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Finding a good installer can be tough. Sadly we only install pools here in Massachusetts and a limited area at that. So where can you find someone to do the job for you? I have a few creative ways to track down local pool installers near you.

Heres the thing, Local pool installers do not need to advertise, that’s why you can’t find them in the yellow pages. Most work as sub-contractors for local pool stores. These pool stores give them plenty of work too.

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There are two kinds of pool dealers, those who just sell pools and accessories, and those that sell and install. Those that sell and install will only put up a pool for you if they sold it to you. Local pool dealers that just sell swimming pools, usually have a list of pool installers in the area for your convenience.

You are probably starting to see why I call this method poaching. To get that list you will have to find one of these local dealers that do not install. You may have to go in and fake interest to get the list. Though, I usually see them right on the counter in most pool stores.

Your best bet for poaching is to go into a big-box-store pool retailer.


You may not know it, but there are swimming pool supply warehouses all over the country. Most only sell to pool stores and other pool professionals. But the counter man and woman at these supply houses know all the independent pool builders in your area.

I have four such warehouses in my area. Baystate, Bel-Aqua, Imperial/Vinyl Works, and SCP aka Pool Corp, aka Superior Pool Products (SPP), aka Horizon Distributors Inc, aka the evil empire just to name a few subsidiaries of Pool Corp. Pool Corp trades on the Nasdaq Stock market under symbol POOL. Good buy for the foreseeable future. 🙂

Obviously, if you know any friends, family, or neighbors that have a swimming pool? See if you can get a name from one of them.

Paid Referrals

Then, some companies make money for giving referrals. Take HomeAdvisor for instance; they find trusted home improvement pros in your area for free, free to you anyway. HomeAdvisor charges the home-pro/pool-builder for your contact information. Then there are companies like Angie’s List and Networks, that charge you for access to their contractor/pool-installers.


Some of my sub-contractors will pull work for themselves off Craigslist. You can find some real talent there. So many handyman and small businesses lack the funds or ability to advertise. Just make sure to get some names of people they have done work for recently.

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