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Swimming Pool Resources

We have created tools, and written many articles, which provide a wealth of insight, and knowledge. This pool resources page is a directory some of our most helpful content.

If you have any swimming pool problems, you should be able to find a solution to that problem with one of the resources listed below.

Our Blog

Our blog is over six years old and offers a wealth of information. We have written targeted articles, to answer specific questions, most often typed into Google. Want to know the health effects of chlorine, learn more about salt pools, or UV light sanitation? Check our blog.

Safety Cover Resources

We have quite a few resources to help you get a free estimate for a new or replacement safety cover. For a quote on a stock cover, we have this form. If you would like a free estimate for a “custom” safety cover, we have this form, to submit A/B measurements and these instructions.

Read our reviews about Merlin, GLI, Loop Loc, Meyco, or Latham safety covers, Click Here. The reviews article is full of insights, information, and advice. Because we sell all these brands, the report also included links to specialty pages for each company.


Want to join the conversation online. We frequently post information on Twitter and Facebook. Looking to become a pool dealer, and carry the MGK line of swimming pools? Check us out on LinkedIn. We are always looking to expand our list of experienced subcontractors, and hire pool techs.

We have posted a few videos on our YouTube page and will be looking to expand our library of content in 2017. Look for an expanded list of reviews and how to content.

Pool Tools

For a quick and easy way to balance your pool water, check out our pool water balancing calculator. Need to know how many gallons of water your pool holds? Check out our pool volume chart.

Pool Product Reviews

We have reviewed most of the better items necessary to operate and maintain a swimming pool. We continue to update these articles as new products come out, keeping you updated as to our opinions. Here are a few related pieces that have received great feedback.

Our Online Pool Store

Not your typical online pool store. Mainly we sell above-ground swimming pools, and above ground pool supplies. And only sell products we have found to be exceptional, and that we can obtain a fair price. We list some items that we love, even if we can’t buy them at a reasonable price, we just provide a link out to our affiliates like Amazon

The crown jewel of our online pool store is our custom above ground pool builder. You can choose between the best and most popular above ground pools models. Pick your wall pattern, chose a liner, pick from a wide selection of pump and filter combos, and complete assembling your custom package, by adding accessories from a collection of all the most popular available.

Nobody is offering more control, or better products at such reasonable prices. All accessories on the pool builder page, are close to, or at our cost. You buy a pool from us, and we use our considerable buying power to help you build out the best package at cost. 

If you’re in the market for a new above-ground swimming pool, you have to play around with this page and see for your self. Click here for our custom pool package optimizer page.

Above-Ground Swimming Pool Resources

above-ground pool book

We are one of the largest distributors of above-ground swimming pools and have put together a resource page just for those needing information about just above-ground swimming pools. The resource page is a collection of all my best and most informative works on the subject.

To access the specific above-pool resources Click Here or on the book you see in this section.

Email and Phone

Lastly, we provide email and phone/text support for future and current customers. As our resources are limited, we respectfully ask you to use our online tools for research and leave our phones and email for customers.


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