Guide To Above-Ground Swimming Pools

Above-Ground Swimming Pools – Resource Guide

Above-Ground Swimming Pools Guide

Do you want to know more about above-ground pools, which swimming pool to buy, read reviews, or learn how to install and take care of your new backyard watering hole and equipment? This above-ground swimming pools guide has everything you need.

I have been writing online about these topics and offering valuable advice now for over nine years. This page is mainly an index to all of my best articles. Like: Above-Ground Pools In The Ground.

Why do I write all this information? At first, it was just a way to help market my services and swimming pools. But since I started, I have heard from so many customers that say they have “read all my articles and appreciate the insights and information and that my content is the best.”

That is all the incentive I need to keep writing, but now having sold so many pools, I feel I owe it to my customers to also include pieces about maintenance and installation of above ground pools.

So this guide is for those who already own an above ground swimming pool, those who are researching what swimming pools or accessories are best, those who want to learn proper maintenance, and of course, I will also provide links to the pool packages I sell.

Use the first two blue buttons to see some above-ground and semi-inground pool packages I assembled for you, or to get an idea of what components are needed. 

Use the third blue button to go off the rails and build an entirely custom swimming pool package just the way you like.

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MGK Pools Book Index

Above-Ground Pools Installation Tutorials and More

Information To Help You Buy The Best Above Ground Pools & Packages

Best Above Ground Pools with Deck

12 x 20 Admirals Walk Above-Ground Pool Package delivered for just $13,309.00 (not available in NY or NJ)

The following links are to help you understand what makes an above ground pool sturdy and desirable. Nobody wants to spend thousands of dollars on an item only to find out they could have got so much more for their money. Been there, done that! Check out these links.

Above Ground Pool Maintenance 101

Some links to help you balance your pool water and keep up with pool maintenance.


If any information is missing, or have questions about a product I sell or promote, let me know in the comments, and I will write an article on the subject.