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This page offer something for everyone. Whether you want a pool pump repair, replacement, or installation. I provide all these services. Well, me and my group of pool mechanics. We replace pump motors, fix leaks, change bearings, brushes, you name it. I also have the most amazing deals on new variable speed pumps, that include installation.

Free Pool Pump Replacement

You read that right…Why would you call me for a pool pump repair, when I will install a new pump for free?

It’s true, I am offering to install your new pump for free! I’m also offering a $25.00 coupon towards any supplies needed for the job. The main “catch”, so to speak, is that you must buy a variable speed pump from me, I must install it. Also, there a a few Massachusetts towns that do not qualify (call for participation)… You won’t believe how little my Pentair variable speed pumps will cost you.

Rules of Promotion

  1. You must purchase a new variable speed pump from me
  2. You must be within 25 miles of my office ($1.50 a mile after)
  3. You must be in Massachusetts
  4. You must live in a town participating in the electric Company “Mass Saves” program

Pool Pump Replacement Cost

You call any pool store in Massachusetts, and they will quote you $600 to $800, to buy and install a single speed pump. Cheapest you can buy a single speed pump, for an inground pool, on a good day, off amazon… is $360.00. Pool stores need to make some money on the part, so they mark up the parts, and charge you for a service visit, and installation, and a few plumbing supplies, and bingo… An $800.00 bill.

Remember… Single speed pumps are energy hogs, the actually lifetime cost is 2-4k more, when you add in energy costs.

pool pump variable speedAll done and said, I am installing most Pentair inground variable speed pumps (1.5HP) for just $600 + tax. The Pentair 342001, 1.5 HP VS pump cost like $700.00 on amazon. So now,,, take back all those mean things you were thinking about me, just a minute ago… You thought I was a liar.

You could also install a super beefy Pentair 3 HP INTELLIFLO Pump installed… All in and done for just $950. + Tax

I will go a step further and install this pump on above ground pools for just $500.00. Thats installed for $200.00 less than you can buy it for!

Did I mention you get a 2-3 year warranty when I install your pump. Most pump manufacturers have taken to limiting warranties to just 90 days if purchased online, and installed by the homeowner. I not saying that’s right… But know what your getting into

I may add a little extra if you live over a half hours drive from Lowell.

But Wait! There’s More: For a limited time, I also have a $20.00 mail in rebate for you too.

Pool Pump Repair

pool pump repair
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Of course I repair all kinds of inground pool pumps. Many people find their pump frozen, or seized after sitting during the winter, or it’s noisy, leaking, sits there, and hums… Ive heard it all! We charge $150.00 plus parts and supplies to come and work on, and repair your pump. Just $80.00 during the off-season.

We work on Pentair, Sta-rite, Hayward, Jandy, Waterway, Reliant etc…

For noisy pumps, we usually replace the bearings. For leaky pumps, we usually replace the seals and gaskets. For seized motors, we install new motors.

We carry enough fittings, supplies, motors, and pumps on board to handle most jobs in one quick visit. Of course all our repairs come with a standard 1 year warranty.

Pool Pump Replacement

We work on both above ground pools, and inground pools. When things are slow we will even install a pump you purchased elsewhere. But, sometimes we will ask you if you bring your own eggs to the restaurant. What I’m trying to say, it that we prefer to supply all the parts. If we get to your job, and you do not have the right part, we still have to charge a service fee to cover our gas, travel time and labor…

All the pool pump repair and replacement prices on this page may vary a bit, depending on your location, pump location, plumbing set up, and required supplies needed for the job. This is exclusively a 2016 promotion.

The Mass Saves Program

Massachusetts and now Rhode Island electric companies are pooling money to give pool stores, and service professionals, kickbacks for installing energy efficient pumps. They do this because it is cheaper to give us a few bucks, than to buy additional energy to meet the demand of their customers.

These electric companies are obligated to meet the demands of their customers, even if it means buying additional power at a loss. They tried to give the kickbacks to homeowners a few years ago, and the program was a flop. They rolled out this plan in 2015, and it was a smashing success, and luckily for us, they continued it into 2016.

If you live in one of the towns not covered by the Mass Saves program, don’t fret, your energy bills are probably lower than our, and it only cost 2-3 hundred more to get one of these money saving / I mean energy saving pool pumps.


We are getting incredible incentives from pool pump manufacturers, and rebates from energy companies to install energy efficient pumps. So I can pass on some great savings to you. It’s a win win… Before your pool water gets cloudy, or your pool turns green, give us a call to come fix your pump…

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