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Bac-Pac Pool Frog Chlorine

I just noticed I sell the Frog BacPac chlorine tabs cheaper than anyone, even Amazon. You wouldn’t handle bleach, so why would you handle or store chlorine tabs which are twice as strong? The Pool Frog  Erosion Feeder makes handling chlorine a thing of the past with it’s Bac-Pac Pool and Spa Chlorine Packs.

Bac-Pac Pool ChlorinePool Frog Bac Pac (12 count)  for $178.00 + $35.00 for S&H. Total $213.00 – BUY IT NOW

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE – Act now and for a limited time you will get another $10 Bucks off at check-out if you enter the coupon code “Cheap-Bac-Pac”. Thats right! Total out the door price is $203.00

Coupon code is only good for the next 40 orders…


Bac-Pac Pool & Spa Applications

These Bac-Pac’s are so easy to use, pull off the red seal and place in Frog Cycler.

  • For use in Above-Ground and In-Ground Pools
  • Pool Frog works with 6100 Above-Ground Systems and 5400-5430 In-Ground Systems

Check out this video from The Pool Factory below. Why do I show a competitors video? Because it is helpful to you! Also, I sell the Bac-Pac’s for less. 😀


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