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MGK Pools Inc.

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MGK Pool Company Founder Bio

Pool company founded by Michael G Kern (MGK). Mike worked full time for pool companies down on the Cape during his teens and into his early twenties. Then he went to ITT Tech to learn mechanics. All while Mike was going to school, then apprenticing, and during his 17 years as a master mechanic, he kept a hand in the pool trade.

After Mike hurt his back in 1995, he had to close his auto repair shop (Big Mikes Auto). He began selling off his tools online to make ends meet. When he ran out of tools to sell he began looking for other products. Mike’s Internet marketing career began, and he started learning the ins and outs of online advertising.

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In 2008 Mike’s back was mostly healed, and while doing some online research to see what kind of demand there was for pool company services, he found an underserved market. Always the entrepreneur, Mike saw the opportunity and pounced on it, opening MGK Pool Service in the late summer of 2008 and became the proud owner of his first pool company.

The Rise Of MGK Pool Company

Mike built a website and started running ads to get some customers. The first year went better than expected. He found that many pool service companies were run by some pretty flaky people, and found many customers looking for a better pool company.

There was a learning curve as he got into pool repairs he had not performed before, like repairing filters and diagnosing bad pool pumps and motors. But his mechanical background made this learning curve a very short one. In fact, the only challenge was finding a good source for affordable parts. No matter the equipment, Mike found the systems held no challenge for him.

Finding Distributors

Mike made fast friends of local pool supply stores, buying all he needed just from them at first. Mike sells and installs only quality products while refusing to go through normal distribution channels. Buying direct he say’s enables him to provide the best products at reasonable prices.


Mike and his son Jack do the majority of the companies repairs, openings, closings, and maintenance work. They also install most of the above ground pool liners and new pools. For services like new inground pools, and pool resurfacing, Mike has partnered with the best subcontractors in the area. Mike contracts with only the best: deck, tile, coping, and plastering guys in the business. Sub-contractors that don’t advertise and make their living working for him and other pool restoration companies in the area.

MGK Pool Service has been a proud member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for a while now with an A+ rating. His Pool company has amassed a lot of positive reviews around the web, and the customer base is growing by thirty percent every year.


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