How Much Does It Cost To Install An Above-Ground Swimming Pool?

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Above Ground Pool Cost Installation Price

The only way to get a total and accurate above-ground pool installation price is to add all the needed services together. I sell and install pools in Northern Massachusetts, but I talk to people all over the country. No matter your location, the total cost of installation and set up of an above-ground swimming pool is about the same.

This page is About Above Ground Pool Installation Cost. If you want to see the cost of just our pools and accessories please visit here.

Above Ground Pool Installation Price

In the table below, I have priced out the cost of building an above-ground pool. The electrician, excavation, sand, water, and chemicals you will need all costs extra. For a lot more “above-ground pool” information, please click here.

Above-Ground Pool Installation & Setup Rates:

Included in the cost seen in the table below are only: Patio block, installation and set up of the swimming pool kit, as well as the pool filter system and the building of one ladder or drop-in step.  Finally, there may be an additional cost for ridged plumbing of pool pumps, heaters, or heat pumps.

Pool Size
Pool Size
18′ R
30′ R
21′ R
15′ x 24′ Oval
24′ R
15′ x 30′ Oval
27′ R
18′ x 33′ Oval
  • Small Round Pools $600.00 – $950.00
  • Medium Round Pools $950.00 – $1200.00
  • Large Round Pools $1200.00 – $1800.00
  • Small Oval Pools $1200.00 – $1500.00
  • Large Oval Pools $1500.00 – $2200.00

Cost Of Installing An Intex Above-Ground Swimming Pool

The cost of setting up an Intex swimming pool is about $300-600. The amount mainly depends if the pool is round or oval, Ultra-Frame or Easy-Set. Keep in mind, leveling your yard and electrical service fees are not included, these services cost extra.

Rate For Installing An Elite Pool Type Such As The “Aquasport 52” or “Admirals Walk”

The Aquasport 52 swimming cost a little bit more than the prices quoted above. In most cases just $300-$400 more. The Admirals Walk cost considerably more with the needed assembly of the massive deck and fence. The Admirals Walk also requires a lot more site work and extra work leveling the deck posts.

Excavation & Site Work Fees for Above-Ground Pools

Pool excavation equipmentBefore you can build an above-ground pool you need an area that is within 2 inches of grade north south east and west, and primarily free of sod. Sod and excavated material are usually left someplace on your property.

Most above-ground pool builders use a small skid steer to remove the lawn and then level the area where they are placing the swimming pool.

Minimum above-ground pool excavation service usually cost $180.00 if your site is within 6 inches of grade Difficult digs with lots of rocks will cost more. Below you can get a good idea of prices associated with this work.

Associated Fees

  • Small Pool Excavation Within 6 Inches Of Grade $280.00
  • Small Pool Excavation Within 6-12 inches of Grade $380.00
  • Large Pool Excavation Within 6 Inches $280.00 – $380.00
  • Large Pool Excavation Within 6-12 Inches $380.00 – $500.00
  • Semi-Inground Installation Cost 12 – 36 Inches $900.00 – $1800.00
  • Removing Excavated Material By Truck $800.00 – $2000.00
  • Backfilling $500.00 – $1000
  • Clearing Land And Leveling with Skid-Steer $300.00/Per Hour or Half Day Rate $850.00

Digs that are slightly tougher than usual will cost a minimum of an additional $100.00. Most machines bill out at $260.00 an hour. Larger swimming pools naturally take longer and tough digging will cost more.

Semi Inground Pool Excavation Cost

With a semi-inground pool installation, you have the added expense of back-filling the pool. Using excavated material from the dig will usually cost $800.00-1600 for this service. If you want to pour a deck or lay patio pavers right away, you will need to buy compactable fill material like 3/8 gravel.

For semi-inground pools going in over 24 inches, excavation cost starts at 1800.00, as a more expensive machine is required. We have to sub-contract deeper digs out to a friend with a mini excavator.

Pool Base

Pool and sand removal serviceBuilding above-ground-pools requires patio block, sand and sometimes stone-dust. Patio blocks go under the vertical posts, buttresses, and pool framing. Most pool companies also use patio block to build a filter/pump pad.

While patio blocks get included in the installation price, sand and stone dust costs are not.

Mason sand from local landscaping yards and other materials outlets is what is the preferred pool base of most pool builders. Most pools require 3-5 tons of pool base. Expect a typical minimum charge of $180.00 for pool base with delivery.

  1. Sand For Small Pools $280.00
  2. Sand For Large Pools $340.00
  3. Stone Dust Pads $600.00 – $90000.00

Electrical Service For Above Ground Pools

Electricians charge $500.00 – $1500.00 to wire up an above-ground pool. Included in the cost should be all supplies.

You will need an 18-inch deep trench to run the service from the breaker-box to the pool area. Not included in the electrician fees quoted above is the electrical-trench. Then, you need to know who is backfilling the electrical-trench after running the wires. Note* Your pool pump and filter equipment need to be placed at least 5 feet from the pool wall to meet safety code.

Supplies & Service List

  • GFI Breaker
  • Wiring
  • Conduit
  • Bonding of the pool (labor)
  • #8 Solid copper bonding wire
  • Skimmer plate for water Bonding contact
  • Proper outdoor plug socket
  • Replacing the plug cord on a pump if needed
  • Clean, neat installation through your home, through the wall and out to the pool
  • Trench
  • Backfill trench

Above-Ground Swimming Pool Installation Expectations

So you have decided to install an above-ground swimming pool, and have obtained a permit for the construction of your new pool from the local building inspector. You may be wondering what happens next or how long it will take until the job gets finished.

Project Schedule

  1. The first thing that happens is the dig. The sod gets removed, and the site leveled. Seldom does the pool get built the same day- Either the sod/grass (for a fee) gets taken off-site, or it gets left on your property as per previously directed.
  2. Next the pool base /sand will arrive. It will usually get dropped at the end of your driveway on a tarp. Closer to the house than the street. It may happen the same day.
  3. Your pool kit and liner may come next, or arrive the day of the installation.
  4. Your pool will get built, and usually, your liner will installed the same day. If there is foul weather, your pool installers may come back to put in the pool liner.
  5. Lastly, your skimmer gets installed with the filter equipment and pump. This part often happens the day after the liner installation, to give the pool time to fill up with water and the liner to set correctly.
  6. If you have a perimeter fence, we will install that after the pool gets filled.
Summary of Installation Expectations

The whole process takes 3 to 9 days. When delayed by rain, your above-ground pool installation may not continue on the next available sunny day as you would expect. This delay is due to scheduling conflicts. Most pool builders are juggling many jobs all at once.

You can build small round pools in a single day, while larger swimming pools can take two days.

Building oval pools take longer and will require more setup work, leveling of the block, squaring the pools straight sides and rounding and squaring the oval ends.

Other Above-Ground Pool Installation Expenses

  • There will be the cost of pulling a building permit which runs from $50.00 – $150.00 + My fee ($500)
  • Water to fill the pool cost $400.00 – $900.00
  • Chemicals; Chlorine, Chlorine erosion tablets, Ph increaser, Ph decrease, Alkalinity increaser, Alkalinity decreaser, Calcium, Cyanuric Acid at a minimum of $150.00

Installation Of Perimeter Pool Fence

Some towns require you to add a perimeter fence to the top of your above-ground swimming pool. You don’t need perimeter pool fence when your backyard is enclosed. Most above-ground pool builders charge $300 to install a perimeter fence + cost of the perimeter fence ($1400.00 – $2000.00).

Conclusion: Above-Ground Pool Installation Prices

When you add up all the fees associated with installing an above-ground pool, your total sum is going to be in the ballpark of $2400.00, just to put in a small to average size round pool. We haven’t even discussed the cost of installing a deck or pools that come with a pool deck. Do yourself a favor and spend a little extra for a premium aluminum wall above-ground pool, so you are not kicking yourself in a few years.

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