stock walls. Slat wall pools do not depend on water to hold up the wall. You could take a bat to this pool-wall when its empty, try that with a coil stock wall, and you will be scrapping it for its metal value (not much value if its tin / “steel”). These models can be buried partially or entirely in the ground.

Elite Above-Ground Pools Vs. Other Elite Pools

The only pool you could compare this to would be a Gibraltar or Kayak. But the Gibraltar and Kayak cost about 7,000 more to purchase and install (minimum). Kayak and Wilkes/Gibraltar pools are shallow compared to the Aquasport 52 and Admiral’s Walk.

I prefer the Aquasport 52 pool over the likes of a Gibraltar or Kayak. Gibraltar also has a wall made of durable extruded slats that interlock, but theirs are steel (may last longer in the south), and frequently rot out, especially the panel around the skimmer and return jet. The core of the Kayak pool wall is wood. Don’t even get me started on how lousy wood walls are.

Best Least Expensive Above-Ground Pools

MGK Pool’s has an above-ground pool called: Lamark. It features a Steel or Aluminum wall. It’s a Hybrid. The only swimming pools less expensive than the Lamark, are trashcans that rot out in a year or two, and these trash cans often cost more. The Lamark Edge cost less than most other “cheap” above ground pools but has the same grade steel wall as the best pools sold by Buster Crabbe Pools.

When you buy a rolled walled pool from Buster Crabbe Pools or me, no matter your choice, it is the same premium thick wall. We don’t buy any cheap or recycled steel to make our pool walls.

Why Buster Crabbe & MGK Pools Inc. Only Buy The Best Steel Walls

We discovered it was best to buy just high-end wall stock; The more we purchase, the better the deal. If we are buying B, C, or D grade stock to make up our cheaper pools, the high-end stock will end up costing us more, because we would be buying less. It just ends up a wash, so why not just buy the best?

Both Buster Crabbe and my aluminum pool models have the absolute thickest rolled aluminum walls available from any manufacturer. I know I sound biased, but its a fact.

If the Lamark Edge Pool with its steel wall and resin framing is out of your budget, I would recommend an Intex Pool (more info below).

Best Above-Ground Pool Value

There is no doubt in my mind, the pound for pound winner of best value is my MGK Pool’s Lamark Edge (steel wall). It offers a great pool, and back it up with an industry leading warranty. Read any other manufacturer warranty, and you will see after just two years they are prorated.

Dollar for dollar you could buy at least 2 MGK Pools for the same cost of any so-called premium pools mentioned above (Doughboy, Atlantic, Sharkline, Etc). But no other company is willing to put their money where their mouth is, and back theirs up with a similar warranty. Or if they do, the model cost a fortune. You could buy an Aquasport slat walled pool for the same money as the high-end pool from Doughboy.

Check our above-ground pool packages

Low-Cost Asian, and Canadian Metal Pools

I find the metal of the imported pools to thin, and prone to rotting out (cheap steel). I suspect it is because they use recycled metals, though I can’t say for sure. But, cheaply imported pools sure are more prone to rotting for some reason.

It pisses me off when I find people have been sold a tin can for a swimming pool, with a trash bag for a liner, for the same money they could have bought something decent.

There are only two steel suppliers that sell steel wall pool stock to pool manufacturers here in the US. If your pool wall is not coming from one of them, ask your self one question. How can a manufacturer outside the USA buy and transport steel for less than it cost to buy it here???

Wilbar Above-Ground Pool Reviews

This company has been buying up a lot of pool companies/brands but has itself only been around since 1986. They carry many different brands now: Sharkline, and Atlantic to name a couple. There are a lot of different models for the Sharkline and Atlantic Brand. These are mostly entry-level pools with steel walls made for the unsuspecting masses. I have no use for the Atlantic or Sharkline models. But, I think their Intrepid /Oasis slat wall pool is quality, just a bit over-priced when you compare it to what you could have with the Aquasport 52.

Wibar Intrepid Above-Ground / Semi-Inground Pool Review

The Intrepid / Oasis is worth a look. It is better than any rolled / coil wall above-ground pool. It is what I would call an authentic semi-inground pool too. Many above-ground pool manufacturers claim their garbage coil-wall pools are semi-inground when they are not. The Intrepid can be installed 36 inches in the ground.

I like their Intrepid /Oasis, pool, but it cost just a few hundred less than Buster Crabbe’s better Aquasport 52 swimming pool, so I do not sell them.

If you held both pool walls in your hand or even just look at the wall tracks alone, you would see the differences between the two pools is night and day. The intrepid does make a 30 foot round while the biggest Aquasport 52 model is 24 round.

Namco Above-Ground Pool Reviews

Keep in mind that the pool industry is not regulated. What one company calls a 25 gauge vinyl pool liner may not even be 15 mils in reality. My personal experience with Namco pools is that the majority of their pool kits and liners are garbage.

I can not explain how cheap and thin their pool liners are. Often customers buy their parts at Namco and ask me to do the work of replacing them (I use to install them). I know a thick mil pool liner when I have one in my hands and when I have it heating up in the sun, getting ready to install it. I can tell you right now, I’ve been afraid that one of my fingernails might cut through a Namco liner. Although it says 25 gauge on the box, I often felt like I was working with a garbage bag, not a pool liner! I heard Namco Pools are out of business in 2018 and have sold out to another pool company.

Working on Namco Above-Ground Swimming Pools

My experience with Namco above-ground pool kits is limited to installing liners. To replace a pool liner you usually have to disassemble the upper rails and support bars. All I can say is that the pool walls are much thinner than the ones I regularly deal with, and where most other pool manufacturers use metal upper support rails, NAMCO often has a cheap plastic piece, and the walls flop around like a thin piece of bologna.

It may be that I have only worked on their cheaper models, but I am not familiar enough with their products to say which I have had the displeasure of working on. All I can tell you is I am not a fan of their pools or their pool-liners. But people here in Massachusetts keep buying this stuff. Namco had a new pool in 2013 that looks like a spaceship, turns out Wibar manufactured by it, it’s ultra-modern looking, I have heard that it is a sturdy pool, just a bear to install.

Namco Pools Quality & Price

So they do carry some decent pools from time to time, but they cost way to much. I guess it is easier for them to justify getting more money for their higher end pools when you compare them to their overpriced cheaper models that they mostly sell. Namco Pools Comparison.

Namco is the only company in this review of above-ground pools that do not manufacture a pool. But because of their large brand and popularity, I included them. They are also in direct competition to me as I sell pools in the same area. I point out this conflict of interest, as I am sure some of you may wish to take what I say about them with a grain of salt.

Caught The Inside Scoop On Namco Pools At Yet Another Pool Trade Show

Someone who used to work for Namco told me they buy most of their pools from Asia, and they are not sized well. One of their 24 round pools is in fact only 23 feet 7 inches. So if you try to install a thick USA liner, it will not fit, and you will end up with wrinkles.

Some of my pool models are a little smaller than the advertised size too. But that is why I have liners custom made to fit my dimensions. It makes a huge difference, Namco buys stock liners and packages them with pool sizes slightly different in size. With over-sizing, you get wrinkles or install a pool liner that is too small, and their already thin pool-liners are stretched and fail within two years.

Namco Accessories

Let me just say this about their Water Way filters and pool pumps: They are not plug-and-play friendly, if something breaks or leaks, you have to go to Namco for parts. It’s like a monopoly, once you buy their products, you have to go back to them for parts.

As of 2018, this company has been bought by a Canadian pool company, so we shall have to see whats up with them now.

Hoffinger Industries Above-Ground Pool Reviews

Hoffinger Industries manufactures and markets three brands. One is the well known Doughboy line, then they have Low-Mart, and the other is called Embassy Pool Co.

Doughboy Above-Ground Pool Reviews

Doughboy pools have a line of very robust pools. Their premium line of pools features the best steel you can buy. While a fan of their round pools, their ovals take a lot of extra work to install. Their premium (Saratoga/Tuscany) pool walls are thicker than their less expensive models, and less prone to rotting out than cheaper walls.

Doughboy Above Ground pool Accessories

Also, Doughboy pool accessories are above average in strength and made of quality materials. While most of their pools are very good, their order fulfillment leaves something to be desired. As an Ex-Doughboy dealer, I might steer you away based on price and order fulfillment. Their pools cost way to much for what they offer.

I do frequently recommend them to people who need a pool installed, as they have the most extensive network of dealers that also build them. If I do not have a dealer in your area, and you can’t find an installer to install one of my pools, I will recommend Doughboy’s premium line.

Top Pick Doughboy Pool Models

Doughboy has a lot of different models, my favorite being the Saratoga. But their Tuscany is the strongest of them all. The Tuscany appearance is a little too much for me (kind of Roman Looking). I’m a fan of the Saratoga. One other good Doughboy pool is the Palm Shore.

Embassy Pool Co Above-Ground Pool Reviews

As a dealer, I got behind one of their promotions in 2014. They put out a package called the Centennial pool package. I sold probably 25 of these kits before complaints started rolling in from customers. Missing components, wrong top-rails, dead on arrival pool motors.

This package was supposed to include a Century pool. But what Embassy failed to mention, was the top-rail support skirts were not part of the promotion. If you bought the Century pool the top-rail-skirts were in the kit, but not with the Centennial package which is a Century pool?! For this reason, I will not recommend them anymore. Nevermind that they also packaged filters that were too small and plain blue overlap liner.

Wilkes / Gibraltar Above-Ground Pool Reviews

If you own a Gibraltar pool, you probably already know it is a Wilkes pool that has been re-branded. Wilkes gave Gibraltar the whole New England territory. Rumor is, the Gibraltar family bailed out Wilkes when they were going out of business.

Anyway, what that means for people in Massachusetts is that the Gibraltar family has a monopoly on the pool, as the Wilkes company protects the Gibraltar brand, by not selling parts or pools to anyone in New England.

Gibraltar Improved Quality & Design

Their pool is high-end and lasts a long time, especially now that they have gotten away from their wood decks. The new Aluminum decks are a real improvement on the pool. Also, the slat walls make it a billion times stronger than other regular steel above-ground pools. The only knock on the swimming pool is that the slats need to be replaced due to rot, well that and the cost. Well, and the fact that the walls are short (48 inches).

Gibraltar Swimming Pool Service

While installing Gibraltar liners I have heard from so many of their customers that their customer service is awful, and they hold you hostage for parts. Luckily for me, my Gibraltar pool-liners are custom made, so I do not need to buy them directly from Wilkes or Gibraltar. Occasionally I need parts, like their slat wall skimmer pieces, and bottom tracks. It is always inconvenient to deal with the jerks in the Topsfield parts department. Hope they don’t read my blog 😉

Radiant Above-Ground Pool Reviews

These pools are just coming back onto the market after a 20-year hiatus. They used to be sold as Dover pools back in the day, and they were an inground pool then. Now they are being marketed as an above-ground pool you can bury. The Dover pools were awful, and sales competitors used to carry a section of their wall to show how the super thin aluminum skins oxidized and turn to Swiss Cheese.

The Return Of Dover Pools

I looked Radiant Pools over at the 2014 Atlantic City Pool And Spa Show; The sales rep said the pool got redesigned but my buddy Dave who spotted it right off as a Dover Pool says it looks just like the old one.

I like the way they’re assembled and thought the idea was good. I can see where people could get duped. The wall panels look substantial.

Above Ground Pools w/Insulated Pool Walls

Radiant Pools promotes their insulated wall by making them cheaper to heat and keep warm. But most people know heat rises, and most heat is lost out the top, not through the pool walls. Silly marketing people. Like a 1 or 2 degrees difference make them worth all the money.

Radiant Construction & Durability

I met with a Radiant Dealer at the 2016 pool and spa show in Atlantic City, who had several pools with ice damage. He was pissed that they did not cover the cost of labor or the vinyl liner. They gave him replacement panels only, ouch. Here are some pictures he sent me.

radiant pool damage 1Radiant Pool Review damageThe walls are like 2 1/2 inches thick. However, they sandwich Styrofoam between two thin pieces of aluminum. Since when has styrofoam been a structural component? They don’t even make good coolers.

I believe these pools would be okay in warmer climates. However, they are more expensive than the Aquasport 52, which I consider a better pool.

Optimum Above-Ground Pool Reviews

Guess what? The optimum is pretty much the same pool as the Radiant. Dover’s design patent expired a while back, and Radiant knocked them off. Well guess what, Wibar noticed the success Radiant was having and knocked them off too. Ha 😀

I’m guessing the Optimum is cheaper than the Radiant, though I do not know that for a fact. Wilbur’s manufacturing capacity is better than just about anyone.  As the old saying goes “The good is the enemy of the best.” Meaning, why purchase a good pool when you can buy the best, especially if the best is less expensive.

The Optimum is more environmentally friendly than the Radiant. Something to do with adhesives. If you live in the south and can get this pool cheaper than the Aquasport 52, I say buy it. Could just be I don’t buy enough of them to be competitive on price?

Salt Water -Best Above-Ground Pool

There is no such thing as a saltwater pool. I waited till I educated you about pool materials and the best pools on the planet before dropping this nugget on you. I have heard them called saltwater pools, salt filter systems and more. What everyone is talking about is a “Chlorine Generator.” It is an electric cell that turns salt water into chlorine.

People are always like; “oh I don’t want chlorine I want salt.” Well, salt is corrosive, and no metal on the planet will not take a beating from a salt system, aka chlorine generator. You can get away with a chlorine generator on a soft-sided intext pool, or a cement or fiberglass in-ground pool, but if you put one on an above-ground pool your an idiot, or have money to burn!

Companies Selling Salt Water Pools

People selling saltwater pools are either idiots or money grubbers and here is why. They market an ordinary pool as a saltwater pool because they believe the pool will last two years. Why just two years? Because the warranty starts to prorate after only two years, yes you become responsible for half the cost of that $800.00 pool wall.

Some even build the cost of a replacement wall into the price of the pool their selling, knowing full-well in 1-3 years you will need to replace it. That means you will bear the expense of a new pool liner, and the entire pool disassembled and then reassembled, which cost more than the original swimming pool installation. We haven’t even covered the cost of the wall they will only pay half for when it’s past two years or the shipping cost of that 200lb pool-wall. That expense is on you too.

Salt Water Pool Facts

What I am telling you is not an opinion, its a fact. I have read a few articles online that make it sound like what I just added here may be up for debate. It is not! Salt is corrosive, and so are the stray electrons that eat steel pool walls like termites.

You might ask why some companies add a sacrificial anode with the installation of a chlorine generator? It is to Mitigate the damage.

make less severe, serious, or painful.
“he wanted to mitigate misery in the world”
synonyms: alleviate, reduce, diminish, lessen, weaken, lighten, attenuate, take the edge off, allay, ease, assuage, palliate, relieve, tone down
“the worst symptoms have been mitigated”

You only install a product to mitigate damage if something is getting damaged. Most above-ground pool installations don’t even have the sacrificial anode.

Whats in it for me to shoot down chlorine generators? I’d love another product to sell.

Saltwater systems/chlorine generators are the Devil! However, if you’re going to ignore my advice and install a salt system anyway, at least buy an aluminum swimming pool to install it on. Aluminum will last longer.

Heres the thing; IT DOES NOT MAKE A CHLORINE FREE POOL… Salt systems create chlorine. So why?

Intex Above-Ground Pool Reviews

Intex PoolsIntex had to add to my list. Nobody makes a less expensive pool. Companies are knocking off the Intex, but they are not as good. Having bought both Intex and their competitors, I can tell you Intex makes the best above ground pool for under a thousand bucks. Intex Pool Article

Went to Walmart to buy one, and all they had were the cheap knock-off brands, so I bought a couple. They are awful compared to real Intex pools. We use them for water storage when replacing inground pool liners.

I wish I could buy them without the packaged pump, filter, and ladder. First of all, I don’t need these components for my use, and second, they are awful. In another article where I suggest which Intex models to buy, I tell you to get a real filter.


There is no dodging the conclusion that above-ground pools with slat walls are stronger than those made of rolled coil stock. I am not knocking rolled walled pools. Doughboy’s high-end models and those of Buster Crabbe last over 30 years.

If you include a superior pool liner in your package, it will prolong the life of any pool. Here is why. Reason #1: Pool chemicals are corrosive, especially chlorine. Thin vinyl develops small pinhole leaks allowing pool chemicals to contact your pool wall. Holes so small you wouldn’t even notice the water loss. Reason #2: Cheap liners need to be replaced more often, which means disassembling and reassembling the pool structure. A screw never holds as well the second time, and most pools have lots of hardware.

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