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Pool Maintenance

Weekly & Yearly Pool Maintenance Services

Pool maintenance is the heart and life blood of all our pool services. No matter how many calls we get for new pools, or other profitable services, our first priority is taking care of our loyal yearly, and weekly customers. We rarely, if ever, miss a weekly maintenance appointment, making sure your swimming pool is always ready to use. And we schedule convenient days to open and close your pool, including weekends

Weekly Pool Maintenance

We offer weekly maintenance service for all pool types, while we will only do bi-weekly services if you have an automatic pool cleaner. It is important to keep up with pool sanitation on a regular basis. Every week we add necessary chemicals to keep your water balanced. Balanced healthy water is import for you and your pool.

Pool Maintenance is directed by a Certified Pool Operator (CPO). Primary weekly maintenance includes chemical balancing, shocking pool as needed, algae suppression, skimming, filter back-washing, filter maintenance, filter cleaning, brushing pool walls, adding water during the visit, cleaning and maintaining skimmer basket(s), and vacuuming. All pricing depends on pool size, distance from us, and current condition.

Our service fees start at just $65~ a week including the cost of chemicals, for above ground and inground pools in Massachusetts. No need to have dangerous chemicals around your property, we bring what is needed on every visit.

Yearly Swimming Pool Maintenance Services

Pool Vacuuming

One of our most popular yearly services is vacuuming. People open their pools themselves, and then call us to vacuum heavy sediment, and algae with our equipment. This service is especially important for people with mesh safety covers. The mesh cover allows sun light and dirt into the pool, algae grows during the off season. Pool filters are not designed to handle that much algae. When we come in with our equipment, and vacuum the majority of it out of your pool, your filter can then handle what remains. This service is not for pools with lots of leaves, and cost $150.~

Safety Cover Removal Service

Many of our aging customers have no problem with weekly maintenance, or even cleaning their pool once the cover has been removed. Today’s pool covers are bulky and heavy, and often require to people to handle it. We come and remove covers, fold them and put them where you like for $75.~

Pool Opening Service Cost

We open in-ground and above-ground pools. We will remove, fold and puts cover where you ask, remove winter plugs, install return jets, set up and De-winterize filter, set up and De-winterize pool pumps, Super shock swimming pool and add algaecide.

We de-winterize and prep your pool and maintenance equipment. If your pool is not clear and clean when we leave, all you have to do is maintain chlorine level and possible backwash if filter pressure rises $225.00. Add a vacuum for $150- or we will rake leaves for $75.00. We also charge extra to remove tarp w/water bags style pool covers ($50-). Pool Opening Page

Pool Closing Service Cost

Our pool closing procedure: remove hand rails and ladders, blow out lines and install winter plugs, install winter chemicals, then we drain, clean and winterize filters, heaters and pumps, and install pool cover.

Above-ground pool closing: $165.00 + Chemicals

In-ground Pool Closing: $225.00 + Chemicals / Partial closing (blowing out lines only) $120.00

Caretaker systems add $50.00

Waterfalls or jacuzzi are also extra.

Pool Types We Maintainpool maintenance - Pool Skimming - removing dirt

We service and maintain all styles of swimming pools; Gunite, Vinyl, Fiberglass, Above-Ground, In-Ground, Chlorine, Salt, and Bromine. If we do not ask, please make sure we know if you are not using chlorine when you book an appointment. Thank You!

The only pools we don’t maintain are pools with Baquacil. We will open them but we do not perform weekly maintenance on them.

Green Pool Service

We turn green pools, into clear pools, fast! We balance chemicals, super-chlorinate, we bring our own pump and vacuum heavy algae right out of the pool. This service requires one – two visits to complete depending on pool size and condition. We also service your DE or cartridge filter. We will hook up our own super filter for 24hrs to make sure your pool clears fast when needed! We can offer pool maintenance  tips to prevent algae growth from ever happening.

Pool Filter & Pump RepairsCleaning pool by vacuuming it - pool maintenance

We repair and replace every type of pool filter or pump ever made for swimming pools. We can rebuild your existing filter as long as your filter parts are still available. We have used filtration equipment available for sale as well. Proper pool maintenance requires pool filter pressure be monitored regularly, and this will extend the life of both the filter and the pump.

Other services include pool pump bearing replacement, and replacing pump seals.

Service Area:

Acton, MA | Andover, MA | Arlington, MA | Ayer, MA | Ballardvale MA | Bedford, MA | Billerica, MA | Boston, MA | Boxford, MA | Burlington MA, | Carlisle, MA | Chelmsford MA | Concord, MA | Dracut, MA | Harvard, MA | Lawrence, MA | Lexington, MA | Lincoln, MA | Lowell, MA | Lynn | Lynnfield, MA | Malden, MA | Medford, MA | Melrose, MA | Methuen, MA | Middleton, MA | North Andover, MA | North Chelmsford, MA | North Reading, MA | Peabody, MA | Reading, MA | Somerville, MA | Stoneham, MA | Tewksbury, MA | Wakefield, MA | Westford, MA | Wilmington, MA | Winchester, MA | Woburn, MA