Above Ground Pool Packages

above ground pool packages

Above Ground Pool & Semi-Inground Packages

Kids by pool with swimming goggles

The Pool Packages on this page include the pool kit (choice of wall), skimmer, and thick full print beaded pool liner (3 options).

The pool accessories we recommend to complete your package: Confer 7200 ladder, 120 Square Foot Cartridge filter with energy efficient 2-speed pump, and nine piece pro maintenance tool kit – Total pool accessory cost $729.00

If you would like these or other pool accessories, perhaps a different filter type, drop-in-steps instead of a ladder, Oxygen Pools automatic sanitation system, or add some other special items to your package. Visit our Custom Pool Package Builder Page to assemble your own unique pool package with just the items YOU WANT.

Learn More About Pools on our Pool Reviews Page Here

1st Pool Package: Lamark

We sell the Lamark with a steel wall (The Edge), and with an aluminum wall (The Lasa). (Completely Above Ground Models)

The Lamark Brand pools are modeled after the Buster Crabbe’s Neptune, but I have made a couple of modifications improving on their great design. I am the only dealer offering an aluminum wall upgrade (Lasa). I also include an aluminum bottom wall track instead of plastic for both the Edge and the Lasa so you have something to bond the pool to rather than the pool wall.

Lamark Edge White Resin Pool Frame with your choice of seven steel wall prints/designs.

Lamark Lasa with three aluminum wall prints/designs to choose from.

You can easily see the fantastic value of the Lamark Pool when you consider that you get the same exact premium pool wall and premium pool liner as provided with our more expensive Atlas and Dauntless pool models. Also the aluminum wall upgrade is priced at my cost.

The MGK Pools Inc, steel walls are all reinforced Hot Dipped Galvanized w/ G90 Treatment. The aluminum wall is almost twice as thick as any steel wall pool on the market. MGK Aluminum walls are of Nasa grade aluminum (hence the name NASA + Lamark = Lasa).  Read more about the Lamark Edge and Lasa (Brochure Page) Above Ground Pools. The only knock on this pool is the resin top rails are not very robust.

While supplies last TAKE OFF $200 if you choose the brown or gray paint brush steel wall design

Lamark Edge

Gray Paintbrush Steel Pool Wall
Gray Paintbrush Steel Pool Wall
  • 52 inch Lamark Edge Resin Pool Kit
  • “Choice” of 7 Steel Wall Prints
  • Premium Beaded Pool Liner or Choice of Three Prints
  • Hayward Skimmer Package w/ Return & Vacuum adapter

Lamark Edge Cost

  • 12′ Round – Above-Ground Pool Package $1792.00- Click Here
  • 15′ Round – Above-Ground Pool Package $1925.00 – Click Here
  • 18′ Round – Above-Ground Pool Package $2100.00 – Click Here
  • 21′ Round – Above-Ground Pool Package $2285.00 – Click Here
  • 24′ Round – Above-Ground Pool Package $2466.00 – Click Here

Lamark Lasa

Brown Paint Brush Steel Pool Wall
  • 52 inch Lamark Lasa Resin Pool Kit
  • “Choice” of 3 Aluminum Wall Prints
  • Premium Beaded Pool Liner or Choice of Three Prints
  • Hayward Skimmer Package w/ Return & Vacuum adapter

Lamark Lasa Cost

  • 12′ Round – Above-Ground Pool Package $2008.00 – Click Here
  • 15′ Round – Above-Ground Pool Package $2172.00 – Click Here
  • 18′ Round – Above-Ground Pool Package $2388.00 – Click Here
  • 21′ Round – Above-Ground Pool Package $2620.00 – Click Here
  • 24′ Round – Above-Ground Pool Package $2826.00 – Click Here
Lamark Resin Pool Frame
Lamark Resin Framing (white only) Best wall, Thickest Liner
What???? are you kidding – WOW

I am here to help you customize a package, answer questions, and offer advice on installation too. (978) 710-8667 (one operator so please be patient… Also please email or text questions).

There is no way you can buy a better swimming pool than this for less money. You just can’t, you can find cheaper pools but, I promise you are compromising on the most important aspects, a.k.a. The Wall and liner!

Most cheapo – big box store steel wall swimming pools are rusted out within 3 years and need to be replaced.

Our Steel Pool Wall Options

Above ground pool wall print designs
Lamark Edge, and Atlas Above Ground Pool Steel Wall Options

Aluminum Pool Wall Options

Aluminum Above Ground Pool Wall Print Options
Aluminum Wall Options – Gray Mosaic, Tribal Stone, Wheat

Pool Liner Options which are included in all pricing

From Left to right | Top to bottom: Boulder | Mystri-Gold | Outlook

These are all premium full print beaded liners made by the #1 manufacturer of above ground pool liners: Swimline. All pool packages include the liner of your choice.

3rd & 4th Pool Options: Atlas

The Atlas (Completely Above Ground Model) swimming pool has a extremely robust framing, It’s a thick reinforced extruded resin available in either White, Brown, Gray, or Charcoal to match our unique wall designs. The top-plates are almost 10 inches wide. The color is infused all the way through so you cannot chip or scratch off top coat.

Unlike our Lamark Pool; Our Atlas above-ground pool comes in an oval shape too, with multiple sizes to choose from. The 15×30 being the most popular size. The Atlas Oval Pools range from 12×24 to 18×33.

All Atlas Oval Pools are what we call buttress free or slim design (yard-more), meaning they are engineered so you do not need the side braces you normally see on the straight side of an oval pool. Buttress-free/ Slim models do cost slightly more than those with buttresses due to the extra heavy steel framing required. (Brochure Page) – Atlas Above-Ground Pool Page

All Atlas oval pools are buttress free as seen in the picture below.

Atlas Pool Tribal Stone
Tribal Stone Aluminum Wall (seen here) is available in steel or aluminum materials

Atlas Swimming Pool Pricing

Atlas Above Ground Swim Pool
New Pool Wall Option 2024 Dark Gray Woodgrain
New For 2024 is this attractive dark gray woodgrain wall and Atlas charcoal pool framing
  • 52 inch Atlas Resin Pool Kit – Your choice of Color: Gray – White – Brown, or Charcoal Top Rails and Uprights [match with any wall.
  • Hayward Skimmer Package w/return jet, basket and vacuum plate
  • Your Choice of three Premium Beaded Full Print Pool Liner Prints

Atlas With Steel Wall Cost

  • 12′ Round – Atlas Package $2311.00~ See Details
  • 15′ Round – Atlas Package $2466.00~ See Details
  • 18′ Round – Atlas Package $2718.00~ See Details
  • 21′ Round – Atlas Package $3006.00~ See Details
  • 24′ Round – Atlas Package $3253.00~ See Details
  • 27′ Round – Atlas Package $3629.00~ See Details 
  • 30′ Round – Atlas Package $3938.00~ – See Details
  • 12′ x 24′ x 52″ Oval Slim Side $4292.00 ~ See Details
  • 15′ x 25′ x 52″ Oval Slim Side $4009.00 – See Details
  • 15′ x 30′ x 52″ Oval Slim Side $4549.00- See Details
  • 18′ x 33′ x 52 Oval Slim Design $4967.00 See Details

Atlas With Aluminum Wall Cost

  • 12′ Round – Atlas Package $2527.00~
  • 15′ Round – Atlas Package $2712.00~ See Details
  • 18′ Round – Atlas Package $3006.00~ See Details
  • 21′ Round – Atlas Package $3340.00~ See Details
  • 24′ Round – Atlas Package $3613.00~ See Details
  • 27′ Round – Atlas Package $4041.00~ See Details
  • 30′ Round – Atlas Package $4401.00~ See Details
  • 12′ x 24′ x 52″ Oval Slim Side $4621.00 ~ See Details
  • 15′ x 25′ x 52″ Oval Slim Side $4343.00 ~ See Details
  • 15′ x 30′ x 52″ Oval Slim Side $4909.00 ~ See Details
  • 18′ x 33′ x 52″ Oval Slim Side $5378.00 ~ See Details

Pool Package #5: Dauntless

Dauntless Oval Pool
Dauntless Oval Shape Pools Have Buttresses On Straight Sides As Seen Above

Our Dauntless above ground pool (Brochure Page), is a throwback to before the term “designed obsolescence” was ever coined. Meaning before you could design something to break down just after the warranty expired.

A time when everything was over-engineered and seemed to last forever. They didn’t know how long things would last back then, so they just built them like tanks.

Pools like the Dauntless are not built like this anymore with extra materials and accent feature strips. No other above ground pool manufacturer will spend the money on the additional tooling and materials that go into a design like this one. Everything has to be made cheaper and cheaper to appeal to the masses. Not so with our Dauntless!

Deck and or fence option: This pool is available with a fenced in deck that comes with a locking gate, steps, and a ladder to access the pool for an additional $2600.00. If you want the deck and the fence and to fence in the entire pool the package cost $3800.00. (local sales only for deck and fence).

above ground pool with deck package
Adding a strong aluminum carpeted prefab deck with steps and locking gate starts at just $2600.00 local pool sales only
Pool with Deck
Pools with Deck are for Local Sales Only
  • 52-inch Dauntless Pool Kit W/ Choice of Three Aluminum Wall Prints
  • Full Print Beaded Pool Liner – Choice of 3 Prints
  • Hayward Skimmer Package w/ Return, vac plate etc…
Dauntless Pool and Fence Package
Wheat Wall Option: Fence would cost extra of course

Round Pricing

  • 12′ Round – Above Ground Pool $2630.00 Visit Page
  • 15′ Round – Above Ground Pool $2815.00 Visit Page
  • 18′ Round – Above Ground Pool $3109.00 Visit Page
  • 21′ Round – Above Ground Pool $3443.00 Visit Page
  • 24′ Round – Above Ground Pool $3716.00 Visit Page
  • 27′ Round – Above Ground Pool $4041.00 Visit Page
  • 30′ Round – Above Ground Pool $4401.00 Visit Page

Oval Dauntless Pool Prices

Aquasport 52 Semi-Inground/On-Ground or In-Ground Packages Option #6

Aquasport 52 Semi Inground Pool
17×32 Aquasport 52 Semi Inground Installation

Here is where you separate the men from the boys, the good from the best, this is without a doubt the strongest pool you can buy. There are no pools that last longer and holds up better to extreme temperatures. That is why this pool has taken top honors as #1 in our best above ground pool reviews ever since we began comparing, reviewing, and judging above ground swimming pools, this model has owned top honors.

The Aquasport 52 is one of a very few models you can bury in the ground partially or completely. You can also install it on a slope or hill. It’s also available with an inground pump and skimmer (inground pump and skimmer not included in the package prices below)

The wall is not like a typical above ground pool. It is assembled by interlocking four-inch panels. There is a bead and a receiver on every panel creating a 1.5 inch column every 4 inches. Plus, each panel is twice as thick as any rolled wall pool. Aquasport 52 Brochure

21 round Aquasport 52 Pool Package

Aquasport 52 *Above Ground Set-Up

  • Aquasport 52 All Aluminum Pool Kit
  • Above Ground Skimmer
  • Full Print Premium Beaded Pool Liner Standard
  • Make an inground kit by adding $120 to upgrade the skimmer & Return

Round Pools

12 x 52 – $4000.00 Pool Store
15 x 52 – $4654.00 Pool Store
18 x 52 – $5168.00 Pool Store
21 x 52 – $5914.00 Pool Store
24 x 52 – $6995.00 Pool Store

The 24 Round is Required to Be Buried At Least One Foot in the ground.

Oval Aquasport 52 Pool Prices

  • 10 x 18 EX / ALUMINUM $5400.00 Pool Store
  • 12 x 18 EX /ALUMINUM  $5837.00 Pool Store
  • 12 x 24 EX /ALUMINUM $6737.00 Pool Store
  • 15 x 24 EX /ALUMINUM  $7612.00 Pool Store
  • 15 x 30 EX /ALUMINUM  $8718.00 Pool Store
  • 17 x 32 EX /ALUMINUM  $9084.00 Pool Store
  • Make This an Inground pool for $120.00 More
  • 15×30 and the 17×32 MUST go into the ground one foot!

I am the only Aquasport 52 dealer I know of that assists homeowners and professional installers with the installation and set up of this pool. All who buy this pool and need or want my personal cell phone number, GET IT. Video of me building a 21 round Aquasport 52 (see how simple it is to build in this video.

Admirals Walk Premium Pool With Deck and Fence Package Option #7

Single end deck 16×24 Admiral’s Walk Swimming Pool Tewksbury MA

I rank this pool better than Kayak Pools and even with The Gibraltar Pool / Wilkes. The Admirals Walk Pool (Brochure Page) manufactured by Aquasport Pools LLC / Buster Crabbe is the best above ground pool money can buy.

On our 16×24 and 16×32 Pools, the big patio deck is 5 1/2 feet by 19 feet with a foot and a half walk around deck, add a second for a double end deck measuring 11’x19′.

Our decks come in just four sections all welded at the factory for amazing rigidity and strength!

Admiral’s Walk Above-Ground Pool Complete Package Prices

Here we are listing just the pool package cost, Installation of this pool varies from 4-8k depending on size and configuration.

Not Included here: Electrical services, water, permits and landscaping, and there is shipping to consider. If you are looking for one of these pools it is probably best to call (978) 710-8667

Cost of Admirals Walk Power Package Spring 2024

Prices Include: The pool kit, Decking, Fence, Locking security gate, Steps up to deck from outside of pool with handrails, Ladder out of pool, Pool Liner (choice of three). Also included: Hayward XStream 150 Cartridge Filter. Hayward Energy Efficient 2-Speed Pump, Frog Mineralizer and chlorine feeder, Elite Cleaning Tools Package, plus a Solar Pool Heater.

Cost with Package and Installation 978-710-8667

  1. 12x20x52 w/ 5.5 Foot End Deck $14,409.00
  2. 12x20x52 w/ 11 Foot End Deck $15,748.00
  3. 12x24x52 w/ 5.5 Foot End Deck $15,495.00
  4. 12x24x52 w/ 11 Foot End Deck $16,833.00
  5. 12x32x52 w/ 5.5 Foot End Deck $18,045.00
  6. 12x32x52 w/ 11 Foot End Deck $19,381.00
  7. 16x24x52 w/ 5.5 Foot End Deck $17,111.00
  8. 16x24x52 w/ 11 Foot End Deck $18,676.00
  9. 16x32x52 w/ 5.5 Foot End Deck $19,190.00
  10. 16x32x52 w/ 11 Foot End Deck $20,755.00


Package Option 8: Fox Ultimate Pool

The Fox Ultimate is an elite Pool Like the Aquasport with the same great flexibility with regards to installation. Plus it is available with an inwall Step, and is the only pool I am okay with adding a salt system too. Brochure Page

Fox Ultimate Pool wSteps

Shipping The Fox Ultimate

This pool is expensive to ship, so please disregard any mention of shipping costs on this page and call for a quote (978) 710-8667

Fox Ultimate Pool Kit Cost

The following prices include the complete pool kit with choice of coping, inground skimmer and return kit and Grecian Sandbar Tile Liner

Fox Ultimate15 X 52Round$5,681.00
Fox Ultimate18 X 52Round$6,170.00
Fox Ultimate21 X 52Round$6,770.00
Fox Ultimate24 X 52Round$2,466.00
Fox Ultimate28 X 52Round$7,641.00
Fox Ultimate15 x 24Oval$9,682.00
Fox Ultimate15 x 30Oval$10,493.00
Fox Ultimate17 x 32Oval$11,327.00
Fox Ultimate12 x 24Grecian$8,618.00
Fox Ultimate14 x 30Grecian$10,650.00
Fox Ultimate16 x 32Grecian$11,127.00
Fox Ultimate18 x 36Grecian$12,733.00
Fox Ultimate20 x 40Grecian$14,241.00
Fox Ultimate12 x 24Rectangle$9,557.00
Fox Ultimate14 x 30Rectangle$11,103.00
Fox Ultimate16 x 32Rectangle$12,249.00
Fox Ultimate18 x 36Rectangle$13,735.00
Fox Ultimate20 x 40Rectangle$15,311.00


Shipping & Local Pick UP’s are currently taking 1-3 weeks, Order now to prevent delays this spring.

Prices below are average cost, some ovals cost more, call for quote 978-710-8667.

$200 SHIPPING: MA, NH, VT, ME, RI, CT, NY*, NJ*, DE, MD, VA, WV, PA, NC, SC, District Of Columbia, Excluding Admirals Walk

$425.00 SHIPPING: LA, FL, GA, SD, ND, AL, AR, OK, IL, NE, WI, MN, IA, MS, KS, MO, IN, KY, OH, TN MI, Excluding Admirals Walk

$750.00 SHIPPING: AZ, NM, CA, CO, ID, NV, MT, OR, UT, WA, WY,TX Excluding Admirals Walk

Favorite Pool Package Accessories

Pool Heaters

We are huge fans of using heat pumps instead of propane or gas type heaters. Heat pumps use electricity, but should not be confused with an electric heaters. They use freon to take the heat out of the air (like an air conditioner) and puts it into your pools water. Add this Awesome Heat pump for just $4400.00 to $4800.000

Nirvana FC Series Heat Pump

Best Drop In Steps

We have these in a Granite Blue

This is our favorite pool step and is often added to our Admiral’s Walk and Aquasports 52 Model Pools. It has a great design and real handrails vs the cheap plastic ones most steps have. Our Cost $707.

We collect Tax for all Massachusetts Pool Sales