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Pool Closing Company OwnerProfessional Pool Closing Company – MGK Pools does not play around when it comes to closing your swimming pool. I don’t send out teams of children to winterize your pool. You get me (the owner of the company) and a helper. I have never been responsible for broken pool plumbing, or any winter damage in 30 years, and it’s not likely to happen anytime soon.

No system is too sophisticated.



We charge $210.00 to $225.00 winterize and close an above ground pool. This fee includes the cost of chemicals and the cleaning of your filter. Most companies only winterize filters, they charge extra for filter cleaning.

However, we do not clean your pool or rake leaves. When we show up to winterize your above ground pool we expect the water to be down just below the skimmer and the pool to be clean, we take care of everything else. Some people prefer not to lower the water which is fine too.


We charge $250.00 to close most in-ground swimming pools. This includes the cost of chemicals as well. We drain, blow out, and winterize your pool plumbing, filter, and pump. We remove handrails and ladders. We install your winter plugs and gizmos (skimmer protection). We add chemicals and install the pool cover. All filters (except sand) get cleaned well during closing.

Extras Fees for the following: Cleaning the pool (to be determined), winterizing in-ground spa’s (100.00), winterizing inground floor circulation and sweeper systems (50.00), Lowering water (50.00) winterizing a waterfall (50.00), and we charge extra to install tarp covers that use water bags to hold winter cover in place (50.00).

Special Note

If you are losing any water due to a leak in your liner or pool shell, it is imperative you repair it before closing the pool. Water pressure and weight help to keep pool walls from collapsing and preventing inground swimming pools from actually popping out of the ground.

Also, it is the water in the pool that supports the ice that forms on the top of your swimming pool and the snow that piles up, if water should leak after your pool has been closed/winterized, the loss of support could lead to a catastrophic pool failure.

Having your pool professionally closed is not only convenient, but it can save you from costly repairs the following year. I make opening your pool in the spring easy by properly closing your pool in the winter

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