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In preparation for my Radiant Pool Review I have spoken to a Radiant Dealer, Read the complaints posted on the Better Business Bureau (BBB), read up on the pool forums and to be honest I expected a lot more complaints.

This piece is not one of those click-bait articles that gets you to come here only to sing the companies praises. Oh no, not only do I have a dog in the fight, but I have two personal grudges against the company. I tell you this in full disclosure so you know I have more than one conflict of interest in writing this radiant pool review.

This article is not the first time I have provided a review of Radiant Swimming Pools. They were included in my original above ground pool reviews written back in 2014. I have improved that article every year, and you can see it here.

Regardless of my personal problems with this outfit, and that I sell two pools I believe are better than Radiant, I think you will know the truth when you hear it. So here it goes.

The Radiant Pool Wall

The pool looks terribly robust and measures almost or even more than two inches wide. But the truth is and you can prove this for your self. It is a piece of Styrofoam sandwiched by two sheets of very thin aluminum.

I have zero problems with aluminum; in fact, I am an Aluminum Pools biggest fan. My concern is with the thickness of the aluminum sheets. They are crazy thin. If you have radiant pools come over with one of their sample pool walls. Flip the wall on its head, and you can unbend the folded aluminum and compare the thickness to a dime. I did this in a video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDZdb5jSd6k&t=208s

In the video I did it with the Optimum Pool wall which I think is a better version of the Radiant Pool. I have been told the Optimum Pool uses a much more environmentally friendly glue in the manufacturing process.

Cost Of Radiant Pool

I triple-dog dare you to compare the cost of my Aquasport 52 pool against that of the Radiant Pool. Then compare the thickness of the wall remembering that their wall is rolled aluminum sheets and my pool is extruded aluminum panels.

Radiant Pool Pricing is one-two thousand more dollars than my pool. Plus you don’t need to pour a cement collar when you install my pool in the ground.

In one of the complaints of the Radiant Pool on the BBB website was the wall was shifting. I am guessing the installer did not pour the cement caller. I don’t think it was the pools fault.

The dealer I spoke with did provide me with the pictures he took of the ice damage that happened to the Radiant Pool Wall. Those pictures are in the other review I mentioned and linked to earlier.

Also, If you read my other pool reviews or watch the video I linked too, you will see I believe wall strength to be of the most important when purchasing a pool.

Cost of Radiant Pool Accessories

Now they got you for the cost and installation of that pool that is slightly stronger than a beer cooler. Then you find out the winter cover is quite unique, and that you have to order it from your radiant dealer for a small fortune when you compare it to a regular pool cover.

If you go inground of course you can just install a safety cover, same as any inground pool.

Well, that’s my whole argument… Weak Wall / High Price… If I saved you a tone of money please click the tiny little Like button just below on the left side of page

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