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An above ground swim pool, or swimming pool as we say here in the states, is a great way to increase family fun. Not everyone is afforded the privilege or ability to go for a swim in their own backyard whenever they want. As a 30 year pool building veteran, I have seen and built every Brand of swimming pool.

Above Ground Swim Pool PackagesI have written extensively on this blog to pass along and share everything I know about pools, in order to help you make an informed decision.

As a pool installer, I was unhappy building the trash people were mislead into buying, and hearing they spent good money for that trash. I decided to partner with the best above ground pool manufacturer I knew of (Buster Crabbe), and only sell the best pools,  pool equipment, and accessories.

Above Ground Pool Packages Cost

I do not sell cheap pools! Almost all manufacturers and pool companies sell some cheap pools. Not me, I do however sell inexpensive pools and pool packages, I do sell pools of Incredible Value.  But as I wrote above, as a builder that worked for all the local pool stores, I felt I was doing a disservice building the junk sold to these people.

To that end I only sell one grade of wall. I sell both aluminum and steel, but only one grade… The Best! Please let me explain. I sell different models and different sizes at various prices, but even if you bought my least expensive pool (Lamark), you get the same grade wall as my most expensive pool.

MGK Pool Models from Lowest to Highest Cost

I know you won’t take me at my word, why should you? And you will go to Google and do searches for my pool names, and look for reviews. You might even do a search for Buster Crabbe pools. You are not going to find a lot of impartial information.

Almost all Buster Crabbe dealers name there pools themselves. While we all sell the same pool, it is under different names. With all that being said, I have named my pools as such, they are listed in order of cost.

  • Lamark
  • Atlas
  • Dauntless
  • Aquasport 52
  • Admirals Walk

There are little things that set these pools apart. My least expensive Lamark does not come in anything but round. The Lamark is also only available in white toprails, and uprights.

The mid price Atlas has three frame colors to choose from and comes in rounds and ovals. However, it is buttress free, and so the oval sizes cost more than other ovals that show buttresses.

Highest in price and my pride and joy is the Dauntless. This is an all aluminum pool, designed and made of the finest materials. Strongest above ground pool I know of. Last longer than any pool I know of. And still priced way below so many other pools you will find.

I did not change the name of the Aquasport 52, or Admiral’s Walk. These pools do cost more than the pools mentioned above (I know I said the Dauntless was the most expensive), but these pools are in a class by themselves.

Just Look at the Admiral’s Walk below! You can not compare that to your everyday above ground swimming pool. The Aquasport 52 has the same incredible wall as this pool too. Assembled with thick extruded aluminum.

Admiral's Walk Swim Pool

Swimming Pool Accessories and Pricing

Before you run off to the resources I provide below, I would like to discuss accessories. A pool package is made up of a pool kit, a liner, a pump and filter, hoses, clamps, valves, ladders or steps, winterizing supplies, heaters, covers and more.

Not only do I sell great pools, but have gone to great lengths and beat up suppliers to add incredible accessories. Take my 100 square foot cartridge filter and two speed 1HP pump package, complete with shut off valves, platform base, premium hoses and clamps. It cost just $285.00 dollars. Go looking for a two speed pump alone and see what they cost!

Then take my Brighton Prism HG liner made by Latham. It is the thickest best beaded full print above ground pool liner on the planet, yet I sell it for less than anyone. I have to buy 500 of this liner a year to get the price this low.

I am not trying to get rich off each customer… I am trying to make a few bucks off the pool kit which always comes complete with a Hayward skimmer, and I price the rest of the pool accessories at cost. This includes vacuums, and maintenance equipment, you name it! Except heaters I just cant compete with Amazon… Amazon Pool Heaters.

MGK Pool’s Resources

There are all kinds of above ground pools you can swim in, exercise in, recreate in, cool off in, party in, and chill out or lounge at. Like I said above, I have tons of pages on the subject. Here are a few links to help you in your pool shopping.

MY POOL PACKAGES: Follow this link to see actual sample packages I assembled, along with prices of all my models. Of course you can swap out, add to, or remove anything you want from these offerings.

CUSTOM PACKAGE BUILDER: Follow this link to my online store where you can build your own custom above ground pool kit. Pick wall pattern, metal type, liner print, etc… you have total control

Pool Filter Reviews: This link will bring you to a page to learn which pool filters are the best, and which ones are my favorite.

Pool Liner Reviews: Learn how liners are made, and how to choose the best on for your above ground pool. Swim with confidence knowing you won’t create a leak with a hang nail. 😀

Pool Reviews: Here I spell out myths and share my experience as I list the top 10 above ground pools on the planet.

If you have the time to read all the pages I provided above, you should have a good Idea of whats best, and a deeper understanding of what motivated me to assemble the pool components that make a safer and more enjoyable pool to swim in.

Please ask questions in the comments below, or join us on our Facebook page to join in the conversation.

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