MGK Pool Service

Pool Sales & Installation

We sell and install a wide range of In-Ground Pools, Semi-Inground Pools, and Above-Ground Pools. Have styles and designs to meet every taste. But, only install the pools we sell.

Swimming Pools For Any Budget

We sell and install many different brands and types of swimming pools. Click on any of the images above to learn more about each type and to get prices. We have swimming pools for every budget. We build in-ground pools with the thickest vinyl liners. Install fiberglass pools from two different manufacturers, and sell a whole line of above-ground swimming pools from an Intex to the best money can buy the Admirals Walk.

Pool Packages & Equipment

Like all our swimming pools, the pool equipment we provide is top of the line and designed for efficiency. We outfit you well, so your water is always crystal clear with minimal effort on your part. Are you the busy type that isn’t always around to turn on and off your pool? We have you covered with automation and programmable pool motors.

Swimming Pool Maintenance & Service

Not only will we sell and install an amazing pool for you, but we will help you with the upkeep and regular maintenance tasks. We will come out every week and check chemical levels inspect how the equipment is performing giving you peace of mind. When it comes time for yearly opening and closing services, just know we got your back there too with the most affordable services in the area.

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