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My pool factoryBuster Crabbe Pools” has asked me to run a sale-promotion. Anyone who knows me (MGK Pools Inc), knows I do my best to offer the lowest and best price every day. That I never run pool deals or offer coupons. But, by combining shipments with my early buy discount, I have found a way to offer more value.

However, from now and until the end of March my pool factory is offering an early buy discount that I can pass along to those who can commit early. I will be able to save on shipping costs also so; I can combine my pool deals into state-specific coupons codes.

Pool Deals – Coupon Sales & Purchasing

My website is not set up to enable for lay-a-ways which I am accepting (see below). Also, setting up coupons for every state in the back-end of my shopping cart software is to difficult. With so few people shopping for above ground swimming pools at this time of the year, and the nature of such a short sale /promotion, I will have to take all the sales calls over the phone.

Admiral's Walk Above Ground Pool

If you have trouble reaching me by phone – Please “Text Me (978) 710-8667,” Email, or use my Contact page.

Above Ground Pool Deals Lay-a-way

I am accepting deposits towards the purchase of a new above ground pool and complete packages. All deposits must be at least thirty percent of the cost of the total purchase price. This way you can lock in the lowest cost before rates go up.

As my website is not able to make partial payment sales, I will have to manually work with you to put an above ground pool package together and take the partial payment.

Pool Sale Payments

We accept all kinds of credit cards, PayPal Payments, Checks, and even cash. We do require a 30% deposit for lay-a-way purchases

Delayed Shipping Of Above Ground Pool Deals & Promotion Packages

This early in the season we do not even have all our inventory in the pool factory. Also, to save you more money I need to save on shipping costs. To do this I will combine shipments to certain areas.

All this means you may not receive your new above ground pool until early April.

The only way I can save money and pass it along to you is by taking advantage of my pool factories early buy discount and by also combining shipping.

The further you are from us, the less I can offer in the way of a coupon or pool deal.

Pool Deals – Discount Amount – Savings By Location 1

Massachusetts (MA), New Hampshire (NH), Vermont (VT), Maine (ME), Connecticut (CT), Rhode Island (RI), Pennsylvania (PE), Maryland (MD), Delaware (DE), Virginia, (VA), West Virginia (WV), North Carolina (NC), Kentucky (KY), Indiana (IN), Ohio (OH).


Aquasport 52 & Admirals Walk Above Ground Pool Deals


Lamark | Atlas | Dauntless Above Ground Pool Coupon


If you live in one of the above states indicated as location 1 These are your discounts. Offer ends March 17th, 2019. Lay-a-way and all other payments must be made in full (paid off) before March 17th, 2019.

Pool Deals – Discount Amount – Savings For All other States Excluding NY & NJ

I do not sell pools to NY or NJ, so, unfortunately, they are not participating in my pool deals and coupon offerings. All other states will receive the following price breaks.


Aquasport 52 & Admirals Walk Above Ground Pool Deals


Lamark | Atlas | Dauntless Above Ground Pool Coupon


Additional Savings For All Areas

I am offering an Extra $100.00 off (code: oxygen100) for anyone who also includes an Ozone /Oxygen sanitation system to there order during this 2019 early-buy pool sale. Read more about the new Oxygen Pools system and save even more off of your new above ground pool package. Oxygen system not sold separately at a discount. You are welcome to buy it separately at full price.

Exclusions and Limitations

This limited time sale only applies to the purchase of an above ground pool or a complete package with a pool. Offer ends March 17th, 2019. This offer may not get combined with any other offers or coupons /discounts.

Delivery of your new above ground pool will get scheduled with you, but items may not get delivered until early April. Inability to conform to our delivery schedule could result in disqualification and refund. New York and New Jersey residents are not eligible. We only collect sales tax from Massachusetts and will be added to any sales price.

This sale is exclusive to MGK Pools Inc | MGK Pool Service | MGK Pools and is not available through any other dealer or pool dealer of same pool factory. I alone offer these saving to you and may cancel or end the promotion at any time for any reason to any person.

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