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Above-Ground Pool As Inground? – Best Semi-Inground Pools

Why install an Above-ground pool in the ground? Because doing so offers homeowners the best of both worlds. Above-ground pools are less expensive, easier to maintain, and don’t increase your property tax. And by recessing one into the ground, you get the look and feel of an inground pool for a lot less money. The Best Semi-Inground Pools To Install […]

Best Intex Pool – Intex Pools Reviews & Advice

Best Intex Pool Models In 2018 Intex Pools have established a firm hold on the above-ground swimming pool market. They have done this by providing quality swimming pools at an affordable cost. The best Intex Pool as of 2018 is called the Ultra-Frame. With a complete 18×52 package shipped to your door for under $1000.00, […]

Admiral’s Walk Swimming Pool – Compare To Gibraltar & Kayak Pools

There are two classes of an above-ground swimming pool, the Admiral’s Walk pool, and everyone else. The only other above ground pools that you could try to compare this to would be either Wilkes / Gibraltar or Kayak. In this article, I will explain why the Admiral’s Walk Pool is the easy, and best choice. […]

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