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While this page is titled Buster Crabbe Pools Reviews, it is also an MGK Pools Review page. Buster Crabbe Pools is the manufacturer of all my above-ground swimming pools. I sell their pools, as well as some they manufacture exclusively for me all across the country, but at the end of the day, they are the manufacturer, and I am just one of their many dealers.Buster Crabbe Pool Reviews

Buster Crabbe Pools is also known as Aquasport Pools LLC out of New Brunswick NJ. I am writing this post as a dealer of their swimming pools, and I hope that my customers and other Buster Crabbe Pool customers will leave an honest review here below in the comments.

I know it is only with unbias feedback that people become comfortable learning about an online company. It is with unsolicited individual evaluations that people can trust the source. And while this page is mine, I will not cut or edit any review left here by you.

The one thing I would ask is to keep it about the pools, not the dealers. While I know Buster Crabbe Pools would not tolerate any dishonest dealers, this page is about the pools themselves.

When you do research and come across some information that sounds compelling, it makes sense to do some additional checking up on that company and see what experiences others have had with them before giving over your hard-earned cash. If you have any questions about my outfit MGK Pools Inc. and my relationship with Buster Crabbe Pools, I hope you call Greg or Andrew or Steve over there at the plant and check me out. The number is (732) 247-6298.

I wrote all about Buster Crabbe Pools in this article a while back, click Here if you want to read more about them and their company. I want this page to serve as a place to leave reviews. You might know some of their pool names such as The Admirals Walk, Aquasport 52, Sandora, Neptune, Grande. Or you may know some of my pool names for them such as the Lamark, Atlas, Dauntless, etc.

Why I Know, Buster Crabbe Pools Are The Best

If you had my experiences over the past 30 years, you would understand this is not an opinion, not merely what I think, it is a fact. I didn’t install above-ground pools from 40-50 years ago, but I sure did work on the only ones left standing when I got into the business 30 years ago. When it was time for a repair or a new pool liner I got to know them well.

Most of the old pools were aluminum. Even back then they had rolled wall and slat wall pools made out of aluminum. Most old above-ground pools were all built at the end of WWII. That’s why they were aluminum; steel was expensive after the war. Again this is a fact not an opinion!

Buster Crabbe Pools decide way back at the beginning they were going to sell a quality pool at a fair price and nothing has changed since. This dedication to quality is why most of their pools are still aluminum. The only people talking down aluminum pools don’t sell one. Just ask them! They will say oh well they cost more and there is no difference which is total BS.

I use to sell a lot of the other companies swimming pools because they were all I could buy. I met Greg and Bobby at the Atlantic City Pool and Spa Show, and within one year I never sold another brand, nor will I. The only pools I would consider marketing are some of the Intex models, as I think they are an incredible value. You only get a few years out of them, and their filters are awful, but you cant go wrong for the money.

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