Here in Massachusetts, many homeowners are discovering their pool covers have collapsed. If you have a mesh or solid safety cover this is really bad news. The minimum cost to replace a cover tends to be $500.00 to $800.00.

If you need information about your pool cover warranty or are in the market for a new or replacement pool cover, check this article we wrote: Safety Cover Reviews. It will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Pool Cover Snow Load

What many installers fail to tell new safety cover owners is this. The cover is designed to be supported by the water under the cover. I tell all my customers, not to lower the water much below the skimmer.

As long as the water is not too low, you have nothing to worry about. But, if your pool leaked down after you closed it, or if you lowered the water level too much, your pool cover will collapse.

Even with the right water level, older weaker covers will be destroyed with the kind of winter we just went through. Some safety covers age better than others. Covers last longer and can withstand the heavy load if they have been properly stored during the pool season.

Damaged Cover Caused By Snow

Some safety covers will rip with the weight of the snow, while others make break a spring or the deck anchor may break off. Some cover manufacturers make their springs so they will meet ASTM safety standards, but will break if the cover is overloaded.

It is far better to break a spring or deck anchor rather than damage the pool cover itself.

Warranty For Cover Damaged By Snow

Unfortunately, no manufacturer of pool covers will replace or repair a pool cover due to damage from the snow. All manufacturers make it clear in the explanation of the warranty.

Replacing A Damaged Safety Cover

If your cover caved in under the weight of the snow, I have some good news. Replacing your cover will not cost as much as when you bought it new. You will be able to get a new cover made, just by mailing the old one in, or by getting us to pick it up for you. Once we get the old cover, we will make a new cover that will fit your existing deck anchors perfectly.

This saves you part of the installation cost, as the anchors don’t need to be installed again.

Snow And Ice Damage Pool Cover Repair

Repair cost for safety covers are usually so high, it makes more sense to just replace them. Unless of course, you have a relatively new cover with very little damage.

We know that we will be held accountable for any cover that we repair. All covers must meet ASTM safety requirements.

How To Get Cover Repaired

All covers that are sent in for repair must be clean and dry, and all hardware must be removed. We will mail you a box with return shipping paid for. You simply put the cover in the box and ship it to us. We will inspect your cover for necessary repairs.

Once we receive your cover, we will contact you and tell you what it will cost to repair. If it is beyond repair, we will tell you what it cost for replacement. If both options are declined, we will return your cover, or dispose of it for you and bill you $150.00.

We repair and sell covers from:

  • Loop Loc
  • Latham
  • Meyco
  • Merlin
  • GLI
  • Cover Star

To begin the process please fill out this form on our contact page.


Your cover can handle all the snow in the world, as long as you have the water under it for support. If your water was a little low, the snow weight may have stretched your cover a bit but may come back when the snow melts.

If you need to replace a damaged cover and want the best price, we have five brands to choose from (978) 710-8667.

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