Hiring an Inground Pool Liner Installer – Tips and Advice

How you choose an inground pool liner installer is important. There are some questions you should have answered before awarding the job to just any liner replacement contractor. And as with any service, you want someone who is available to do your job. A quick response to your phone call and a willingness to set up a mutually beneficial time to meet is a good sign.

Help The Installer Help You

There just are not a lot of quality inground pool liner replacement contractors out there. It seems many of the great ones have gone on to specialize in installing new pools or have retired. When you have a good one on the line, let them direct the call. Their working season is very short, and their time is at a premium.

First thing is to let them know is where you are located. If you are not in their service area, it is best to move on. You may be nervous and want to know what an inground pool liner replacement will cost. You may want some answers having finally got someone on the phone, but all your questions are best answered by the pool liner installers that work in your area. After all, you are going to have to ask them eventually.

Be Ready To Answer Some Questions

You can’t just call and expect someone to come out to see whats going on. Sure the guys that are not in demand will be glad to come by for coffee and gab all day if it means they can land a job, but the guy in demand wants to prequalify you a little first. Wants to see if your kicking tires, or just looking for the cheapest job possible.

I know we try to quote the cost over the phone first, to see if we are even in the same ballpark. To do this we need answers!

  1. Where is the swimming pool, what town?
  2. What size is the swimming pool? Shape?
  3. Do you know if the pool bottom is hard or sand?
  4. Are your pool steps covered with the pool liner or are they plastic?
  5. How old is the pool?
  6. When was the last pool liner installed?

You don’t have to know all these answers, but please have some idea what size the pool is so they can give you an estimate.

A Picture Tells A Thousand Words

You can answer many of your installers questions if you can supply him/her with pictures, receipts, or contracts that pertain to your pool. The experienced installer really wants to know the construction material of the floor and walls, and the age of the pool.

Inground pool liner installer cleaning bead track
Inground pool liner installer cleaning bead receiver track

Refilling The Pool For 200 Alex (Jeopardy Reference)

A good question to ask is hows my pool going to be refilled? If you’re not sure, ask for the options and associated costs. For instance, on some jobs, water can be stored on site. While this is not a free service, it is usually much cheaper than other options. If storing the water is not possible, you’re left weighing the cost of tap water to the cost of trucking in water. A good installer has these answers for you.

If you have never replaced your pool water, it is probably best for total replacement.

Hidden Costs / Surprises

You will want to ask this potential installer what else you could run into that is not covered by their contract. You should get answers like Pool lights, main drain issues, stair repairs and installations, and underground plumbing, as they all carry the potential for additional work.

Your guy should be well versed in all these issues. He should be able to look the pool over and give you some idea of your chances of running into extras. He should also give you a range of costs for any of these potential extras, should they actually become a concern.

It is a good Idea to find out the cost of these potential surprises before your pool is torn apart and you are at the mercy of the installer.

Closing The Deal

Nothing moves forward on a liner job until money changes hands. A custom pool liner requires a deposit before it gets ordered. If you’re comfortable with your guy, and done shopping, then sign the agreement. Make sure to write on the expected date of completion.

If you have decided on a company, you will want to get on his calendar as soon as possible. If he is experienced with a good reputation, he will be working every day during the summer. You may have to wait longer than you want if you don’t get on his list early enough. Again reserving a spot on his calendar will probably require a deposit.

If you are in Massachusetts Please Pick Us To Be Your Inground Pool Liner Installer: (978) 710-8667

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