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How much does it cost to open /de-winterize a swimming pool?

Average Cost – Above-Ground $175-$225 | In-Ground $250-$450
The higher price on the inground pool opening is for including a vacuum service too.

Please call us early to schedule a pool opening service. We provide partial and full de-winterizing /opening services. This page exists to answer questions about this service.

Inground Pool Opening Service Costs

We charge $250.00 to open most in-ground swimming pools. With pools larger than 24,000 gallons, we have to charge a little more for opening chemicals.

What’s Included In Our Pool Opening Service?

The removal of mesh or solid safety cover, fold and bag the cover, then put it where you want it stored for the summer. The pool is then super-shocked to kill germs and algae. We de-winterize the filter and the pump and assemble as necessary. Also, de-winterize the pool plumbing, removing plugs and installing water directionals. We put in the skimmer basket(s), ladder(s), and handrail(s). Lastly, we will brush the walls when appropriate.

Here’s The Catch – What’s Not Included In Our Basic Pool Opening Service?

  • Removing tarp style pool covers with water bags ($75.00 more)
  • Vacuuming (see description below)
  • Inground floor systems (add $50)
  • Jacuzzi’s / inground spas (extra $50)
  • Waterfalls (plus $50)
  • Clearing water and debris off pool cover (additional $50)
  • While we will install salt cells – we do not balance water salinity
  • Balancing chemicals – We “super shock” the pool – But rough balancing is extra on a case by case basis

Premium Service?

Vacuuming add-on: It is recommended to vacuum pools with a mesh safety cover upon de-winterizing. For this service, we charge $150.00 to vacuum straight to waste with our equipment. This service pumps dirt and algae directly out of your pool, which keeps the filtration equipment from getting overwhelmed and inefficient. It helps the swimming pool to clear quickly.

Vacuuming Service Expectations & Results

When you open a swimming pool and can’t see the bottom, as the pool water begins to clear up, you may see small areas we missed with the vacuum and brushes. We do a great job working blindly, and the initial service keeps the filter from becoming overwhelmed, thus allowing the pool to clear.

Also, suspended algae in the water will die and fall out, leaving piles of dead algae (looks like dust) on the pool bottom. We offer a follow-up vacuum and cleaning service for $75.00. This service is to come back and polish up the pool once you can see the pool floor deep end.

Inground Pool Opening Service – Here’s The Deal!

It cost $250.00 to open most pools and $400.00 for pools that need a vacuum too (most mesh covers). These prices include opening chemicals (algaecide and chlorine). We do a comprehensive job and alert you to any concerns we notice while we are there. People love that we tell them about their issues, instead of leaving them to discover problems, and potential problems for themselves.

When we open your swimming pool with a vacuum service, the pool is usually ready to swim in 1-2 days later. All this is providing the pool filter in good working order.

Above Ground Pool Opening Cost

It cost $175.00 – $225.00 to open most above ground pools. Most above ground pools have solid covers, so the water underneath the winter cover should be clean.

What’s Included?

First, we pump off a little water and remove some leaves to remove the winter cover. The cover is then removed and folded for you. Then We’ll de-winterize your filter and pump and hook them up. Next, install the skimmer basket and the return bulls-eye. We super shock the pool.

What’s Not Included In Pool Opening

After the winter, we expect a little water and some leaves on your cover, but we charge extra if we have to take twenty minutes to a half hour or more, to pump water off the cover, and pull the leaves off. Vacuuming the pool is not included in a standard opening service. Also, we do not install ladders for insurance reasons. Finally, it is expected that your pool filter was cleaned when the pool was closed for the season, as such we do not provide this service while opening the pool.

Surprise – Extra Fees To Avoid

Nobody likes surprises. If your pool needs additional work we charge $75.00 per half hour. Also, we have a half hour minimum. If we have to come back to vacuum the pool, we will charge a $75.00 service visit, and then $75.00 for the vacuum.

Above-Ground Pool Opening Conclusion

Most above-ground pools are opened and running with the necessary chemicals for $165.00 – $225.00. Unless your cover fell in during the winter, or you closed a dirty pool, most above-ground pools will be ready for use in 1-2 days.

Partial Pool Openings

Partial opening services have been getting pretty popular over the last few years. If you would like to save $50.00 off the cost of your opening, you just need to remove the cover yourself.

Opening And Cleaning Pools Closed For Over Two Years Or More

It’s difficult to put a price on these services, as they usually require multiple visits and many working hours to get clean. We can assess your situation and give you a free estimate based on your case. But I would figure on a $500.00 minimum.

This page represents the usual costs of our pool opening services and associated costs. It is not 100% accurate, as we frequently run into missing or broken o-rings, or cracked pump baskets and skimmers. Repairing these things, and dealing with massive pools will cost a bit more. We know nobody likes costly surprises, even if they are relatively cheap.
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