Pool Equipment Upgrades

pool equipment upgrades

Lower your energy bills and improve your quality of life (QOL) with pool equipment upgrades. Some new products offer a return on investment, like a new variable speed pool pump, while others offer you a higher quality of life, like a supplement sanitation system that uses ultraviolet light.

I am going over a few new products detailing the pros and cons of each of them. Then I will make recommendations, and offer suggestions based on pool type. The main negative for each piece of equipment is the upfront cost. However, if you need new equipment because yours is beyond repair, or you’re installing a new pool, you will find these higher end products don’t cost much more than entry level products.

It should be said that I am a slow adopter. I usually wait a while, and observe to see if a new product offers any real benefits over the old standards. So, some of these products have been around awhile, but I have just recently got on board.

Pool Pump Upgrades

pump- pool equipment upgradesClearly not everyone has the budget for the best pool equipment. But the difference between an old energy hog 1 speed pool pump, and a 2 speed pump is less than $120.00. You will save $120.00 in energy during the first year with a 2 speed pump.

The difference in price between a new single speed pump and a new variable speed pump is just $300.00. But, if you live here in Massachusetts, you can get a 200.00 rebate from the government for that upgrade. I wrote a article reviewing pool pumps here.

You could buy a 1 HP Pentair Superflo Variable Speed Pump for $700.00. Very good pump!


This products offers you a return on investment right away. The motor on the variable speed pump is a lot quieter as well.


The only negative is the upfront cost for upgrading.

Ultraviolet (UV) Light Sanitation System

Delta UV ES SeriesThis upgrade is about safety and quality of life. There is no doubt that high levels of chlorine are dangerous. As chlorine reacts with sweat and urine and different germs it creates chloramines, and harmful gases. While most residential pools are outdoors, these gases are not too worrisome, but the chloramines that build up in the pool water, most certainly are!

Some schools of thought say that by shocking the pool you can reduce chloramines. This is the main reason we shock pools. Few people actually know the proper way to shock a pool. Unless you reach breakpoint chlorination, you may be making the problem even worse.

The best way to reduce chloramines has really always been water replacement. Now there is an alternative. UV light is proven to kill bacteria and chloramines. There are already two states in our country that have already passed a law, requiring a UV system on all commercial pools.

UV does not eliminate the need for chlorine, but it drops the necessary level down to .5 ppm. .5 ppm is considered safe, and is the acceptable level of drinking water.

UV is a huge improvement over a straight chlorine or Bromine sanitation regiment.


Reduces the amount of chemicals that need to be handled. Reduces the amount of chloramines you are exposed to. It kills chloramines. Water is more comfortable and does not dry you out. Safer, Safer, Safer. Easy to install.


There are actually two cons to this. Of course the upfront cost of purchasing the equipment and installation. But there is also yearly maintenance costs of $100.00 or so.

Suggested Residential UV Model

Delta UV “ES” models can be purchased for $850.00. Sizing is very important. Sizing is based on flow rate.


If you have an inground pool that holds 16,000 – 26,000 gallons of water, with a two speed pump  run on low, you only need the Delta ES-5. Look over the installation and maintenance manual here.

 Pool Filter Upgrades

Most people know that DE filters are the most effective. They are able to grab the smallest particles, as small as 4 microns. Well pentair has come out with a new sand filter claiming to rival DE filters.

Sand filters have always been known for their convenience, low operational cost, and very little need for maintenance. But the trade off has been their inability to filter out small particulate. I may be jumping the gun on this one, because it has only been out a year or so. But Pentairs sand filters with Clearflo appear to offer the best of both worlds, ease of use, and high efficiency.

Solar Breeze Pool CleanerThere is one last piece of equipment that is worth mentioning, the “Solar Breeze”. It is a automatic pool skimmer, and filter that runs along the top of the pool on solar power. It also has a place to put chlorine tabs, so it can also chlorinate as it moves over the surface. Some people enjoy skimming their pool every day, for those that don’t, this new gadget is really great. Some really big pools only have one skimmer, and there always seems to be bugs on top. If this is you? You will love this new piece of equipment.

These are a few of my favorite equipment upgrades, to speak with me about them, or to order the products mentioned in this article please call (978) 710-8667, or try the form on our contact page.

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