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Rectangle Above Ground Pool

Rectangle Above Ground Pool

I installed this rectangle above ground pool (shown above) in the spring of 2016. It has a promenade deck, with a six foot end deck. There are only a few manufacturers of rectangle type above ground pools. This one is called an “Admiral’s Walk”, and is made by Aquasport Pools. Gibraltar a.k.a Wilkes Pools, and Kayak are the only other two above ground pool manufacturers that make this shape.

Cost of Rectangle Above Ground Pools

Rectangle pools cost more than oval or round pools for a couple good reasons. First, the walls of rectangle pools are stronger than coil wall pools. The wall systems are considerably stronger than any oval or round pool, except the Aquasport 52.

The second reason is that they all come with a deck and fence system. All the deck systems are made of aluminum now. So the added cost of the materials and tooling for both the deck and the fence, add a few thousand to the overall cost.

Once you consider what it would cost to build a deck separately, you will see the benefit of buying a pool with a deck. The deck systems add support to the overall strength of the pool.

Packages start at just $9500.00 (12×20 without installation)

Rectangle Above Ground Pool Sizes and Deck Options

There are a variety of of sizes ranging from 12×20 to 16×32. While there are not to many rectangles in nature, there shape is more conducive for playing sports, lounging, and having fun.

All decks come in a variety of carpet colors, and non-slip options. small, rectangle pools are good for inner city yards, and larger pools are better suited for spacious large yards.

It can be quite expensive to fence in a large yard, so these pools offer a more complete solution for larger properties.

The most popular deck setup is a like the image above, with a promenade, and a single end deck. But you could also order it with a side deck, or a double end deck.

Rectangle Above Ground Pool Reviews

We are biased as we only sell and install the Admiral’s Walk. You should also know we only sell and install them in our service area. We can forward inquires to the manufacturer to find local dealers.

We believe our wall and deck systems are superior in strength and design. If you prefer, you can skip right down to our accessories suggestions.

Admiral’s Walk Vs. Kayak Pools

The Kayak wall is currently made of two thin pieces of aluminum that sandwich an inner core. It is my belief they would be better off with a one piece thicker aluminum. Our wall is made of thick, ribbed aluminum slats. Their deck is assembled with hardware, bolting together lots of deck sections, while our deck comes in only four pieces (one per side), each of the four aluminum sides are completely welded at the factory. While both fences are strong, it is our opinion that ours is better looking. Again you might think we are biased, but we challenge you to compare. Our pool is also much less expensive than the Kayak rectangle.

Admiral’s Walk Vs. Gibraltar / Wilkes

The Gibraltar uses a thick slat panel similar to ours, except that it is shorter, and made of steal. Our slat is thick aluminum as previously explained. Our pool is also thousands less than theirs.

Accessories for Rectangle Above Ground Pools

While rectangle pools offer more swim space than other pool shapes, There are some other advantages. These advantages come by the way of accessories only available to these pool types.

Safety Covers

One of the benefits of a rectangle pools is the ability to install a mesh Loop Loc safety cover. Safety covers can only be installed on pools that have a deck that goes all the way around it.

Pool Liners

These pools are able to support stronger thicker liners that would otherwise buckle a weaker pool wall. We have liners manufactured for our pool, and for Gibraltar Pools. Our Gibraltar liners are thicker than their own.

Non of these pool manufacturers make their own liners, they all submit measurements to liner companies. Gibraltar customers who prefer not to work with them, are happy to learn we repair their pools, and install liners in their pools.

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