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The Admirals Walk Pool is in a class by itself. If you are looking for a rectangle swimming pool complete with a deck and fence, there is none better.

We sell and install them in Massachusetts – And the edges of neighboring states.

Admirals Walk Pool - Rectangle Pool With Deck and Fence.

Best Rectangle On Ground Pools With Deck and Fence

When you get to this class of pool, they are often called “on-ground pools“, rather than, “above ground pools”. The Admiral’s Walk, Gibraltar, above-ground pool bookand Kayak pools, are all rectangle pools, and come with an end deck, a promenade (walk around) deck, complete perimeter fence, liner, plumbing, filtration system, pump, stairs, Locking gate and in pool ladder.

The thing that separates all these pools, and puts them in a class by themselves are the walls. Traditional above-ground pools have a thin coil roll out pool-walls. The Admiral’s Walk uses a thick extruded Aluminum slat interlocking panels to make their wall.

Admirals Walk Pool Wall

The Elite Walls

In my opinion the Admiral’s Walk is best pool wall on the planet. When something goes wrong with a pool, nine times out of ten it is a wall issue. Well and the old wood decks on the Gibralter and Kayak pools, but even they have finally gone to an aluminum pool deck.

Pool Depth

The Admirals Walk Pool does not have a deep end. The maker of the Admirals Walk (Buster Crabbe / Aquasport Pools LLC), made the decision not to offer a deep-end anymore for one reason. To many people get hurt! They just aren’t deep enough or wide enough to accommodate diving like a big inground pool.

Safety is why you will never see a diving-board or a pool-slide with an on-ground swimming pool. No one should ever dive into an above-ground, or on-ground pool.

The Deck

The Admirals Walk Pool decking is stronger than any, It is mostly factory welded and comes in just four enormous sections. The other companies use fasteners to build it on site from many, many pieces with a whole lot of screws.

The four massive deck sections add amazing structure to the engineering to the top of this swimming pool.

Deck Coating

The deck is carpeted in one of three colors, and is made of the best outdoor carpet money can buy. Metal heats up big time in the sun and would otherwise burn your feet. The Admiral’s Walk gives you the choice of Blue, Grey, or Brown carpet to keep your feet cool.

Pool Perimeter Fence

A fence is pretty much an aesthetic issue, but also a barrier to entry if you wish to put this pool in the ground a couple feet. It is more decorative than the other elite pool companies offerings. Also, every spindle has an aluminum core and has a pearly white plastic outer coat to last forever. Totally maintenance free!

Package Spring 2024

The cost of an Admirals Walk Pool is very low when compared to any other above ground pools with a deck and fence. Any!

Prices Include: The pool kit, Decking, Fence, Locking security gate, Steps up to deck from outside of pool with handrails, Ladder out of pool, Pool Liner (choice of three). Also included: Hayward XStream 150 Cartridge Filter. Hayward Energy Efficient 2-Speed Pump, Frog Mineralizer and chlorine feeder, Elite Cleaning Tools Package, plus a Solar Pool Heater.

If this pricing is too high, we have less expensive pools available with deck and fence as seen on this page. Click here

Cost with Package and Installation 978-710-8667

  1. 12x20x52 w/ 5.5 Foot End Deck $14,409.00
  2. 12x20x52 w/ 11 Foot End Deck $15,748.00
  3. 12x24x52 w/ 5.5 Foot End Deck $15,495.00
  4. 12x24x52 w/ 11 Foot End Deck $16,833.00
  5. 12x32x52 w/ 5.5 Foot End Deck $18,045.00
  6. 12x32x52 w/ 11 Foot End Deck $19,381.00
  7. 16x24x52 w/ 5.5 Foot End Deck $17,111.00
  8. 16x24x52 w/ 11 Foot End Deck $18,676.00
  9. 16x32x52 w/ 5.5 Foot End Deck $19,190.00
  10. 16x32x52 w/ 11 Foot End Deck $20,755.00



    Would it surprise you to find out the Admirals Walk Pool offers a better wall, better fence, stronger decking, more decking carpet colors to choose from, a taller pool, and if you asked me, a better-looking pool overall. I install 20-30 of these a year now so I know them inside and out.

    Don’t take my word for it. Google each brand name with the word “reviews.” Everything I wrote is based on 30 years of my personal experience.

    If your looking for a pool you can build your own pool deck around, check out our semi / Inground pool called the Aquasport 52 Pool Model. It is made with the same bullet proof aluminum wall panels.

    List Of All Our Pool Packages

    Please enjoy these pictures below

    Built this 12 x 24 Admirals Walk in 2017. It has gray carpeting and the Outlook liner pattern. The customer fabricated this custom canopy to help with leaves falling in the pool. This pool package came with 100 Square Foot Cartridge Pool filter with a 2-speed pump, but I upgraded Mr. Cory to a 342001 Pentair Variable speed pump for free.Admirals Walk Pool

    Another Picture of the above job. You can see in this photo the customer added to the deck, and added another staircase to his build.

    Admirals Walk Swimming Pool Profile

    Built this monster 16 x 32 with a double end deck in 2017, Its a shame this is the only picture I took when I went back to close it and install the winter safety cover. It took 80,000 lbs of stone dust to make a level area I could build this swimming pool on. Luckily for me, I have my own dump trucks and loader, or this one would have cost me a fortune. Way underbid this installation.

    Paired an EC50 Hayward DE filter with 342001 Pentair pump. You can see I already cleaned the filter and removed it before I took this picture. But you can see safety covers are available for the Admirals-Walk Swimming Pools, Should have at least took that towel down and moved the chairs before snapping this shot.

    Winterized Admirals Walk

    Built this Admirals Walk Above-Ground Swimming Pool in 2016. Also has Gray Carpet with Outlook vinyl liner print. This package came with a Reliant 100 Sq Ft Cartridge Filter, Frog Chlorinator and Pentair 342001. Ended up building a retaining wall out of 6×6 PT on the back side of this one for free.

    Admirals Walk Pool

    Trimmed Out Admiral’s Walk Swimming Pool. With Custom Steps, and Decorative Lattice from 2015.

    admirals-walk-pool 2

    20-year-old 12 x 20 Admirals Walk Above-Ground Pool Swimming Pool

    16x20 Admirals walk pool

    Large 16 x 32 Admiral’s Walk at Store in 1980’s

    Strong Admirals walk deck

    Construction Photos of Admiral’s Walk

    Deck construction

    Admiral's Walk Construction

    You can see in this picture below how our decks are all pre-welded at the factory. You can also get an idea of just how thick and strong our extruded Aluminum wall is.

    Admiral's Walk Deck and Wall

    2020 Tewksbury Installation

    By MGK Pool Service

    30 year veteran in the pool industry. Having had many career path changes over the years. I began in the pool industry, and looks like I will finish my working life in the pool industry.