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Above Ground Pool Ideas Plans and Design

The best way to get started designing and choosing the layout and placement of your new above ground swimming pool, is with a trip to the local building department. Even people with large backyards, sometime discover they’re limited with regard to pool size, or where they are allowed to put it.

Most towns in Massachusetts require the pool to be located directly behind the house. Anyone interested in installing a new above ground pool would do well to see about getting a copy of the local code requirements from their specific town offices. Especially, if you are planning to place your new pool near a neighbors fence, or near a septic system. Your local town building department will have all the necessary setbacks requirements and other regulations you need to know.

Some towns require your yard to be fenced in, or a perimeter fence be installed on the pool. Having to add a perimeter fence to the top of your pool wall can add a $1000.00 dollars to the cost of your project. In other towns here in the same state they consider the pool wall all the barrier to entry required and no fence is required. It all comes down to how your towns inspector interprets the code.

We have given up fighting with building inspectors and pulling permits. We install pools in so many cities now, with so many different requirements, it is no longer cost effective for us to spend the time needed at every building department pulling permits. Grab your permit while your there if possible.

In most towns, pulling a permit is easy-breezy, and your in and out in a half hour. While some towns make it a fight from the beginning to the finish inspection. Also, some take weeks to get approval, so its best to begin early. At least when you pull the permit, you know your going to have an independent inspection of all the work done, and it will be done correctly.

You will want to install the pool on as level an area possible to save money on the dig, and to prevent water from sloping toward the pool. If your placing the pool near the house, and your roof is pitched toward the location of your new pool. You may have to install gutters, or dig a drain line.

Layout For 24 Foot Round Above Ground Pool

For 24 foot round pool, drive a spike into the center of where you would like the pool, and use a tape measure to walk around the spike. For a 24′ round you will want a diameter of 26 feet (13′ radius off spike). For sloped or uneven ground, you will want a radius of 14 or 15 feet.

To determine the radius for any round pool, divide the pool diameter by two and then add on 1 foot for level ground, and 2-3 feet to the radius for backyards that are out of grade by a foot or more. The slope of your yard is easy to figure out with a line level, a piece of twine, and a tape measure.

Layout For 15 x 30 Oval Above Ground Pool

For a 15 x 30 oval pool, drive two spikes into the ground 15 feet apart. Then walk a radius
of 7.5 feet around each spike, then connect the two circles by drawing straight lines on the outside edge of each circle, this will give you a 15 x 30 oval

Rough Drawing 15 x 30 Layout

15 x 30 pool layout

Rounds Vs. Oval

In my Above Ground Pool Reviews article, I compared a 15′ x 30′ pool to a 24′ Round. Even if you disagree with me about about strength, round pools cost less to purchase, are much cheaper to install, and you have more area in the round pool to swim in. So you will always get more value buying a round pool.

Do You Need A Deck?

Your above ground pool ideas better include a way to get in and out of your pool before you purchase a package. If you are building a deck right away, you can buy a package with a nice set of drop in stairs. If you are going to wait on the deck, you will need an A-Frame ladder packaged with your kit. If you plan to build the pool now and a deck down the road, you can purchase an A-Frame ladder that will convert to deck for when it’s built.

Including A Patio In The Plan

If your not building a deck, you may like a nice patio. This will provide you a place to set up a lounge chair, or maybe a table with an umbrella and a few chairs. It is wise to plan a head, so you can have the area leveled during the same time the pool site is dug. No sense having heavy equipment brought out twice.

There are several inexpensive patio options that will enhance your enjoyment of your new pool. Without a clean deck or patio, people will be bringing much more dirt and grass into the pool. If you plan to wait on a deck and a patio, having a foot rinse tub near the ladder will suffice.

If you are local to us here in Massachusetts, we would appreciate a chance to come out and help you design your new backyard paradise, and come up with ways to help you enjoy it all the more. We can help you to pick the perfect place for your pool, and the perfect size pool for your family and friends.

We enjoy transforming your backyard into a summer long retreat, just please don’t ask us to pull your permit. Once we have agreed on your design, we implement it with professional precision with our cracker jack installation teams.

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